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Country ... Saudi Arabia
About Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (also known as MBS)

Bezos Investigation Finds the Saudis Obtained His Private Data ... BELTED ... The National Enquirer’s lawyer tried to get me to say there was no hacking.
Open file 18151
Media / News
Daily Beast

Daily Beast ... January 22, 2020
Open file 18152
USA ... Dangerous Trends
Racism / Fascism / White Supremacy

Wisconsin school officials' non-response to Nazi salute photo gives a green light to open racism
Open file 18153
Work and Wages

The Real Future of Work ... Forget automation. The workplace is already cracking up in profound ways, and Washington is sorely behind on dealing with it.
Open file 18154
Military Technology
State of US Technology

How far ahead is the US compared to the rest of the world in Military Technology? ... we really don't know
Open file 18155
US Healthcare
Hope Merchant. Creator Health Rosetta in Texas

The US healthcare system is not fit for the purpose of healthcare but ... some people are trying to change things
Open file 18156
Media / News
New America

New America ... January 23, 2020
Open file 18157
Media / News

TriplePundit ... January 23, 2020
Open file 18158
US Policy Options
Elizabeth Warren

Warren calls on big U.S. banks for steps on climate risk
Open file 18159
Corporate Structure
About the B-Corp

Thinking of becoming a #BCorp? Can I offer a compelling reason why not? The journey to Certification is bloody hard.
Open file 18160
US Progress and Performance
Post War under Dwight Eisenhower

How America Gave in to Its Two Deadliest Temptations ... By Bill Bonner, Chairman, Bonner & Partners
Open file 18161
Media / News
21 Hats Morning Report

21 Hats Morning Report ... January 23, 2020
Open file 18162
NY Activities
Betaworks Studios

Here's what's next at the BetaWorks Studios... 🍔 🍻 ... January 23, 2020
Open file 18163
Media / News
Foreign Affairs

Foreign Affairs ... Jan 22, 2020
Open file 18164
Progressive News Outlets

We are in serious trouble ... CREDO Action, another progressive giant has shut down ... Only four months earlier, ThinkProgress, also shut down
Open file 18165
The Trump Presidency
Reelection Prospects.

Opinion: Five reasons Trump won’t win in 2020 ... view from June 2019
Open file 18166
Media / News

WIRED ... January 23, 2020
Open file 18167
Media / News
Fareed’s Global Briefing

Fareed’s Global Briefing ... January 24, 2020
Open file 18168
Media / News

Truthout ... On the Eve of Doomsday, Who Are You With? ... January 23, 2020
Open file 18169
Stock Market Trends

Stocks Are 'Ridiculously Cheap'? Why Warren Buffett Isn't Buying ... views from The Felder Report
Open file 18170
Progress Information
Establish a CETS based EcoVillage

Turning Lane into an Eco-village ... an initiative of CETS Waste-to-Energy program
Open file 18171
TVM Administration
TPB Linkedin Connection Management

Common Connections for Rosina Abramson
Open file 18172
TVM Administration
TPB Linkedin Connection Management

Common Connections for Peter Davidson
Open file 18173
Media / News

AlterNet -- Today's Top Stories ... January 24. 2020
Open file 18174
US Politics
Impeachment ... a crisis for US democracy

John Roberts caused a ‘crisis of democratic legitimacy’ — it’s ‘entirely fitting’ he has to preside over his mess: columnist
Open file 18175
US Politics
Very little gentility

When members of Congress really fought ... in the years before the Civil War, verbal fireworks among politicians led to real violence
Open file 18176
Media / News
The Sidney Hillman Foundation

The Sidney Hillman Foundation ... picks for January 2020
Open file 18177
Media / News
Chronicle of Philanthropy

Appointments ... staff relocations in the Not-for-Profit arena
Open file 18178
Media / News
Fast Company Compass

Fast Company Compass ... January 24, 2020
Open file 18179
Capabilities of Google Maps

20 incredibly useful things you didn’t know Google Maps could do
Open file 18180
Accounting Failure
Inventory issues at Ted Baker plc

Another accounting failure ... Another week and the UK has another accounting/auditing and corporate governance failure.
Open file 18181
Veterans Initiative
Unused VA vouchers

Unused VA vouchers ... are they a resource for assistance to veterans
Open file 18182
Celebrating Good Works
Jerry Ashton

Jerry Ashton ... Co-Founder of RIP Medical Debt and Director/Outreach and Engagement
Open file 18183
Climate Change
The Metrics of Climate Change

It’s Steven Mnuchin who should listen to economists on climate change ... There’s overwhelming consensus among scientists for more aggressive action.
Open file 18184
Climate Change
The Metrics of Climate Change

A 2018 Economics Nobel winner created an invaluable tool for understanding climate change ... Prize winners William Nordhaus and Paul Romer studied long-term economic growth. Nordhaus calculated the impacts of climate change.
Open file 18185
Climate Change
The Metrics of Climate Change

Climate change is a global injustice. A new study shows why. ... The US is second only to India when it comes to the economic cost of global warming.
Open file 18186
Media / News

Open file 18187
Media / News

YES! This Week: Editors select their favorite stories published this week ... January 24, 2020
Open file 18188
US Politics 2020

Interview text ... Last month, Donald Trump was impeached by Adam Schiff and House Democrats! ... And now Mitch McConnell’s majority is in charge of convicting or acquitting Trump of his crimes, and McConnell already said he won’t give him a fair trial.
Open file 18189
Climate Justice
Coal and India

Julio Friedmann ... a piece about the role of coal in electricity generation in India
Open file 18190
Patrick Bet-David
TED talk ... Think Like A Grand Master Entrepreneur- 2019 Driven Keynote

Founded in 2012 by Patrick Bet-David, our goal is to impact entrepreneurs around the world through value and entertainment. We are the #1 channel for entrepreneurs because of the carefully selected interviews and how to videos for entrepreneurs.
Open file 18191
SPARE Open file 18192
US Politics 2020
The Impeachment Saga

Friday, January 24, 2020 ... In their third and final day of opening arguments, House impeachment managers turned to their obstruction of Congress charge against President Trump. Also, Rudy Giuliani launched his podcast in the most Rudy Giuliani way possible. A historic day all around.
Open file 18193
Companies ... Nestle and Publix
Product: Bottled Water

Florida's biggest grocery store is teaming up with Nestlé to make millions by destroying the state's water supply. Tell Publix grocery stores to stop selling water plundered from Ginnie Springs.
Open file 18194
Thought Leader
Robert Reich

Peter, you know as well as I do that America's political and economic systems aren't broken, they're rigged.
Open file 18195
The World's Welthiest
Giovanni Ferrero

''Giovanni Ferrero, scion of the Italian chocolate empire that makes Kinder Surprise, Nutella and Ferrero Rocher, is paying himself and his family a €642m (£542m) dividend in one of Europe’s biggest-ever paydays.
Open file 18196
Indoor Farming

TED talk ... Stuart Oda · Entrepreneur, urban farmer ... Stuart Oda is an indoor urban farmer with a passion for innovation and sustainability. His goal: democratize access to fresh and nutritious food by democratizing the means and knowledge of production.
Open file 18197
Think local

TEDtalk ... Devita Davison · Food activist ... At FoodLab Detroit, Devita Davison supports local entrepreneurs and imagines a new future for food justice.
Open file 18198
Think local

TEDtalk ... Ron Finley plants vegetable gardens in South Central LA -- in abandoned lots, traffic medians, along the curbs.
Open file 18199
SPARE Open file 18200
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