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TVM Dialog List 1325
16201 - 16250

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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US Politics / Wall Street
Winds of Change

Wall Street wary of progressive Democrats on the House finance committee ... Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the youngest member of Congress, a Democratic Socialist, and a master of social media
Open file 16201
Daniel Aronson,

Daniel Aronson ... thought leader and innovator around Value Accounting
Open file 16202
Constitutional Crisis

Jeffrey Sachs: Here's how Venezuela can achieve a peaceful resolution to the crisis
Open file 16203
Media / Environment
Environmental Leader

Environmental Leader Weekly Message
Open file 16204
US Politics
Progressive 2020 Candidates

Here are the two presidential candidates that terrify Wall Street the most ... Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT).
Open file 16205
International Affairs
US Blundering

The illegal CIA operation that brought us 9/11 ... Robert Scheer with another edition of “Scheer Intelligence,”
Open file 16206
The Trump Presidency
Kellyanne Conway

Cliff Sims ... former White House aide reveals why Trump will never fire Kellyanne Conway in his book “Team of Vipers,”
Open file 16207
Wrong labelling at retail

Fish fraud: New Yorkers may be eating bogus fish — here’s how to avoid the worst of it
Open file 16208
The Trump Presidency
Madia / Fox News

How Trump’s shutdown wrecked Sean Hannity’s ratings
Open file 16209
Human Rights / City Focus
Initiative: PDHRE

Video ... What is human rights and are HRcities ... People Human Rights
Open file 16210
Green Economy Coalition

Mainstreaming Green into Traditional Economics - Henry Leveson-Gower, Promoting Economic Pluralism
Open file 16211
Global Climate City Challenge

The Global Climate City Challenge ... English webinar on Friday, February 8, 2019 10:00 am GMT
Open file 16212
Event / Workshop
Tech 2025

Visions of the Future: the Manifestos and Moral Philosophies of Big Tech Companies and Their CEOs (workshop)
Open file 16213
Baruch College / February 5, 2019

LAST CALL: The Ethical Dangers of Politically Motivated Philanthrop in Higher Education - 2/5 @ Baruch College
Open file 16214
NYU Wagner early 2019

Conflict, Security, and Development Series organized by the NYU Law School, Wagner and others
Open file 16215
The Japan Society

Events for early 2019
Open file 16216
Attracting Jobs
Race to the Bottom

Foxconn won’t be building a factory in Wisconsin, after all ... Also they're only going to hire about 1,000 people over the next two years instead of 5,000.
Open file 16217
A toilet in every house!

Tired of dark fields and jeering men: the bride who led a 'toilet revolution' Komal Hadala’s hellish treks to relieve herself inspired a campaign that left her Indian village flushed with success
Open file 16218
US Politics
2020 Presidential Race

HOWARD SCHULTZ AND THE PLUTOCRAT REVOLT ... Is it going to be all about big money?
Open file 16219
The Business Model is Completely Anti-Social

Opinion ... Want to Stop Fake News? Pay for the Real Thing ... Google and Facebook should be allies of quality journalism, not its gravest threat.
Open file 16220
Workers' Rights
Profit always comes first

Corporations Have Paid Out at Least $2.7 Billion in Civil-Rights and Labor Lawsuits Since 2000 ... Inside an analysis of corporate legal culture.
Open file 16221
Military Strategy
Afghanistan ... Soldiers do not win the peace

The War in Afghanistan Shows the Bankruptcy of Our Foreign-Policy Elite ... It’s clear the United States can’t win, but the “experts” insist on delaying defeat forever.
Open file 16222
Connections / Opportunity
About Jesus Velasquez ... DecisionWare (DW)

About Jesus Velasquez ... DecisionWare (DW) is company based on information technology, pioneer in Latin America, aimed at specialized consulting and design, implementation and start-up of Decision Support Systems (DSS)
Open file 16223
Media / News Streams
In These Times

Listing of news items for February 2, 2019 ... The Vanishing Resource We’re Not Talking About | Why the Green New Deal Must Put Utilities Under Public Control
Open file 16224
Media / Opinion / Activism
Think Progress

