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TVM Dialog List 1367
18301 - 18350

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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Company: Amazon
Is it an unstoppable force?

Exclusive: Amazon’s First Employee Calls Company a “Huge and Unstoppable Force”
Open file 18301
The Trump Presidency
Small Vocabulary

Linguist Expert: President Donald Trump Sounds Like Your Beer-Swilling Uncle | The 11th Hour | MSNBC
Open file 18302
How Billionaires Live

Luxury Lifestyle Of Billionaires - World Billionaires - HD 2020
Open file 18303

Billionaire Mansions - The Luxurious Mansions Billionaires!
Open file 18304
The Media Business
The Value of Money in Politics

Wealth, sociopathy and presidency: Why corporate media is force-feeding us the premise of a Bloomberg vs. Trump face-off
Open file 18305
US Politics
Following AOC

MTA Kicks AOC Out Of The Subway For Illegally Filming ‘Desus & Mero’... a video
Open file 18306
Media News

AlterNet -- Today's Top Stories ... February 16, 2020
Open file 18307
Public Finance
Wrong Policy Priorities

A world drowning in excess savings
Open file 18308
Sector - Residential Buildings
Getting to Net Zero

SPECIAL REPORT | Buildings ‘must respond to climate crisis’
Open file 18309
Tabloid Press
Not serious ... but very dangerous

Caroline Flack’s tragic death has rightly put the tabloids back in the dock
Open file 18310
The Trump Presidency
Break Everything

Reports: Barr Considering Quitting Over Trump Tweets
Open file 18311
Wealthy Behavior

7 Ways the Rich Position Themselves to Get Richer ... Includes some weird stuff
Open file 18312
Aircraft Industry
The State of Boeing

Pourquoi Boeing n'est-il plus le plus gros producteur d'avions ?
Open file 18313
Ralph Bunche Institute

Ralph Bunche Institute --- February 25, 2020
Open file 18314
US Politics 2020
The Las Vegas Debate

Tonight’s Debate in Nevada Is the Most Consequential Moment of the 2020 Race
Open file 18315
Beyond Capitalism

To make the economy more fair, we need to make it more democratic ... Marjorie Kelly and the Democracy Collaborative are working to foster a more democratic economy—starting with employee ownership. To make the economy more fair, we need to make it more democratic
Open file 18316
Event ... NYU Wagner
Event on MARCH 26 2020 at 5:30pm - 7:30pm

24th Annual Kovner-Behrman Health Forum ... Presented by NYU Wagner at The Puck Building - 295 Lafayette Street, The Rudin Family Forum for Civic Dialogue, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10012
Open file 18317
Columbia SSRN

Concrete Measures for a Framework on Investment Facilitation for Development: Report
Open file 18318
US Politics 2020
The Las Vegas Debate

Daily Beast ... Bloomberg Spent Hundreds of Millions to Get His Ass Kicked ... THAT’S GOTTA HURT ... It became clear early on that former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg was not welcome on the debate stage or anywhere else in the Democratic primary by the 2020 field.
Open file 18319
US Politics 2020
@AOC on the View

Meghan McCain Confronts AOC: How Do You Defend ‘Bernie Bros’? ... ‘DEEPLY MISOGYNISTIC’ ... “The View” host Meghan McCain told Rep. Ocasio-Cortez that “the one thing that connects women on the left and women on the right” is attacks from the “Bernie bros.”
Open file 18320
US Economic System
Jerry Ashton on Healthcare

'Barbaric': 8 Million Americans Have Been Forced to Start Crowdfunding Campaigns to Cover Medical Costs, Survey Shows
Open file 18321
The Trump Presidency
Pardon ... Pardon ... Pardon

Pardoning the Swamp
Open file 18322
US Politics 2020
Dangerous Ignorance

Who’s Afraid of 'Socialism'? ... Americans were taught to associate 'socialism' with dictatorship and 'capitalism' with democracy. Are those days over?
Open file 18323
CKGSB Newsletter

CKGSB Newsletter for February 21, 2020
Open file 18324
CKGSB New York
Social Credit

The Chinese Social Credit System )no text)
Open file 18325
How strong is the French Mavy?

