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TPB Draft Material
June 23, 2020

Some of the material about Camden


Peter Burgess

From Sullivan to Everyone: 02:11 PM I want to introduce the National Fish and Wildlife as an excellent resource. There is a Chesapeake Bay Stewardship Fund that should be very adaptable to what we are doing in the Baltimore area. From Gustavo Salazar to Everyone: 02:13 PM Will take a look From Jerome Peloquin to Everyone: 02:20 PM He Gustavo …. !!!! From Naomi Scully to Everyone: 02:22 PM BEautiful! From Gustavo Salazar to Everyone: 02:24 PM This kind of information is very important to show the concept in a way that everyone can understand and get interested From Naomi Scully to Everyone: 02:24 PM Yes, it absolutely is! Thanks Gustavo. From Sullivan to Everyone: 02:25 PM Lehr. Do you have more copies of that book? My wife and I visited the Long Branch Pier Village. Awesome job! I would like to show that book to the decision people in Bergen County. From Gustavo Salazar to Everyone: 02:26 PM We cannot forget to make the community involved in the project, once we have the founding to start From Gustavo Salazar to Everyone: 02:33 PM I would like to have more information about the different sites we have as possible places to develop the project are they all near to water? From pamelot777 to Everyone: 02:34 PM Is there a possibility that trying to develop three sites would attract money more easily? From Naomi Scully to Everyone: 02:34 PM This week we will prepare a visual list of the sites in question! From Gustavo Salazar to Everyone: 02:36 PM Fantastic! From Larry W to Everyone: 02:38 PM Please add me to your emails lists until I get on the team list: 917 968-8462 From Naomi Scully to Me: (Privately) 02:40 PM Make sure I get these docs from Alphonso so I can put into the shared box... unless you have already done so then just share the titles, or names of the files. we will make great strides. thank you for reading those documents. always. From pamelot777 to Everyone: 02:43 PM Done. Can I attach a .PDF to this chat? Or elsewhere? From Naomi Scully to Everyone: 02:45 PM We should probably have the contact list as a working document in the google drive, so it can be updated in real time. Viewable to the group. We can spend some time to organize the drive this week as well.
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