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You are what you eat and drink

It’s official: soda tax offers “net good” to society
Open file 16701
Climate Crisis
Corporate Impact

BP Investors Back Climate-Change Proposal Amid Activist Pressure
Open file 16702
Social Enterprise UK

Front and Centre - Putting Social Value at the Heart of Inclusive Growth
Open file 16703
Events: New York June 3rd 2019)
Technology Salon NYC

Join us for the next Technology Salon NYC ... Will Digital Identities Support or Control Us? Technology Salon New York City - June 3 - RSVP Now
Open file 16704
Overlap between 5G communications and meteorology

CALL 'EM BEFORE THE STORM ... 5G networks could throw weather forecasting into chaos
Open file 16705
Climate Crisis
Area Resiliance

Louisiana has a new plan to prevent flood disasters
Open file 16706
The Trump Presidency
The swamp is bigger than just the politicians

Avenatti indicted for allegedly defrauding Stormy Daniels
Open file 16707

Speakers at the IIRC London Conference in May 2019
Open file 16708
Media / Climate Crisis
Failures of Communication

By Bill Moyers ... What if Reporters Covered the Climate Crisis Like Edward R. Murrow Covered the Start of World War II? ... The new Covering Climate Now project will help media “tell the story so people get it.”
Open file 16709
US Foreign Policy
Not all it's souped up to be

Don’t Let Russiagate Fool You—America Is Still the Ultimate Election-Meddler ... Outrage over Russia’s interference in the 2016 elections obscures the fact that America has been doing the same to other countries for decades.
Open file 16710
US Politics
New York Politics

Working Families Party ... AOC endorses Tiffany Cabán! for District Attorney of Queens, NY
Open file 16711
American Heroes
John Lewis

New Navy Ship Will Be Named After Civil Rights Icon John Lewis
Open file 16712
Linkedin Dialog
Tim Worstall

Mark Carney's Right, Not Everyone Benefits From Free Trade And Globalisation - The Semi-Rich Don't
Open file 16713
Linkedin Dialog
Raz Godelnik

About Amazon
Open file 16714
World Economic Forum
Socio-enviro-economic progress

Productivity ... Industrial Revolution 4.0
Open file 16715

Glavel could replace plastic foam below grade ... Going foam-free is getting easier and more affordable.
Open file 16716
Climate Crisis
Some talk ... no action

Why is there such a disconnect between climate reality and climate action?
Open file 16717
Corporate Irresponsibility
Exxon re Climate Change

Exxon Predicted 2019’s Ominous CO2 Milestone in 1982
Open file 16718
Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services
Analysis by IPBES ... May 2019

Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) ... Media Release: Nature’s Dangerous Decline ‘Unprecedented’; Species Extinction Rates ‘Accelerating’
Open file 16719
Natural Capital
Decades of abuse is catching up

CONSERVATION ... Everything Is Fucked, Major New Extinction Report Finds
Open file 16720
British Industry
Steel Industry

Prem Sikka: British Steel crisis shows dangers of private equity ... Greybull Capital has been associated with a string of bankruptcies but is financially healthy itself.
Open file 16721
EVENTS: Saw Creek
Memorial Day BBQ

Memorial Day BBQ ... Sunday, May 26th at noon
Open file 16722
Technology: Computers
IBM Mainframes

IBM Reinvents the Z Mainframe—Again
Open file 16723
UK Politices
Theresa May

Theresa May is to step down on 7 June after nearly three years as prime minister. ... Theresa May's political career in pictures
Open file 16724
Transport / Urban Mobility
Electric Buses

The bus wars are over. Electricity — and China — won. ... China has 421,000 electric buses. The United States has 300.
Open file 16725
Country: UK
State of Industry

Prem Sikka ... Steel industry ... The British Steel scandal is a corporate disaster entirely made in the UK
Open file 16726
People ... Ultra Rich
Philip Green