What are the capabilities in 2020 of the French Navy (Marine Nationale) compared to the Royal Navy or others navies?
Open file 18326
US Politics 20202
Las Vegas Debate

Open file 18327
US Politics 2020
Elizabeth Warren

Warren lands a blow against a Las Vegas billionaire in his own newspaper
Open file 18328
Media News
Medium Daily Digest for February 21, 2020

Do Americans (Really) Understand How High the Stakes of this Election Are? | umair haque in Eudaimonia and Co and other stories
Open file 18329
Thought Leaders
Umair Haque

Do Americans (Really) Understand How High the Stakes of this Election Are? ... Democracy’s Life is on the Line. But Do We Really Get How Much?
Open file 18330
The US Economy
History of Taxation

Where the Money Went ... The United States had plenty of money half a century ago. Where did it go?
Open file 18331
The Bonner Baloney

Nation’s Top Tech Investor Reveals: The #1 Way to Profit in Trump’s Second Term ... Silicon Valley millionaire Jeff Brown explains why the Nasdaq could TRIPLE from here.
Open file 18332
US Politics 2020
Las Vegas Debate

Warren wins big at Bloomberg’s expense
Open file 18333
US Politics 2020
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

‘You lost me’: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez graciously defuses confrontational question on ‘The View’
Open file 18334
Media News
Environment / Natural Systems

Circular Weekly: February 21, 2020 ... Composting's complexities
Open file 18335
US Politics 2020
The Las Vegas Debate and other news

A Very Bad Night for Michael Bloomberg in a Chaotic Democratic Debate ... During his first appearance on a Presidential-debate stage, the former New York mayor appeared unprepared to address his past failings. and other news
Open file 18336
Media /News
In These Times

In These Times ... 22 February 2020 ... Inside Bernie’s Unorthodox Plan To Beat Trump | The Fate of the Planet Rests on Dethroning the IMF and World Bank and other stories
Open file 18337
US Politics 2020
The Sanders Campaign

Inside Bernie’s Unorthodox Plan To Beat Trump ... Sanders is taking a risk no one has before: banking on new voters
Open file 18338
Tax Justice Network

From 2014 ... The Price of Offshore, Revisited ... a deep analysis of the offshore tax haven industry
Open file 18339
US Politics 2020
Big spending benefits the media!

At What Point Does Bloomberg’s Unprecedented Ad Spending Amount to Bribery of the Media? ... Bloomberg has already spent $400 million on ads, making hardly a dent in his $60 billion fortune.
Open file 18340
Media News
Innovation Forum ... February 27, 2020

Welcome to the latest Innovation Forum business brief. This week: why are ethical trade and human rights risks still not always a top priority?
Open file 18341
Community Initiatives
Impact Hub New York

Attention all social impact aficionados! Impact Hub New York Metropolitan Area is a new initiative and is growing rapidly. We are on the search for professionals and leaders dedicated to supporting the entrepreneurial community in New York City and beyond. Start the conversation by registering your interest.
Open file 18342
Sustainable Jersey City

ECO-AMBASSADOR PROGRAM ... The objective of The Eco-Ambassador program is to empower and educate the Jersey City community about topics that include resource recovery, resiliency, and how to support waste prevention and diversion.
Open file 18343
The Next System

Today, We’re Redefining What’s Possible ... What does “changing the system” mean?
Open file 18344
Media News Activism
Common Dreams ... Fri, Feb 21 2020

Unhinged Trump Rally in Colorado Highlights Stakes of 2020 Election | ... and other News & Views
Open file 18345
Existential Issues

White Terrorism Targeting Innocent Muslims in Germany Is Not Termed 'Terrorism' ... It is no accident that the shooter idolized Donald J. Trump, one of the world’s most vocal purveyors of hatred toward Muslims.
Open file 18346
Media News
Fareed’s Global Briefing

Fareed’s Global Briefing for February 21, 2020
Open file 18347
TPB Connections
Richard Nelson

Inventor and Promoter of SalaRoof
Open file 18348
The Trump Presidency
At best ... murky qualifications

Trump’s New Spy Chief Used to Work for a Foreign Politician the U.S. Accused of Corruption
Open file 18349
Integrated Reporting

Global Integrated Reporting Advisory Services Market Report 2019
Open file 18350
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