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Climate Technology
Rocky Mountain Institute

Live Climate Discussion: Sir Richard Branson, Amory Lovins, Jules Kortenhorst and Marty Pickett


Peter Burgess
The clean energy economy is ready to be scaled

If every nation followed the energy development path taken by the US, the Earth’s climate would heat beyond all saving.

To save our planet from coal, oil, and gas emissions – while powering human development – people around the world must leapfrog straight to the clean energy revolution. Helping to facilitate this clean energy revolution is what the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) is all about.

Since the climate crisis is a global problem, RMI work with top government officials, the private sector and in-country partners all over the globe to accelerate the transition of economies to local, renewable energy – creating a blueprint for other global economies.

getty images Image from Getty Images In a recent discussion about scaling the green energy economy RMI chief scientist and cofounder, Amory Lovins, along with climate experts, Jeff Tannenbaum and Roy Torbert, explained just how big this opportunity is.

Amory shares how he and the RMI team are creating low-carbon, prosperous economies. RMI work largely with the private sector, using a model centred around developing pilot programmes, scaling them, securing partners and then spreading the work as far as possible. According to Amory the key principles in play are, “Practice, not theory. Solutions, not problems. Transformation, not incrementalism.”

The discussion covers the various ways that RMI projects are speaking to the need for global programmes to scale partnerships that transcend borders – highlighting how this interdisciplinary thinking is helping to find great, scalable ideas, along with the partners needed to make them a reality.
Live Climate Discussion: Sir Richard Branson, Amory Lovins, Jules Kortenhorst and Marty Pickett


Rocky Mountain Institute Published on Dec 15, 2016

We know that the recent elections have called into question how we will achieve the ambitious goals set by the international Paris climate agreement to maintain a rise in global temperature below 1.5 degrees Celsius.

That's why Rocky Mountain Institute Co-Founder and Chief Scientist Amory Lovins, CEO Jules Kortenhorst, Managing Director Marty Pickett and Virgin Group CEO/Carbon War Room founder Sir Richard Branson hosted a Facebook Live discussion on the continually strong business case for renewable energy.
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Charles Adler Charles Adler 2 years ago Thank you Amory, Jules, Marty, and Sir Richard for holding up the light of reason, intelligence, and commitment as we approach the solstice in an especially dark winter season. In my environmental activism I have relied on Amory's thought leadership for 40 years. I will be making a contribution today.
psbosch psbosch 2 years ago In the spirit of bottom up strategies, I would like to attract the attention of RMI to boost what I believe to be the best green building method known. Using just lime (or clay and lime) and agricultural waste, non-toxic buildings that last for centuries are possible. Combined with a 12K solar capacity roof and integrated design principles, I hope my model will demonstrate the Tesla vision for housing/energy of the near future. I welcome design collaboration.
Adam Selene Adam Selene 2 years ago The first step has to be stop the geoengineering spraying so we can see what the climate is actually doing.
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