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InfluenceMap is a non profit Community Interest Company (CIC) No. 9480976 based in the UK addressing the global climate crisis
Open file 18451
Coronavirus / Economy
Stock Markets

Stocks plummeted Thursday morning after President Trump banned travel from Europe to the U.S., the latest sign that the coronavirus is slamming the economy.
Open file 18452
The Trump Presidency
Handling the Coronavirus Pandemic

Trump Is Seething Over Having to Work With Pelosi on a Coronavirus Response ... Among other things, the president fears that the House Speaker would use a private meeting to try and embarrass him.
Open file 18453
US Politics 2020
Elizabeth Warren / AOC observation

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had a brilliant response to Warren’s refusal to endorse Sanders
Open file 18454
Media / News
The Finance 202 / Washington Post

The Finance 202 ... March 13, 2020 ... Your economic policy briefing ... Stocks lose most of their gains under Trump as coronavirus fear takes hold
Open file 18455
Coronavirus Crisis

Open file 18456
Coronavirus Crisis

Open file 18457
The Coronavirus Crisis

How the GOP’s War on Government Paved the Way for Trump’s Deadly Incompetence ... His coronavirus response has been a disaster long in the making.
Open file 18458
Coronavirus Crisis
Impact and Response in USA

Markets Plunge. Economies Stall. Panic Spreads. It All Feels Very 2008. ... Ineffective monetary policy, scant action from governments, and fear of a leadership void is raising alarm about the pandemic’s economic shock.
Open file 18459
Coronavirus Crisis
Impact and Response in USA

Stocks Rebound From Historic Plunge: Live Market Updates ... President Trump today will declare a national emergency, a senior administration official says.
Open file 18460
Oil Economics
High prices under pressure

We're a Long Way From 'Peak Oil' ... The threat of a major war can't even keep oil prices moving higher for more than a few days...
Open file 18461
Media / News
In These Times

In These Times ... a nonprofit, reader-funded publication ... March 14, 2020
Open file 18462
FinTech has potential to change everything.

Massive disruption in Washington, lawmakers freaking out. Tech companies like Facebook, Apple, Google and Amazon working on currency revolution.
Open file 18463
US Politics
Rep. Katie Porter

Why is this woman not being talked about every day on this site? Rep. Katie Porter occasionally gets a mention here or there on DKos, but I think she is underrated.
Open file 18464
The Trump Presidency

Trump faces toughest crisis of presidency in coronavirus ... President Trump is staring down the steepest crisis of his presidency and his handling of it could define his time in office.
Open file 18465
Public Citizen

Is Trump resigning? ... Earlier today, Public Citizen called on Donald Trump to resign as president of the United States.
Open file 18466
Coronavirus Crisis

Worst-Case Estimates for U.S. Coronavirus Deaths ... Projections based on C.D.C. scenarios show a potentially vast toll. But those numbers don’t account for interventions now underway.
Open file 18467
Climate Crisis
Economic Impact

Economic Experts Warn Climate Crisis Could Spur Financial Crash Like 2008 ...
Open file 18468
The impacts of coronavirus response

Empty Tables, Cancelled Reservations, Lost Shifts: Restaurants Scramble to Recalibrate ... The coronavirus crisis “just drives home how fragile people’s economic situations are.”
Open file 18469
The impacts of coronavirus response

“It’s Feast or Famine”: Gig Workers Bear the Risks of Coronavirus Because They Don’t Have a Choice ... “Every gig worker that’s working right now is doing it because they can’t afford not to.”
Open file 18470
What coronavirus disruption might produce

Gautam Mahajan in India ... Creating Value out of Value Destruction by COVID-19
Open file 18471
US Politics 2020
Biden Sanders Debate

Sunday March 15th ... CNN transcript of the debate
Open file 18472
Coronavirus Pandemic

#60MinutesAustralia Journalist goes undercover at 'wet markets', where the Coronavirus started | 60 Minutes Australia
Open file 18473
Capital Markets
Impact of the coronavirus pandemic

Wall Street says these things must happen before the market will stop plunging and bottom
Open file 18474
Fed response to the Covid19 crisis

