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The Trump Presidency
The man is coarse and rude ... an abomination of a man

House Republicans are strongly rebuking President Trump’s attacks on the late Democratic Rep. John Dingell (Mich.) and his widow, Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-Mich.)
Open file 17951
Media / New / Opinion

Their newsletter for the day ... NATION DAILY: DECEMBER 19, 2019
Open file 17952
The Digital Economy
Huge Consumer of Energy

Can the Internet Survive Climate Change? ... How a warming world is sparking calls for a greener web
Open file 17953
Impact Investing
Blockchain / Bamboo Capital Partners

Impact investing can unlock the potential of blockchain in Africa
Open file 17954
The Trump Presidency

The Inevitability of Donald Trump’s Impeachment ... His decades-long record of misdeeds and wrongdoing made this moment inescapable.
Open file 17955
The Trump Presidency

The Nunes Crew Is Neck-Deep in the Ukraine Scandal ... Several of the congressman’s current and former staffers have surfaced in connection with the controversy.
Open file 17956
Apple Headquarter

CARBON LOADING .. How green are Apple's carbon-sequestering trees really?
Open file 17957
Social Entrepreneur
Megan White Mukuria

Megan White Mukuria .... How One Woman Is Starting A Menstrual Revolution In Kenya
Open file 17958
Sir Fazle Abed has died

REMEMBERING SIR FAZLE ABED ... from Donella Rapier, President & CEO, BRAC USA
Open file 17959
Bill Bonner's Diary

This sucker’s going down ... With the stock market pushing new highs, you may be tempted to “pop the champagne corks ... but this may not be smart
Open file 17960
People with Backbone

William Webster, a former director of both the CIA and the FBI, and a ‘longtime friend’ of Bill Barr just scorched the attorney general in an impassioned op-ed
Open file 17961
The Trump Presidency

Trump’s biggest Senate impeachment trial gambit likely to be shot down: report
Open file 17962
US Healthcare System
Ridiculously High Prices

A CT scan costs $1,100 in the US — and $140 in Holland ... America’s health care prices problem, in four charts.
Open file 17963
Climate Crisis
Australia Wildfires

As Australia Burns, 100s Pitch Tents Outside PM’s House Demanding a Response to the Climate Crisis
Open file 17964
Thought Leaders
Andrew Yang

Andrew Yang & The Freedom Dividend ... Is Andrew Yang’s Universal Basic Income Proposal A Good Idea?
Open file 17965
Thought Leaders
Abhijit V. Banerjee and Esther Duflo

How Poverty Ends ... The Many Paths to Progress—and Why They Might Not Continue
Open file 17966
American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC)

Peter, Tackle many problems with one gift to the American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC)
Open file 17967
Climate Crisis

Australia fires: PM Morrison rejects 'reckless' calls to limit coal industry
Open file 17968
US Politics
Elizabeth Warren

PLANS ON PLANS ON PLANS ... Warren says her Green New Deal will create 10 million jobs
Open file 17969
Company: Boeing
The Boeing 737 Max Crisis

Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg fired as 737 Max crisis continues
Open file 17970
Webinar on Jan 20, 2020 03:00 PM in Zurich (9am EDT New York )

The New Humanitarian discussion on 'Ten humanitarian crises and trends to watch in 2020'
Open file 17971
Social Enterprise
The Problem of Finance

A startup in India aims to bridge a yawning gap entrepreneurs in the social enterprise sector face
Open file 17972
The Trump Presidency
No intellectual genius!

