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16301 - 16350

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Company: Amazon
How Amazong has behaved.

How a failing capitalist system is allowing Amazon to cripple America
Open file 16301
UK ... Brexit
Impact on the Finance Industry

A Survival Kit for the City of London
Open file 16302
Tax Avoidance is plain wrong

How Can We Tax Footloose Multinationals? S
Open file 16303
US / Justice System
Obscenely Unjust

PRISONS & POLICING ... Imagine Pleading Guilty Because You Can’t Afford to Call Your Lawyer ...In some jails, it costs $20 to make a 15-minute phone call.
Open file 16304
US Politcs
Growing the Trump swamp

Former EPA Official Launches Dark Money Group to Promote Trump’s Energy Agenda ... Mandy Gunasekara started the Energy 45 Fund after resigning from the Trump administration.
Open file 16305
Jobs / Employment
Green New Deal

ECONOMY & LABOR ... A Green New Deal for American Labor? ... Solar energy installation provides good, union jobs for electrical workers.
Open file 16306
Investment in Sustainability

Felix Dodds / Terry Waghorn interview ... ENVIRONMENT ... A Blue Economy Investment Facility and associated process would allow governments to accelerate, focus and strengthen moves towards a genuine Blue Economy approach.
Open file 16307
Companies: IBM
New Products

IBM I: The Most Amazing IBM Product You’ve Never Heard Of ... IBM I / The IBM I platform (the second “I” stands for Integrated) is converged packaged software platform that evolved out of that legendary AS400, and it is even more amazing.
Open file 16308
The problem is very term problem

A BATTLE PLAN FOR THE WORLD BANK by David Miliband ... Why Refugees Are at the Center of the Fight Against Poverty
Open file 16309
US Politics
Trump and Foreign Policy

Here’s why Mike Pence got humiliated when he tried to boost Trump overseas
Open file 16310
Fran Seegull

The Economist Investing for Impact Conference ... Q&A with Fran Seegull of the U.S. Impact Investing Alliance
Open file 16311
Climate Mitigation Efforts
Staggeringly Hard

Bjorn Lomborg ... Faking It on Climate Change ... deep emissions cuts are staggeringly hard to make
Open file 16312
US Travel ... Rail
Rethinking Amtrak

THE RIGHT TRACK ... I love taking long-distance trains. Here’s why I’m thrilled Amtrak might cut them back.
Open file 16313
Country / Banking Sector

Bulgaria banking meltdown averted for now, but there may still be trouble ahead
Open file 16314
The Billionaire Class
Rutger Bregman -v- Tucker Carlson (Fox News)

Tucker Carlson Tells Historian To ‘Go F**k’ Himself In Spiked Fox News Interview ... The Fox News host called historian and author Rutger Bregman a “moron” with a “tiny brain.”
Open file 16315
Green New Deal

Jeffrey Sachs: Green New Deal is feasible and affordable
Open file 16316
Company: The Trump Organization
Slowing Down

Donald Trump Has a Cash Problem ... The failure of his sons’ new hotel chains hints at financial issues.
Open file 16317
Anand Giridharadas

Anand Giridharadas ... Is Taxing The Ultra-Wealthy ‘Punishing Success?’ | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC
Open file 16318
Economic Capital / Economy
Banking and Finance / Financialization

Wikipedia ... Financialization is a term sometimes used to describe the development of financial capitalism during the period from 1980 until 2010
Open file 16319
2019 Columbia Global Energy Summit

2019 Columbia Global Energy Summit // Wednesday, April 10, 2019 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM // Lerner Hall, 2920 Broadway, New York, NY 10027 // Room/Area: Roone Arledge Auditorium
Open file 16320

Concrete: the most destructive material on Earth
Open file 16321
Materials / Concrete
Innovation in Low-carbon Cement and Concrete

Making Concrete Change: Innovation in Low-carbon Cement and Concrete ... Significant changes in how cement and concrete are produced and used are urgently needed to achieve deep cuts in emissions in line with the Paris Agreement on climate change.
Open file 16322
Initiative / SASB
Appointment of CEO

We are delighted to inform you that Madelyn Antoncic has been appointed to serve as SASB’s new Chief Executive Officer effective February 25, 2019.
Open file 16323
US Politics
Diane Feinstein ... too timid by far!