Sir Philip Green ... Topshop owner Philip Green plans to close 23 stores in Arcadia rescue ... Group, which has 566 UK and Irish stores, is asking for rent cuts to help save the business
Open file 16727
Country: UK

VIDEO: Inside Brexit: How Britain lost Europe
Open file 16728
Public-Private Partnerships

Public-Private Partnerships Will Never Solve America’s Infrastructure Crisis
Open file 16729
People / Politics
Stuart Eizenstat

The Weapons Industry Lobbyist Advising Joe Biden ... Stuart Eizenstat has worked as a powerful political advisor, as well as a corporate lobbyist for the oil and arms industries.
Open file 16730
Country: Yemen
For Yemen destruction ... For some others profits

Here’s Exactly Who’s Profiting from the War on Yemen ... And how the U.S. could stop weapon sales if it wanted to.
Open file 16731
Company: Amazon
Impact on Climate

3 takeaways from that failed Amazon employee shareholder resolution on the climate crisis
Open file 16732
Region: Middle East / Saudi Arabia

King Abdullah Port in Saudi Arabia is now ranked 83 in the list of the 100 largest container ports in the world
Open file 16733
Region: Middle East / UAE
Industrial Development

Chinese manufacturing giant poised for AED36-billion KIZAD investment ... Under the agreement, the two entities are looking into a possible 15-year, three-phase plan to develop 7.6 square kilometres of land at KIZAD.
Open file 16734
USA Politics
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Pelosi uses Trump to her advantage ... President Trump’s escalated attacks on Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) are proving to be just the gift she needed to unify her caucus.
Open file 16735
Corporate Misbehavior
Natural Fruit in Thailand

Anti-Slavery Activism ... 10 Million Baht ($313,000) Defamation Judgment Upheld Against Andy Hall in connection with FinnWatch study
Open file 16736
US Universities
Admissions Scandal

Chinese teenager Sherry Guo’s parents paid US$1.2 million to get her into Yale. So why haven’t they been charged in US college admissions scandal? Admissions consultant William ‘Rick’ Singer wrote fake application describing Guo as a top-notch soccer player and bribed US coach to submit it
Open file 16737
Saw Creek PA

Memorial-Day-flag-ceremony 2019
Open file 16738
Saw Creek PA

SawCreek Governance ... Meet the candidates event
Open file 16739
Passenger Rail

Why This Train Is The Envy Of The World: The Shinkansen Story
Open file 16740
Passenger Rail

VIDEO ... EUROSTAR, Standard Premier, LONDON TO PARIS at 186mph!
Open file 16741
Cold War ... Berlin Airlift

What if the Soviet Union had shot down the planes during the Berlin Airlift?
Open file 16742
Passenger Rail

VIDEO ... BRAND NEW! LNER class 800 'Azuma' - Hitachi | First Day of Passenger Service! 15/05/2019
Open file 16743
Passenger Rail

The First Ever LNER AZUMA On Serivce At Peterborough 15/05/19
Open file 16744
Passenger Rail

VIDEO - GWR Class 800 | Paignton To Exeter ST Davids (STANDARD CLASS) *TRIP REPORT*
Open file 16745
Passenger Rail

BRITAIN’S BEST TRAIN: The GWR Pullman service “Royal Duchy” - London to Cornwall
Open file 16746
Country UK
Her Majesty the Queen

Royal Train, with HM the Queen, arrives at Cardiff. June 7th 2016
Open file 16747
Climate Technology
Rocky Mountain Institute

Live Climate Discussion: Sir Richard Branson, Amory Lovins, Jules Kortenhorst and Marty Pickett
Open file 16748
Climate Technology
Rocky Mountain Institute

Live Climate Discussion: Sir Richard Branson, Amory Lovins, Jules Kortenhorst and Marty Pickett
Open file 16749
Webinar organized by BeWasteWise

Marine Plastic Pollution – Sources, Forces and Courses of Action
Open file 16750
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