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Central to a healthy economy

A vegetable garden can do more than save you money -- it can save the world. In this talk, Roger Doiron shows how gardens can re-localize our food and feed our growing population.
Open file 18201
Climate Crisis
Center on Global Energy Policy Columbia University SIPA

CGEP Founding Director Jason Bordoff reflecting on his visit to Davos in 2020
Open file 18202
Ivy Exec

Ivy Exec, in partnership with Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business, would like to invite you to join a select group of your peers with diverse backgrounds and professional achievements for an exclusive happy hour event on February 6th, 2020 from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM EST at the Princeton Club in New York.
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The Trump Presidency
The Impeachment Saga

Republicans fear the ‘floodgates’ will open if John Bolton testifies during Trump’s impeachment trial: report
Open file 18205
Media / News

AlterNet -- Today's Top Stories ... January 17, 2020
Open file 18206

Wind Operations ... Dallas Conference 2020
Open file 18207
Media / News
The Conversation

The Conversation ... Edition: US ... 27 January 2020
Open file 18208
Company: Boeing
Maiden Flight for the Boeing 777X

AEROSPACE & DEFENSE ... Boeing’s 777X, the world’s largest twin-engine jet, completes maiden flight
Open file 18209
Economics Reform
Satya Nadella of Mocrosoft

Capitalism ‘will fundamentally be in jeopardy’ if business does not act on climate change, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says
Open file 18210
Patriotic Millionaires

Patriotic Millionaires’ letter to Davos calls for ‘higher and fairer’ taxes on the global elite
Open file 18211
Economic Inequality
Concentration of wealth

The world’s 2,153 billionaires have more wealth than 4.6 billion people combined, Oxfam says
Open file 18212
Corporate Management Metrics
Emerging ESG

Webinar: Taking ESG Mainstream - featuring BCG, DIF and Newton Investment Management
Open file 18213
Event ... Webinar
Ethical Corporation (FC Business Intelligence Ltd. / Reuters Media

Webinar: Taking ESG Mainstream - featuring BCG, DIF and Newton Investment Management ... Integrating ESG factors into investment decision making is no longer optional, it’s a must.
Open file 18214
The Role of Money
Massively misunderstood

Video ... Century of Enslavement: The History of the Federal Reserve
Open file 18215
US Politics 2020
Bernie Sanders doing well

‘The knives are out’: Democrats panic at the possibility that Bernie Sanders could be 2020 nominee
Open file 18216
The Trump Presidency
Unfit for the Job

Pulitzer Prize-winning reporters detail ‘the seamy underbelly of the Trump presidency’
Open file 18217
World Econoimic Forum - 2020

What Was Said at Davos on Climate Change ... Global leaders attending the World Economic Forum in Switzerland agree that a rapid response is needed to stave off disaster.
Open file 18218
Climate Crisis
Tipping Pont ????

New Private Sector Investments Signal Major Tipping Point for Emerging Multi-Trillion Dollar Market Opportunity for Climate Restoration Over the Next Decade
Open file 18219
Media / News
The Voice of Joice

AmericaSpeaks ... TheVoiceOfJoyce ... January 30, 2020
Open file 18220

This is activism, not news ... Impeachment Trial Update ... “McConnell doesn’t have the votes”
Open file 18221
Business Fights Poverty

How Can We Measure Our Social Impact?; Is Davos Signalling the End of Business as Usual?; Men as Allies Across the Value Chain and other news items
Open file 18222
Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB)

Opinion ... Those nasty, toxic algae blooms in our lakes would vanish if towns use the tool Trenton gave them | Opinion
Open file 18223
Venture Capital

Why ESG is Core to Long-Term Success in Venture Capital ... Venture capital (VC) is a relatively new asset class but is already having a transformative impact on large sections of the global economy.
Open file 18224
Media / News
Business Fights Poverty

Business Fights Poverty ... January 29 2020
Open file 18225
Climate Crisis
Systemic Gridlock

New OpEd | How to Broaden the Coalition Against Climate Change
Open file 18226
Linkedin Connection
Jeanne Stampe

Jeanne Stampe ... Founder, Asia Sustainable Finance Initiative. Head, Senior Managing Director Asia Sustainable Finance, Global Finance Practice Leadership Team WWF
Open file 18227
SBA 504 Loan

What is an 'SBA 504 Loan'? From Wikipedia
Open file 18228
Stop Infectious Diseases

Nano tchnology ... New Tech Will Disinfect Everything and Help Stop Infectious Diseases
Open file 18229
Fisheries Sector
World Bank

Liberia gets World Bank financing for new fishing project
Open file 18230
Measuring Social Impact

7 Tips for measuring social impact with lean data ... Measuring Social Impact With Lean Data [Impact Measurement & Management]
Open file 18231
View of Dan Ariely

Video ... Real Value | Economics Documentary with Dan Ariely | Sustainability | Social Entrepreneurship
Open file 18232
The Trump Presidency
The Impeachment Saga

Sen. Rand Paul storms out of Senate to tweet after Chief Justice John Roberts declines to read his question a second time
Open file 18233
US Economics
View of Joseph Stiglitz

Nobel Prize-winning economist: Here’s why Trump is ‘just wrong’ to claim his economic policies help the middle class
Open file 18234
Ray Dalio

How The Economic Machine Works by Ray Dalio
Open file 18235
US Economy
View of Ray Dalio

Video ... Hedge Fund Legend Ray Dalio On The Economy
Open file 18236
Esther Duflo

Esther Duflo: Nobel Prize banquet speech
Open file 18237
Public Intellectual
Malcolm Gladwell

Why Did I Say 'Yes' to Speak Here? | Malcolm Gladwell | Google Zeitgeist
Open file 18238
End of an era

Britain's Remainers need to take a step back and weigh up their options | Image via iStock
Open file 18239
Media News
21 Hats Morning Report

21 Hats Morning Report for January 31, 2020
Open file 18240
Fisheries Sector
Monitoring Fishing Activities

How we recruited albatrosses to patrol the high seas for illegal fishers
Open file 18241
Media / News

DeSmog 200201 ... Banks Warn of ‘Green Swan’ Financial Disasters
Open file 18242
Existential Risks
Systemic / Catastrophic

‘Uninsurable and Unhedgeable’: Central Banks Warn of Financial Crisis from Climate Change
Open file 18243
How much is not measured?

The Hunt for Fugitive Emissions in the Permian’s Oilfields
Open file 18244
How much is not measured?

Earthworks' Oil & Gas Accountability Project serves drilling impacted communities around the country.
Open file 18245
British History
Peaky Blinders and Tommy Shelby

How historically accurate is Peaky Blinders – and was Tommy Shelby a real person?
Open file 18246
Natural Systems
Bumble Bees / Pollinators

To Help Save Bumble Bees, Plant These Flowers in Your Spring Garden
Open file 18247
Michael Grojean, Professor of Strategic Leadership at the University of Tennessee.

Ivy Exec, in partnership with University of Tennessee’s Haslam School of Business, is seeking to connect with HR leaders – like you – to better understand the latest trends in executive learning and development, and how organizations such as view them.
Open file 18248
US Society
Systemic Socio-Economic Dysfunction

The Epidemic of Despair ... Will America’s Mortality Crisis Spread to the Rest of the World?
Open file 18249
Enterprise Resilience
Edward Saltzberg at GWU

Enterprise Resilience - Embracing Change in a Turbulent World
Open file 18250
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