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TVM Dialog List 1362
18051 - 18100

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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Air Safety
Boeing 737 NG / Crash in Iran

63 Canadians Were on Board a Ukrainian Passenger Plane That Crashed Leaving Iran
Open file 18051
Media / News
The Ballot by Condé Nast

Hand-picked news coverage for our distinguished readers ... The Ballot by Condé Nast
Open file 18052
US Politics
Mike Bloomberg

MIKE BLOOMBERG SPENDS $10 MILLION ON SUPER BOWL AD TO F--K WITH TRUMP ... “The biggest point is getting under Trump’s skin.”
Open file 18053
The Trump Presidency
US Foreign Policy / US Politics

Our Frightening Moment Was Years in the Making ... It's comforting to think that 2020's first week of chaos is the fruit of the Trump era, but this has been a long time coming.
Open file 18054
Basic Needs

“Need is probably the most fundamental political claim. Even toddlers know that need carries more weight than desire...”
Open file 18055
Building Design
Embedded Carbon

Structural Engineers Study Embodied Carbon of 600 Buildings ... More than half of a building’s embodied carbon is in its bones, prompting research—and soon, a new Revit tool.
Open file 18056
Where it is stored

Embodied Energy--Just What Is It and Why Do We Care?
Open file 18057
Building Materials

The Urgency of Embodied Carbon and What You Can Do about It ... Building materials emit massive amounts of carbon long before the lights go on. Here’s how thoughtful design can reduce global warming impact.
Open file 18058
Circular Ecology Ltd

Embodied energy and carbon - The ICE database
Open file 18059
US Politics
Formation of a new PAC: Courage to Change

We’re refusing to pay DCCC dues. Here’s why: ... / So we’re proud to announce the formation of our new PAC: Courage to Change.
Open file 18060
Stock Market Value

Risks Of A Market Correction Significantly Increased ... The markets have had an enormous run since the end of the year 2016.
Open file 18061
US Politics
2 Party Dysfunction

AOC Is Right: She and Joe Biden Should Not Be in the Same Party
Open file 18062
US Politics
AOC's important influence

UNITED STATES PARTY POLITICS ... They’re Not Just Mad at AOC — They’re Scared of Her
Open file 18063
Media / News

Media / News ... Alternet ... January 9, 2020
Open file 18064
US Legislation
The CLEAN Future Act

Environment ... House Dems introduce the CLEAN Future Act ... This new proposal aims to have the U.S. reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.
Open file 18065
US Politics
Bernie Sanders

Best kept secret: Bernie Sanders’ (unintentional) strategy ... The Vermont senator has is a decades-long record of consistency in terms of his politics and a laser-like focus on policy.
Open file 18066
Social Business

INSEAD Blog / Jasjit Singh ... Why Social Enterprises Still Matter in an Age of “Win-Win”
Open file 18067
Metrics / Analysis
Social Business

A Goldilocks Framework for Attracting Funding ... How social enterprises and non-profits can demonstrate their impact.
Open file 18068
About Islam
Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Video: Ayaan Hirsi Ali on the West, Dawa, and Islam
Open file 18069
Media / News

Media / News ... AlterNet ... January 11, 2020
Open file 18070
The Trump Presidency
Impeachment Saga

There’s blood in the water as Trump’s impeachment trial is finally coming
Open file 18071
Profits First

How Big Pharma twists the law to its will and leaves Americans worse off
Open file 18072
The Trump Presidency
Dangerous Foreign Policy Shambles

Here are 10 ways Trump’s actions against Iran hurt Americans and the region
Open file 18073
The Trump Presidency
The art of diversion

The Wall Street Journal accidentally reveals the unbearable truth about Suleimani’s assassination
Open file 18074
Media / News

Media / News ... Bloomberg ... January 11, 2020
Open file 18075
The Trump Presidency
In the fog of war

In Stunning Reversal, Iran Admits Accidentally Shooting Down Ukrainian Passenger Jet
Open file 18076
Americans for Tax Fairness Action Fund

After 40 years of Republican tax cuts for the rich and tepid interventions by Democrats, truly progressive platforms have arrived.
Open file 18077
Tech Finance
Rob Moffat

What I learned in fintech and insurtech in 2019. Opinionated and probably 50% wrong:
Open file 18078
Military History
Aircraft Carriers

If US lost in the battle of Midway, and lost all her three aircraft carriers, how would the Pacific war and the entire World War II be impacted?
Open file 18079
Military History

What did the German SS think about the American Jeep in WW2?
Open file 18080
US Politics
Ilhan Omar

Ilhan Omar sets Trump straight on the true meaning of impeachment
Open file 18081
US Economy
Employment: Jobs and Wages

After a Decade of Hiring, Plenty of Jobs but Raises Are Tiny ... The Labor Department’s monthly jobs report suggests that the economy ended 2019 on a steady footing.
Open file 18082
Regional Economy
The Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania

What the Rebirth of This Old Steel Center Means for Trump ... The Lehigh Valley rebuilt its economy after foreign competition wiped out its mills. Now good times and bad memories may both help the president.
Open file 18083
TPB Commentary
Climate Crisis

How should the costs of the climate crisis be funded? Maybe this should be paid for by those who have earned profits over the past several decades!
Open file 18084
Ecosystem Analysis
Maintaining a healthy ecosystem

Shrub encroachment is linked to extirpation of an apex predator ... about how nature keeps complex issues in balance
Open file 18085
Public Opinion
Growing interest in corporate responsibility

8 out of 10 millennials now prioritise responsible investing – and they’re right
Open file 18086
The Trump Presidency
The Impeachment Saga

Impeachment ... What skeletons in Donald Trump's closet?
Open file 18087
Media / News
Quartz Africa Weekly Brief

CFA vs Eco, a Liberian Trump surprise, Angola’s frozen princess, fewer African visas ... January 12, 2020
Open file 18088
Big Data
Big Data in Healthcare

Should this be outsourced to the big tech companies?
Open file 18089
Media / News
Medium Daily Digest

Medium Daily Digest for January 13, 2020
Open file 18090
The Socio-Enviro-Economic System
Dangerous Dysfunction

What Happens When Capitalism Devours a Society? America Does. ... How You End Up With a Rich Nation of the Poor, a Powerful Nation of the Powerless, and a Wealthy Nation of Paupers
Open file 18091
Climate Crisis
Australia’s Wildfires

ENVIRONMENT ... Australia’s Wildfire Catastrophe Isn’t the “New Normal.” It’s Much Worse Than That. ... “These are the things that keep us up at night as climate scientists,” says Michael Mann.
Open file 18092
Money Policy

How the rich get richer – money in the world economy | DW Documentary
Open file 18093
Green Economy
Making it Inclusive

Countering the Trump Era: Engaging with the people towards an inclusive Green Economy?
Open file 18094
CUNY Ralph Bunche Institute

Events ... CUNY Ralph Bunche Institute ... February 5, 2019
Open file 18095
Media / News

A weekly Grist newsletter ... January 14, 2020
Open file 18096
Corporate Behavior

BlackRock's Larry Fink to CEOs: 'Purpose is the engine of long-term profitability'
Open file 18097
BlackRock Client Letter ... January 2020

Sustainability as BlackRock’s New Standard for Investing
Open file 18098
BlackRock CEO Letter

A Fundamental Reshaping of Finance
Open file 18099
SPARE Open file 18100
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