‘I never understood wind’: Trump goes on bizarre tirade against wind turbines ... President’s nonsensical rambling remarks about ‘windmills’ in segment from weekend speech raised eyebrows
Open file 17973
Climate Crisis
Floods in UK ... December 2019

Boris Johnson under fire for not planning to visit flood-hit areas ... Lib Dem MP for Bath hits out at PM after rivers burst their banks across southern England
Open file 17974
The Trump Presidency
The Senate Procedure for Impreachment

Trump’s Humiliating Impeachment Trial: WH On Edge Over Rules That Can Change Anytime | MSNBC
Open file 17975
The Trump Presidency
Views about Impeachment ... December 24, 2019

'Thug,' 'Threat': Endorsing Impeachment, Top Newspapers Unload On Trump | MSNBC
Open file 17976
Newsweek Analysis
Analysis methodology makes no sense

Hormel Foods Named One of America’s Most Responsible Companies by Newsweek
Open file 17977
UK Politics
Jeffrey Sachs

Jeffrey Sachs: The UK’s Electoral System Failed
Open file 17978
US Politics
Andrew Yang

Why Is This Man Running for President? (Update) ... A year ago, nobody was taking Andrew Yang very seriously.
Open file 17979
Thought Leaders
Jeffrey Sachs

Jeffrey Sachs: What's behind Trump's nonsense on windmills and light bulbs
Open file 17980
Run-off Pollution

As Dead Zones Choke the Waters of Green Bay, Controlling What Washes Off the Land Proves a Costly Challenge
Open file 17981
Health / Profits
The Opioid Epidemic

A media series ... Opioid Abuse: From U.S. Epidemic to Global Pandemic?
Open file 17982
Economic Thought Leadership
Robert Reich / EPI

Corporations are making out like bandits under Trump’s economy
Open file 17983
The Trump Presidency
Tough Guy ... Big Bully

Hundreds of Thousands Are Losing Access to Food Stamps ... The Agriculture Department gave its final approval to the first of three rules that are ultimately expected to cut more than three million from the food stamp rolls.
Open file 17984
The Trump Presidency
The President gets almost everything wrong

Anguish and Anger From the Navy SEALs Who Turned In Edward Gallagher
Open file 17985
Health /Profits
The Opioid Crisis

Sackler-Owned Opioid Maker Pushes Overdose Treatment Abroad
Open file 17986
The Trump Presidency
Liar in Chief

PBS reporter. Yamiche Alcindor, calls Trump a liar to his face
Open file 17987
The Trump Presidency

Trump flips out on NBC reporter for pointing out his stupidity
Open file 17988
Royal Navy / US Navy

Who had the best battleships of WWII, the U.S. or Britain? And as an academic question since they had so few ships, how good were the German battleships?
Open file 17989
About tanks

Quora ... Are any NATO tanks in development as response to Russia's Armata tank to match it in firepower, armor and technology?
Open file 17990
Green New Deal

The Green New Deal: Not Insanity, but an Investment ... Last week, Mark Z. Jacobson, a Stanford University researcher and others, published the results of their number crunching
Open file 17991
Corporate Accountability

Fund raising letter ... Greedy, power-hungry corporations screwing over people and the planet to make an extra buck!
Open file 17992
Investor Place

Index funds have become widely popular over the past decade. And with over $4.2 trillion invested and counting, I don’t think it will stop anytime soon.
Open file 17993

11,000 scientists just announced that climate change has us on track for 'untold suffering', while the UN says the collapse of our ecosystems could wipe out a **MILLION** species.
Open file 17994
Government Accounting
FASAB Statement 56

FASAB Statement 56: Understanding New Government Financial Accounting Loopholes (January 2019)
Open file 17995
Initiatives- UK
Innovation Forum

2019 highlights, featuring Bayer, Bunge, Danone, Nestlé and others...
Open file 17996
Activism / Advocacy
Democracy for America

Do you still support Medicare for All? ... Peter, did you see the New York Times article on Friday?
Open file 17997
Fund Raising Initiatives
Global Giving

Global Giving ... Matching Donations for Renew Puerto Rico
Open file 17998
US Navy

How did the US Navy's Iowa-class battleships from World War 2 carry nine cannons that were each larger than the 8 cannons on a Bismarck-class battleship even though the Iowa was only a slightly larger ship?
Open file 17999
SPARE Open file 18000
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