Meet the 16-year-old who went viral after asking Dianne Feinstein to support a Green New Deal
Open file 16324
US Politics
Mitch McConnell and the Green New Deal

CLIMATE DESK ... Hundreds of young protesters confront Mitch McConnell over Green New Deal
Open file 16325
Emergency Response
Haiti Earthquake ... January 2010

Responding to a crisis: The harsh realities for aid workers in Haiti
Open file 16326
Japan Society

Events of the Japan Society for March 2019
Open file 16327
Activism: Green New Deal
Sunrise Movement

Young Kentucky climate activists demanding Green New Deal arrested at Mitch McConnell’s office
Open file 16328

The Top 50 in Philanthropy during 2018 ... COMMENTARY
Open file 16329

The Top 50 in Philanthropy during 2018 ... LIST
Open file 16330
The Trump Presidency
The Cohen Hearing

Jamil ... thank you. @RepAOC is a breath of fresh air on the political scene. Her questioning was absolutely first class with no 'padding' whatsoever. Great.
Open file 16331
US Politics ... Trump Presidency
Cohen Hearing

Here’s what Ayanna Pressley, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Stephen Lynch said during the Cohen hearing
Open file 16332
The Trump Presidency
The Cohen Hearing

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Lays Groundwork For Going After Trump’s Tax Returns ... First Class Performance
Open file 16333
Corporate Agendas

Antea Group ... Survey about EH&S
Open file 16334
William Michael Cunningham

William Michael Cunningham on Impact Investing, Blockchain, and Crowdfunding
Open file 16335
USAID / International Health
TPB View ... a huge mistake

CII Launches Blended Finance Roadmap for Global Health
Open file 16336
The Trump Presidency
The Cohen Testimony

#1 ON TRENDING ... Elijah Cummings' stunning closing remarks at Cohen hearing
Open file 16337
The Trump Presidency
Speach Patterns

Language Expert: Donald Trump's Way Of Speaking Is 'Oddly Adolescent' | The 11th Hour | MSNBC
Open file 16338
The Gold Standard
Carbon Offsets

Optimal Carbon Offsets ... The Gold Standard, supported by WWF,
Open file 16339
Green New Deal
Putting it together

Rhiana Gunn-Wright at the Center on Global Energy Policy on Columbia Energy Exchange ... transcript of interview
Open file 16340
US Politics
Trump's Business Practices

RACIAL JUSTICE ... Tlaib and Pressley Put Racism on Trial During Cohen Hearing
Open file 16341
US politics
Captured by the Elite / Powerful

NEWS POLITICS & ELECTIONS ... Ocasio-Cortez and Tlaib Expose Congressional Orientation’s Corporate Sponsors
Open file 16342
Crooked Newsletter

What A Day: Do I make myself cleared?! ... What A Day — Bellowing ogre Seb Gorka describing the hopes and dreams of all Democrats to CPAC
Open file 16343
The Trump Presidency
Way better than a bad deal

Trump-Kim summit ends with no deal, but diplomacy is a long process
Open file 16344
Circular Economy
Measuring Impact

What we talk about when we talk about the circular economy
Open file 16345
Renewable Energy Buyers' Alliance (REBA)

Why utilities and cities are joining REBA ... Marty Spitzer, senior director of climate and renewable energy for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF),
Open file 16346
Business Focus

Peter Bakker / WBCSD ... New risks, new tangibles and new business
Open file 16347
User Agreement
The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)

By using our website, you agree to the collection and use of information in accordance with this policy.
Open file 16348
Climate Change
Leadership inaction

Gus Speth interview by Fran Korten ... After 40 Years of Government Inaction on Climate, Have We Finally Turned a Corner?
Open file 16349
Climate Misinformation
Company: Exxon

Inside Climate News ... INVESTIGATIONS ... Exxon: The Road Not Taken
Open file 16350
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