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TVM Dialog List 1366
18251 - 18300

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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The Alliance Partnership

Some of the initiatives of The Alliance Partnership
Open file 18251
Media / News

Bloomberg top story ... Health ... Coronavirus ... China's search for a cure
Open file 18252
Climate Crisis
Scientists are worried

Climate Models Are Running Red Hot, and Scientists Don’t Know Why ... The simulators used to forecast warming have suddenly started giving us less time.
Open file 18253
Impact Investing
Growing in importance

Making Impact Investing Work ... After decades on the margins of finance and philanthropy, impact investing is finally moving into the mainstream
Open file 18254
World BEYOND War

New Billboard: 3% of U.S. Military Spending Could End Starvation on Earth
Open file 18255
The Trump Presidency
Masters of misinformation

Impeachment and the State of the Union: How Trump Attacks the System with Disinformation ... He’s a one-man stress test for democracy.
Open file 18256
Media / News
Mother Jones

Mother Jones ... February 7, 2020
Open file 18257
Centre for Public Impact

Welcome to the latest Public Impact Soundbite ... Last weekend, I presented at a TedxOxford event, and posed the question – can a government heal a nation?
Open file 18258
The Kelmac Group

For over 24 years, Kelmac Group® has been sharing our knowledge with clients in classrooms throughout the U.S. & in 46 countries around the world.
Open file 18259
US Politics
2020 Election Campaign

Democrats’ ‘worst nightmare’? Here’s the truth about the freakout over ‘Bernie or bust’
Open file 18260
Public Health
Coronavirus Outbreak

American Dies From Coronavirus in Wuhan; Death Toll Surges Over 700
Open file 18261
Media / News

AlterNet -- Today's Top Stories .... February 8, 2020
Open file 18262
US Politics 2020
Elizabeth Warren

The media is completely missing Elizabeth Warren’s biggest strength
Open file 18263
World Economic Forum
Green Swans and Grey Rhinos in Financial Markets

Karen Karniol-Tambour, Bridgewater / Karen Fang, Bank of America / Jeffrey McDermott
Open file 18264

Why is YouTube Broadcasting Climate Misinformation to Millions? YouTube is driving its users to climate misinformation and the world’s most trusted brands are paying for it - Avaaz report
Open file 18265
Media / News
Transparency International

The week in corruption, 7 February 2020
Open file 18266

Open file 18267
The Trump Presidency
Post Impeachmentt ... day 1

Press Watch: With Trump off his rocker, there's no excuse to let him go off the record ... Trump's unhinged rant on Thursday makes it clear: He'll say anything; no point in the media kissing his butt
Open file 18268
Bangladesh: Supply Chain
Women workers in Bangladesh

UNA Event ... 2020/02/13 ... UNA-NY Screening the Issues ... Made in Bangladesh ... Please join us for our special screening
Open file 18269
Country: Bangladesh
Women and film

Meet the Filmmaker: Rubaiyat Hossain, Writer & Director of 'Under Construction' | SIFF TV
Open file 18270
Media / News
21 Hats Morning Report

21 Hats Morning Report for February 10, 2020
Open file 18271
Impact on Consumption

BUSINESS ... Coronavirus Cuts Chinese Tourism, and Luxury Retailers Suffer ... Sellers of high-end goods in the U.S. and Europe feel the pain; ‘if you think you see a Chinese shopper these days, it’s probably a mirage’
Open file 18272
Hollywood / Oscars

The winner is 'Parasite' ... 4 wins during the Oscar evening
Open file 18273
EVENT ... Integrated Reporting
Webinar 11 Feb 2020

Don't miss it next week! Integrated Thinking Conversation: Middle Market Stories, 11 Feb 2020
Open file 18274
Event: Impact Entrepreneur, LLC
Wednesday, February 12, 2020 from 12:00 PM to 1:15 PM (EST)

Measuring Impact in Opportunity Zones ... Wednesday, February 12, 2020 from 12:00 PM to 1:15 PM (EST)
Open file 18275
Media News
The Hive

The news around the New Hampshire Primary
Open file 18276
EVENT ... Impact Assets
When 18 Feb 2020 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM

The Future of Impact is Now: A Fireside Chat with Ron Cordes and Jed Emerson
Open file 18277
Impact Capital Forum / Columbia University

Using Behavioral Economics to Enhance Financial Policies, Innovations and Careers
Open file 18278
The Coronavirus Health Crisis

A Primer On The Wuhan Coronavirus By Dr. Henry Miller
Open file 18279
Investment Commentary
BDC Buzz

Sustainable Dividends ... Build a portfolio with sustainable dividend yields ranging from 8% to 12%
Open file 18280
Impact of the Coronavirus

Oil Stocks Get Devastated By Coronavirus Fears: 5 Stocks To Buy Right Now For The Long Term
Open file 18281
Media / News

Alternet ... February 2020 ...
Open file 18282
Flawed Leadership
Lloyd Blankfein

CEO who ran Goldman Sachs during financial crisis warns Bernie Sanders will ‘ruin’ economy
Open file 18283
The Trump Presidency
A Dangerous Swamp

Trump is running a circus of fascism — but don’t miss the destruction he’s causing behind closed doors
Open file 18284
The Trump Presidency
US Foreign Policy in Chaos

Former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch on Wednesday cautioned that the State Department is in trouble.
Open file 18285
Preserving Natural Capital
Managing Public Lands

PUBLIC LANDS ... Judge Tosses Oil and Gas Leases on Nearly One Million Acres of Public Lands
Open file 18286
Media / News

AlterNet ... February 2020
Open file 18287
US Foreign Policy
The Middle East

The mistake Trump risks repeating in the Middle East ... the Middle East is complex and the West does mot understand it well enough!
Open file 18288
Money and Politics
The Corrosive Influence of Money

The profitable business of being Joe Biden’s brother
Open file 18289
The Next System Project

The latest from The Next System Project ... Five Ways We Democratize the Green New Deal
Open file 18290
Thoughts Leaders
Marjorie Kelly

New paradigm | New archetypes | Institutional design | Failure of imagination | Strategies and Models | Moving forward
Open file 18291
Business Training
Training by Bob Norton

Peter: Why do about 85% of new ventures fail? The research is in! 
Open file 18292

Inequality – how wealth becomes power (1/3) | DW Documentary (poverty richness documentary)
Open file 18293

Inequality – how wealth becomes power (2/3) | DW Documentary (poverty richness documentary)
Open file 18294

Inequality: how wealth becomes power (3/3) | (Poverty Richness Documentary) DW Documentary
Open file 18295

Open file 18296
Country - UAE

Dubai Billionaires and Their Luxury Homes and Toys - Piers Morgan Documentary
Open file 18297

Can the world’s second superpower rise from the ashes of twenty years of war? ... The peace movement’s small victories demonstrate that we have more power to challenge U.S. militarism than most Americans realize.
Open file 18298
Country: India
Citizenship / Ethnicity / Religion / P{olitics

[IHRO] Resist the NPR! 'CAA–NRC–NPR and Its Discontents': An Elaborate Analysis by Mihir Desai ... [Human rights lawyer and activist Mihir Desai demystifies and dissects the CAA-NRC-NPR. Lays bare the fiendish essence.
Open file 18299
SPARE Open file 18300
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