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US Politics 2020
Nevada Primary

Yesterday, Bernie Sanders won the Nevada caucus with a commanding 46% of the vote—more than double the support of his closest rival ... MSNBC 'full-blown freakout'
Open file 18351
US Economy 2020
Ongoing Low Wage Crisis

It's clear the US economy is giving average American workers the short end of the stick
Open file 18352
Activism: SumOfUs
Addressing the unsustainability of COSTCO

Canada’s boreal forests are being flushed down the toilet and retail giant Costco’s Kirkland brand is one of the worst offenders. ... It’s time for Costco to clean up its act.
Open file 18353
Corporate Behavior
JP Morgan Chase

ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE ... Largest Bank in the US Will Not Fund Fossil Fuel Extraction in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
Open file 18354
Environmental Health
Toxins Everywhere

What's the Most Toxic Chemical? ... These Toxic Chemicals Need to Be Banned in the Next 10 Years ... Dangerous, toxic chemicals are everywhere: in your furniture, on your walls, and even on your…
Open file 18355
Media / News
GIZMODO ... Earther Newsletter

GIZMODO ... Earther Newsletter ... February 26th 2020
Open file 18356
Media / News
The Globalist

The Globalist ... February 26, 2020
Open file 18357
US Politics 2020
Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders Is No Socialist ... Social democracy would have been an easier label to defend – and more accurate.
Open file 18358
Country: Russia
View of Clifford Gaddy and Fiona Hill

The End of Brand Putin? ... Can Russia ever become a modern, economically competitive, democratic society as long as Putin is in charge?
Open file 18359
US Politics 2020
The Democrats’ Firing Squad

The Democrats’ Firing Squad ... Trump claims that the Democrats want to bring “socialism” to the United States. He obviously hasn’t read the preamble to the US Constitution.
Open file 18360
A decentralized Internet

Open file 18361
US Politics 2020
AlterNet -- Today's Top Stories

American politics must fix its Boomer problem — or Trump will win in 2020
Open file 18362
US Politics 2020

The billionaire election’: How 2020 is a referendum on wealth inequality
Open file 18363
UD Politics 2020
Media ... Chris Matthews

Chris Matthews Is Just Another Crybully ... I hope MSNBC keeps Chris Matthews on the air for the rest of the campaign. While he might convince some with his paranoia, he’s far more likely to expose himself for the crybully for he really is. And what he’s really protecting.
Open file 18364
Media / News
Medium Daily Digest

Medium Daily Digest February 27, 2020
Open file 18365
Supply Chain

Creating sustainable value chains ... We need to fundamentally transform value chains and change the goal of the commodity production system
Open file 18366
Media / News
InsideClimate News

InsideClimate News for February 27th, 2020
Open file 18367
US Politics 2020
Elizabeth Warren

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert ... Hometown Hospitality With Senator Elizabeth Warren
Open file 18368
US Political Dysfunction
The Nixon Era

Donald Trump Toys With Abuse Of Office In Beef Against Washington Post | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
Open file 18369

Video ... Commercial Airplanes ... the development of the Boeing 707 commercial airliner
Open file 18370
Country ... UK
Policy Options

Opinion ... Heathrow third runway ... The death of Heathrow’s third runway sends a clear message ahead of Cop26 ... The landmark high court judgment will resound around the world and show Britain can lead in tackling the climate crisis
Open file 18371
Why location matters

The Places in America with the Best (and Worst) Hospitals
Open file 18372
Corporate Behavior
Commitments at Davos

Davos Declarations ... “We look forward to the Annual Meeting 2020 being a breakthrough moment for business action on climate change.”
Open file 18373
US Politics 2020
The Bernie Sanders Campaign

Is It Race or Class? Darrick Hamilton Showed Bernie the Answer ... How the “intellectual giant” behind the study of the racial wealth gap has shaped the 2020 policy debate.
Open file 18374
Green Economy
Role of Chima