As ‘Green New Deal’ talk gains traction, lawmakers who deny climate change are on the decline ... New data indicates lawmakers who align themselves with the president's climate rhetoric are losing ground.
Open file 16225
People / Politics

Open file 16226
Cambridge University
A Message from the Vice Chancellor

Vice-Chancellor Professor Stephen J Toope's video message for alumni and friends of Cambridge
Open file 16227
Media / News / Opinion

Fareed's Global Briefing ... February 2, 2019
Open file 16228
Media / News / Opinion

Fareed's Global Briefing ... January 25, 2019
Open file 16229
State in Janurary 2019

KAUSHIK BASU ... The Sorry State of the World Economy ... Data released in January paint a bleak picture of advanced-economy prospects.
Open file 16230
Economics / Society
WEF and Leadership

What's Wrong with Davos? ... Anand Giridharadas
Open file 16231
Leadership . Policy

MOHAMED A. EL-ERIAN ... Reimagining Davos
Open file 16232
US Politics
No governing consensus

An Impending Yellow Vest Moment for the US? ... France has been gripped by them, but the yellow vest movement has so far failed to take hold elsewhere. Could the United States be next?
Open file 16233
Illicit Money Flows

US: How to Combat Terrorist and Other Illicit Financing? ... The continuing hijacking of the global financial system by terrorist organizations and organized crime must be stopped.
Open file 16234
Country: UK ... Brexit
UK Economy will take a huge hit

Brexit: Nissan cancels plans to make X-Trail in UK ... Change of heart comes days after Britain's carmakers issued a stark assessment of Brexit's effect on the industry.
Open file 16235
Transport - Air
Civil Supersonic

New report questions whether we should bring back supersonic transport ... A number of companies are flying SST Trial balloons, but we should all pop them now.
Open file 16236
Transport - Air
Why is it heavily subsidized?

Is it time to charge passengers the true cost of flying? ... If it weren't so subsidized, it would be a lot more expensive, and people might fly a lot less.
Open file 16237
Carbon Pollution / Personal Behavior
The carbon cost of conferences

Should we just stop flying to conferences?
Open file 16238
Technology / Monopoly / Intellectual Property
Federalist Society Blog

FTC v. Qualcomm: Innovation and Competition
Open file 16239
Working Families Party

TEXT: Joint Letter Calling on Conference Committee to Protect Families and Children and Restore America’s Faith in Government
Open file 16240
US Politics
Bright New Blood

Ocasio-Cortez Is on the Financial Services Committee, and Banks Are Afraid
Open file 16241
Meghan Markle

GIRLS & WOMEN ... Meghan Markle Wrote Notes to Sex Workers on Bananas in Secret Charity Visit ... She was visiting an organisation that helps women break free of sex work and addiction.
Open file 16242
Erik Olin Wright

Wikipedia as a ‘real utopia’: Here’s how the late Erik Olin Wright tried to to harness social scientific reasoning to construct a better socio-economic system
Open file 16243
The Trump Presidency
Climate Change

Late Night Comics School Trump on Climate Science
Open file 16244
Military History
Royal Navy

How Did The Bismarck Manage To Sink HMS Hood So Quickly? | History Documentary | Reel Truth History
Open file 16245
US Polities
Progressive Leadership

AOC Called Out for Refusing to Applaud During Trump's SOTU ... New York socialist representative alexandra ocasio-cortez sits with a terse demeanor during the state of the union
Open file 16246
The Trump Presidency
SOTU ... State of the Union

The True State of the Union ... What you won't hear during tonight's speech — the truth ... instead Lies, Lies, Lies, Lies, Lies, Lies, Lies, Lies, Lies, Lies, Lies
Open file 16247
The Trump Presidency
SOTU ... State of the Union 2019

Lies, Lies, Lies, Lies, Lies, Lies, Lies, Lies, Lies, Lies, Lies
Open file 16248
Demand Progress

URGENT: Lobbyists go all-out to kill election reform ...
Open file 16249
The Trump Presidency
The State of the Union (SOTU)

What A Day: Much SOTU about nothing
Open file 16250
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