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TVM Dialog List 1361
18001 - 18050

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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Chinese Aircraft Carriers

Why is China building aircraft carriers and planning to build more, when they say they do not wish to achieve world dominance? An aircraft carrier is for projecting power mainly for offensive purposes, isn’t it?
Open file 18001
Media / Global News

Does US Have a 'Deep State'? | Trump's Don Quixote Moment .... December 30, 2019
Open file 18002
The Trump Presidency
Foreign Policy and other issues

The ardent defenders of President Trump’s reckless foreign policy claim that the “deep state” is out to get the President of the United States. Do they have a case?
Open file 18003
Seafood Industry
Funding / Finance

Lab-grown seafood company raises $4.5m in funding
Open file 18004
RAS production news

Canadian aquaponics company achieves organic certification
Open file 18005
RAS production news

Texas producer giving RAS shrimp production a charge ... NaturalShrimp uses patented electrocoagulation process to control pathogens, contaminants
Open file 18006

StartEngine is a leading equity crowdfunding platform and has helped over 300 companies raise capital from a community of over 200,000 prospective investors.
Open file 18007

Disclaimer ... This website is operated by StartEngine Crowdfunding, Inc. (“StartEngine”), which is not a registered broker-dealer or funding portal.
Open file 18008
Grand Corruption
Deutsche Bank

Here’s why Congress wants to look inside the bank that fronted Donald Trump $2 billion
Open file 18009
Media / News

Alternet news feed for December 31, 2019
Open file 18010
Corruption / Money Laundering
Banks, Trump, and others

Sketchy Kazakh Money Finds Its Way Into President Donald Trump's Dealings | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
Open file 18011
Russia / Putin

Vladimir Pozner: How the United States Created Vladimir Putin ... Conversation at Yale
Open file 18012
New Year 2020

New Year's 2020: Hong Kong skyline illuminated with electric light show | FULL
Open file 18013
Anti-aircraft guns

Were the 40mm pom pom anti aircraft guns used by the Royal Navy in WW2 considered of only marginal usefulness?
Open file 18014
The State of the USA
Poverty / Homelessness

Video: How poor people survive in the USA | DW Documentary
Open file 18015
Media - News

Medium News for January 1, 2020
Open file 18016
Media News
The Daily Grist

The Daily Grist for January 1, 2020
Open file 18017
Media - News

Medium Daily Digest for January 1, 2020
Open file 18018
About Medics

This story gets to me on several levels ...
Open file 18019

Rachel Maddow Show ... Abortion Access ... December 30, 2019
Open file 18020
Military Aircraft
'Rafale' de Dassault

Quels sont certains faits époustouflants sur les avions de chasse 'Rafale' de Dassault ?
Open file 18021
The Responsible Consumer
A critical actor for the change we need

New research shows UK beef sales fell 4% in 2019 and pork by 6.4%. Whilst meat free alternatives rose by 18%.
Open file 18022
Automobile Industry
Made in China

Tesla Delivers First Chinese-Made Model 3 Electric Cars
Open file 18023

Zcoin, a privacy-focused cryptocurrency startup, launches a decentralized crowdfunding platform
Open file 18024
SoLa Impact Fund

SoLa Impact Investing ... private sector urban renewal
Open file 18025
People Measurement
Quality of Life / Happiness

Daniel Hill ... I Tracked My Happiness Every Day for Two Years — Here’s What I Learned
Open file 18026
US politics
Managing the Trump Impeachment

Nancy Pelosi now has real leverage over Mitch McConnell. Here’s how she should use it
Open file 18027
Political Leaders
Irish President Mary McAleese

Pope John Paul refused to shake hand of Ireland’s female president, she reveals
Open file 18028
The Trump Presidency
Foreign policy mess

Trump suddenly faces twin foreign policy crises — and he has nowhere to turn for help
Open file 18029
Corporate Priorities
Profit trumps everything else

Google and Amazon are now in the oil business ... How new tech is boosting old energy. // Global AI In Oil and Gas Market Will Reach to USD 4.01 Billion By 2025: Zion Market Research
Open file 18030
Raz Godelnik Sustainability Dashboard

New Dashboard Wants to Distinguish Heroes from Villains Based on Climate Action and CEO Pay Ratio
Open file 18031

GE's turnaround finally starts to take hold.
Open file 18032
The Trump Presidency
Confrontation with Iran

'Right Now Is the Moment to Decide If You Are Pro-Peace or Not': Ocasio-Cortez Joins Progressive Chorus Against War With Iran
Open file 18033
Media / News
Common Dreams

Common Dreams ... News January 4, 2020
Open file 18034
Corporate Oil Industry value now compromised

The Hidden Signs That the Oil Industry Is Heading for a Reckoning ... Despite the millions Big Oil is spending to slow and delay action on climate change, the world is shifting decisively away from fossil fuels.
Open file 18035
Dennis Prager

Right-Wing Views for Generation Z, Five Minutes at a Time ... Dennis Prager believes teenagers are more open to conservative ideas than millennials. With PragerU, he’s making a play to get around their professors.
Open file 18036
The Trump Presidency
Middle East / Iran Policy

Trump’s Iran Policy Is Brain-Dead ... Lacking coherent objectives and a strategy for achieving them, moves like the assassination of Qassem Suleimani are foreign policy as theater—and could leave the United States worse off.
Open file 18037
The Trump Presidency
Middle East Muddle

OP-ED WAR & PEACE ... Iraq’s Vote to Kick Out U.S. Troops Reflects Growing Anti-Imperialist Movement
Open file 18038
Economic Theory
How Economists Tricked Us

How Economists Tricked Us Into Thinking Capitalism Works ... Money on the mind ... Our species has survived through caring and sharing, not competing in markets as economists claim.
Open file 18039
Economic Analysis
Economic Polity Institute (EPI)

Cutting corporate taxes will not boost American wages (2017)
Open file 18040
UK100 - for cleaner more powerful communities

UK100 - for cleaner more powerful communities ... about the UK Smart Cities network / about Polly Billington
Open file 18041
Clean Energy Initiatives

UK100 is a network of local leaders committed to 100% clean energy ... Financing Local Clean Energy in the South West.
Open file 18042
Impact Enthusiast
Kyle Flick

The Changing Role of Firms
Open file 18043
US Foreign Policy
At best ... incoherent

Defense secretary's chief of staff tenders resignation as Trump team moves toward war
Open file 18044
TVM Website Performance
Google Analytics

TVM Website Performance ... Google Analytics ... December 2019
Open file 18045
Energy ... Solar
Changing techmology

A $1 Billion Solar Plant Was Obsolete Before It Ever Went Online
Open file 18046
CoGo / Mike Barry

CoGo: Putting Citizens in Control of Sustainable Consumption
Open file 18047
The Trump Presidency
Trump joining history’s club of barbarians

Expert details why Trump’s Twitter threat to destroy Iran’s cultural sites is a historic mistake
Open file 18048
US Economy

Job opportunities up and job seekers down ... trends through the Bush, Obama and Trump administrations
Open file 18049
Air Safety
Crash in Iran

Ukrainian Plane Crash in Iran Raises Issue of Flaw in Another 737 Model
Open file 18050
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