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16251 - 16300

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Pollution: Plastic
Single Use Plastics

Why stop at plastic bags and straws? The case for a global treaty banning most single-use plastics
Open file 16251
Quantis on environment

Quantis series of interactive webinars that will look at the 3 phases of building a science-aligned environmental strategy
Open file 16252
The Trump Presidency
Handling a Democratic House

Rep. Adam Schiff ... A top House Intel Dem is really getting under Trump’s skin — here’s how
Open file 16253
World War II

World War II ... the performance of Field Marshal Montgomery
Open file 16254
US Politics / Economy
Green New Deal

Ocasio-Cortez and Markey set to unveil their 'Green New Deal'
Open file 16255
US Politics / Economy
Green New Deal

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez On The Democratic Party, Green New Deal, 2020 Candidates | MTP Daily | MSNBC
Open file 16256
US Politics / Economy
Green New Deal

Ocasio-Cortez shrugs off Pelosi's comments on 'Green New Deal'
Open file 16257
US politics / Trump SOTU
Is Trump running scared?

Speaker Nancy Pelosi Calls Trump’s Warnings About Investigations A ‘Threat' | Hardball | MSNBC
Open file 16258
More and more megacities

10 cities are predicted to gain megacity status by 2030
Open file 16259
Corporate Support to solve Social Problems
Tiny compared to Profit Performance

Inclusive Economy | Prudential commits $100 million to narrow the racial wealth gap in Memphis, New Orleans and Atlanta
Open file 16260
Slowly Getting Attention

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell said income inequality and sluggish productivity are the biggest challenges of the next decade.
Open file 16261
Green New Deal

The Green New Deal Lands in Congress ... Rapid transformation to clean energy seizes center stage and wins over some Democratic presidential hopefuls.
Open file 16262
US Politics
Money in Politics / Above the Law

Watch: AOC schools Congress with ‘Lightning Round Game’ exposing the chilling role of money in politics
Open file 16263
US politics
Department of Justice

Whitaker hearing blows up after lawmaker asks him who was behind his mysterious $1.2 million payment from non-profit
Open file 16264
Ideas about fixing the economy

From Bloomberg News ... Ideas from the Right, the Left, and across the Atlantic to mend what’s broken in our economy.
Open file 16265
Wasted Money

Open file 16266
Money in Politices

Open file 16267
Country: India
Medevac Services

Open file 16268
Sexual Assault
Chronic Ignorance

I’ve Talked With Teenage Boys About Sexual Assault for 20 Years. This Is What They Still Don’t Know
Open file 16269
Electric Cars

Bonner-and-Partners ... The Real Reason the Government Wants You to Drive an Electric Car
Open file 16270
Democracy for America

UPDATE: Make billionaires pay their fair share
Open file 16271
Jem Bendell

The future of sharing: it's still about freedom ... The original vision of the sharing economy hasn’t died—it just needs more support and protection.
Open file 16272
Gates Foundation

BILL & MELINDA GATES ... Annual Letter 2019
Open file 16273
The Trump Presidency
Women in Congress

Women of Congress - SNL Humor ... but these women are serious as well. Stay tuned
Open file 16274
The Trump Presidency
Donald Trump Background

ABC (Australiam Broadcasting Corporation) ... 3 part video series on Trump
Open file 16275
Country: UK
History of the Royal Navy

Why is the HMS Victory still active in the Royal Navy?
Open file 16276
The Trump Presidency
Planning ahead for a Second Trump government shutdown

Gearing up for possibility of another Trump shutdown, airport workers ready mass protests in 80 major cities
Open file 16277
Power Generation
Coal Transportation

Video ... Rail freight in the UK ... Class 58 unloading coal at Ironbridge Power Station June 1998
Open file 16278
Peter Burgess Messages
About Better Metrics

From Peter Burgess ... some long and meandering thoughts on enabling better metrics about the socio-enviro-economic system!
Open file 16279

Why a 70% Top Tax Rate Will Miss Its Mark ... Penn Wharton Budget Model's Richard Prisinzano and Alan Auerbach from UC Berkeley discuss the proposed 70% top marginal tax.
Open file 16280
US Taxation
Opportunity Zones

Opportunity Zones Investors Receive Needed Guidance For Measurable Impact
Open file 16281
US Politics
Natural Capital

Senators just approved the biggest public-lands bill of this decade.
Open file 16282
Energy: Coal
Climate Change

Coal plant closures need to be 'radically accelerated' to meet climate change, report finds
Open file 16283
UK ... Brexit
Political PR and worse

Dark money is pushing for a no-deal Brexit. Who is behind it? Targeted no-deal Brexit ads are funded opaquely, yet the government has failed to bring in new laws
Open file 16284
Green Economy Coalition

The Vision and Method for the Green Economy Coalition
Open file 16285
US Politics
Gun Violence

Senator Richard Blumenthal (Connecticut) ... 30 years of 'F' ratings from the NRA
Open file 16286
Only about cash flow and wealth ... nothng about anything else

MARKETPLACE Industrial Insights / Dividend Cut Bombshell At CenturyLink ... CenturyLink cuts the dividend after months of promises ... Reasoning behind the cut is outlandish and is just poor capital allocation.
Open file 16287
Company / Investment
About: General Electric (GE)

Seeking Alpha / Daniel Jones ... General Electric's Shake-Up Will Add Value
Open file 16288
Investment Perspective

Apple Vs. Google: One Clear Winner
Open file 16289
US Politics
Money / Identity Politics

What Ilhan Omar Said About AIPAC Was Right ... I’m ashamed to admit that endorsing AIPAC positions was all about the Benjamins for me and my candidate.
Open file 16290

Another reason to avoid concrete: silica dust ... Contractors are having trouble meeting the new safety standard.
Open file 16291
The Socio-Enviro-Economic System
Streams: Carbon

CO2 doesn't know borders, but we are shipping embodied carbon all over the world
Open file 16292
Company: Amazon / Place: New York
Tax and Subsidies: Race to the Bottom

Amazon announced on Thursday is has canceled plans to open a New York City headquarters.
Open file 16293
Company: Amazon
Place: New York City

Kelly Evans (CNBC) ... So many things to mention in the wake of Amazon's decision to cancel its HQ2 in Queens...
Open file 16294
US politics
What goes around ...

Public Serpent ... Iran-contra villain Elliot Abrams is back in action
Open file 16295
US Politics
Money Talks ... This congresswoman has guts

Who Will Stand Up for Ilhan Omar? ... False charges of anti-Semitism are being used to silence critics of Israel.
Open file 16296
Country: France

What the Yellow Vests Have in Common with Occupy ... Inside the mass protests that are rocking France.
Open file 16297
History / The Financial Crisis of 2008
Does anyone really know what happened!

“I’ve never seen Bill Bonner get that angry” ... In fact, the Fed came in with money that had not existed before and bought bonds.
Open file 16298
Energy / Electricty Generation
TVA Coal

Trump's Fighting to Keep a Costly, Unreliable Coal Plant Running. TVA Wants to Shut It Down.
Open file 16299
Open file 16300
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