How China Became the World’s Leader in Green Energy ... And What Decoupling Could Cost the Environment
Open file 18375
US Politics 2020
Role of economy in election

Republicans growing nervous about 2020 economy
Open file 18376
Behavior of the ultra-rich

When the Billionaire Family Behind the Opioid Crisis Needed PR Help, They Turned to Mike Bloomberg
Open file 18377
Media Issues

Beholden to Never Trump partisans, the network can’t stand the Democratic Party’s shift to the left.
Open file 18378
Valuable Leadership
Rezwan Razani

This is our first Footprint to Wings newsletter of 2020.
Open file 18379
Media News
Fareed’s Global Briefing

Fareed’s Global Briefing ... February 28, 2020
Open file 18380
US politics 2020
Bernie Sanders

Opinions ... Bernie Sanders’s Scandinavian fantasy ... the perspective of Fareed Zakaria
Open file 18381
Military / Navy
Changes over time

Do destroyers and cruisers play the same role in US aircraft carrier groups since they both use the AEGIS system?
Open file 18382
Stock Markets
Impact of Coronavirus Pandemic

The worst week since 2008... Simple advice for disciplined, long-term investors... Don't bury your head in the sand... A huge difference between the 2008 crisis and today... A lesson learned amid the craziness... Singing the same, boring, old ditty...
Open file 18383
The Trump Presidency
The Coronavirus Crisis

Trump Identifies the Real Coronavirus Victim: His Presidency ... MAKING HIM ‘LOOK BAD’ ... The president has made it clear he wants his deputies to blame Democrats and the media for hyping fears.
Open file 18384
Iconic Buildings

Video .... Burj Al Arab Dubai - World's Most Luxurious 7* Hotel ... the story of its construction
Open file 18385
Affordable Housing

When governments sell out to developers, housing is no longer a human right ... Strategies must be adopted that protect affordable homes and insulate housing against speculative investors
Open file 18386
Corporate Accountability

CORPORATE ACCOUNTABILITY NEWSLETTER ... FEBRUARY 2020 ... 10 Milk St, Suite 610, Boston, MA 02108
Open file 18387
Media / News
Bloomberg Newsletter

Bloomberg Newsletter for February 29, 2020
Open file 18388
Media / News

EcoWatch newsletter ... February 29, 2020
Open file 18389
US Politics 2020
Bernie Sanders

What Bernie Sanders Really Got Done in His 29 Years in Congress
Open file 18390
Getting Value for Money

Infographic ... Money to pay for ‘Medicare for All’ is right here
Open file 18391
Good for the Company ... Bad for the Society

How CEOs Behave Like Closet Socialists
Open file 18392
Policy Options
Former Treasury Secretary Rubin

Democrats, if We Remain Divided, We’ll Fall ... A former Treasury secretary argues that there’s common ground among the competing factions of the Democratic Party.
Open file 18393
Technical Innovation
Synthetic Palm Oil

Bill Gates-Led Fund Invests in Synthetic Palm Oil Startup ... C16 Biosciences uses yeast to convert food waste and industrial byproducts into a sustainable alternative.
Open file 18394
Engineering and Technology
Electric Vehicles

Hyundai Motor Group, Canoo to co-develop all-electric platform for future electric vehicles
Open file 18395
Event: IIRC

4 - 5 June 2020 at the Frankfurt Marriott Hotel, Frankfurt, Germany
Open file 18396
Today's Market | Market Outlook

Global Recession Is Now Certain, Sparked By Deep China Recession
Open file 18397
Event: Net Impact Reception
Event March 12th 2020

Corporate Financial Innovation & Impact Investing Panel and Reception by IFC's Impact Investing Institute
Open file 18398
US Politics 2020
Bernie - v - Biden

The Billionaire Class Is Counting on Super Tuesday to Stop Sanders ... But voters seem to like the idea of a candidate who threatens “the corporate wing of the Democratic Party.”
Open file 18399
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