El-Erian blasts Fed, saying it should have been ‘laser-focused’ on market failures and cut rates later
Open file 18475
Fed response to the Covid19 crisis

El-Erian blasts Fed, saying it should have been ‘laser-focused’ on market failures and cut rates later
Open file 18476
Coronavirus Crisis
Capital Markets

NO SURPRISE ... Stocks plummet after Fed zeros-out interest rates
Open file 18477
Coronavirus Crisis
Capital Markets

Open file 18478
Coronavirus Crisis
Capital Markets / Society

CNN telling the stories ... everything in turmoil
Open file 18479
The Trump Presidency
Bizarre example of America First

‘Depraved’: Trump offered German scientists ‘large sum’ for exclusive US rights to coronavirus vaccine, German government confirms
Open file 18480
US politics 2020
Primaries Become Confusing

Ohio Scraps Democrat Primary, Some Florida Poll Workers Don't Show
Open file 18481
Media / News
Freedom of the Press

Tomgram ... Adam Hochschild, Our Country Under Censorship ... When “Fake News” Was Banned ... An America Trump Might Have Loved ... By Adam Hochschild
Open file 18482
Impact of Covid 19

Paul Krugman ... Your money or your life? An economic contraction is definitely coming, it’s going to be different from previous recessions.
Open file 18483
Coronavirus Crisis
Balancing Health -v- Economy

Danish corona-hit firms get state aid to pay 75% of salaries
Open file 18484
Coronovirus Crisis
How it spreads

Opinion ... Coronavirus outbreak ... What we scientists have discovered about how each age group spreads Covid-19
Open file 18485
Thought Leader
Naomi Klein

VIDEO ... Coronavirus Capitalism — and How to Beat It ... NK draws attention to the fragility of the modern economy
Open file 18486
Health / Economy
Coronavirus Crisis / Stock Market Panic

Another Day, Another Direction For Stocks: Dow Drops Again ... The Dow has fallen more than 30% from its record high set on Feb. 12.
Open file 18487
Coronavirus Crisis
Impact on stock markets

Dow plunges more than 1,300 points as coronavirus sends stocks reeling
Open file 18488

How Many Americans Are Really Infected With the Coronavirus? ... Health care reporter Caroline Chen dug into the projections to learn what to make of them. Forecasts are fuzzy, but the takeaway is clear: Stay home.
Open file 18489
Progressive Caucus

Please answer a few questions ... about key elements of the climate agenda
Open file 18490
Coronavirus Crisis
Health Crisis and Economic Crisis

We can't let this economic crisis go to waste ... As the coronavirus threatens financial markets, any government intervention must be in close alignment with a green industrial strategy.
Open file 18491
Now versus Some History

Portfolio Strategy ... I'm Going To Try To Calm You Down ... A trading strategy uniquely combining fundamental and technical analysis.
Open file 18492
Event: March 24, 2020
National Committee on United States-China Relations

WEBINAR: The Age of Mutual Disillusionment with Frank Langfitt [March 24 on Zoom at 5.00pm ]
Open file 18493
The Coronavirus Crisis
Global Systemic Dysfunction

Opinion ... Coronavirus outbreak ... The Covid-19 crisis is a chance to do capitalism differently ... Government has the upper hand for the first time in a generation. It must seize the moment
Open file 18494
Amit Bouri - Global Impact Investing Network

A global crisis requires a global response ... the impact investing community must play its part in that response.
Open file 18495
Adam Smith

The Theory of Moral Sentiments ... Eamonn Butler's Condensed Wealth of Nations, which includes a section on The Theory of Moral Sentiments, is available to download here.
Open file 18496
Royal Air Force

Video: Supermarine Spitfire Documentary.
Open file 18497
Royal Air Force

Video ... Battle Stations - P 51 Mustang plane Documentary
Open file 18498
The Trump Presidency
On Impeachment

Umair Haque ... How They Should Have Impeached Him, But Didn’t ... How the Democrats Failed Us All by Putting Bribery on Trial — But Not Hate, Authoritarianism, and Fascism
Open file 18499
SPARE Open file 18500
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