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TVM Dialog List 1323
16101 - 16150

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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US Politics
The Future

Steve Scalise shies away from debate with Ocasio-Cortez over her ‘radical followers’ — while ignoring his own supporters’ rhetoric
Open file 16101
The Trump Presidency
Government Shut Down

New report reveals the one reason Trump is still refusing to reopen the government ... Trump doesn't want to look incompetent!
Open file 16102
Engineering and Technology
Marine Diesels

Arabian Supply ranks the five largest main engines at sea in terms of kW output
Open file 16103

Hans Roesling ... Seven charts that show the world is actually becoming a better place
Open file 16104
US Policy Options
Tax Policy / Inequality / Climate costs

Climate Changed ... Ocasio-Cortez Suggests 70% Ultra-Rich Tax Could Pay for Climate Plan
Open file 16105
Development Assistance
Reducing Poverty

Does Aid Reduce Poverty? ... OPHI Working Paper: 122
Open file 16106
Development Finance
Capital Flows

Three Surprises about Private Capital Flows to Low-Income Countries
Open file 16107
Some very relevant history

Jimmy Carter: How to repair the U.S.-China relationship — and prevent a modern Cold War
Open file 16108

Liberians Plagued by Mental Health Problems in Aftermath of War
Open file 16109
Linkedin Connection admin
Happy Birthday

Some of the messages associated with Burgess birthday
Open file 16110
Social Performance Metrics

Understanding Social Performance with Theory of Change
Open file 16111
Multi-Lateral Institutions
World Bank

Jim Yong Kim resigns as World Bank president ... International aid community shocked by decision to quit three years early and join private sector
Open file 16112
Cyber Influence
Global Threats

Countering Russian disinformation the Baltic nations’ way
Open file 16113
Marketing / Propaganda
Trump's Branding Brilliance

Hitting a Wall: How Marketing Helps Explain the Washington Stalemate
Open file 16114

Big Business Has a New Scam: The ‘Purpose Paradigm’ ... Multinational corporations are luring millennial workers with empty promises and self-serving slogans.
Open file 16115
UN Sustainable Development Goals

Report reveals challenges of UN's new sustainable development goals
Open file 16116
Human Life Indicator

New measure for the wellbeing of populations could replace Human Development Index
Open file 16117
Community Matters

Neighbourhood wellbeing and a sense of community are at the heart of a good home, say researchers
Open file 16118
Robert Weissman ... President, Public Citizen

Hours from now, President Donald Trump will be responsible for the longest government shutdown in our nation's history.
Open file 16119
The Trump Presidency
Worst in History

Trump Got Rich by Screwing Over Workers—Of Course He’s Doing It Again as President ... “For decades, Trump repeatedly didn’t pay those who worked for him, and now that he’s in the White House, little has changed.”
Open file 16120
US Politics
Women are changing things

The End of Likability Politics ... The nasty women of America are delivering on their promises—and they don’t care what their conservative male colleagues think.
Open file 16121
Yes ... we know ... but what is being done about it?

Top charts of 2018 ... Twelve charts that show how policy could reduce inequality—but is making it worse instead
Open file 16122
Saudi Arabia
Repression of Women

Rahaf al-Qunun: Saudi teen granted asylum in Canada
Open file 16123
The Trump Presidency
Will the law get in the way

The Myth of the Mueller Report ... No one knows whether the Trump-Russia special counsel will produce a final and public report telling all.
Open file 16124
The Trump Presidency
Things just don't smell right!

'This is the biggest political story ever'—experts react to the Trump-Russia FBI investigation
Open file 16125
The Trump Presidency
Trump says 'no collusion'

Ex FBI Countr-Intel, Figliuzzi: 'There is More Than Just the Crazy Public Behavior to Trump/Russia'
Open file 16126
Activism: MoveOn
MoveOn's plan to end the shutdown

MoveOn's plan to end the shutdown ... The reality is simple: Donald Trump is a liar ... Trump's increasingly outrageous comments over the past few days make it clear that he does not understand the implications of the shutdown or care ........
Open file 16127
Vulture Funds

Prem Sikka ... HMV is another example of how vulture funds have devoured the high street ... We should talk more about private equity
Open file 16128
System Dysfunction

The sustainability movement has disappeared. Where did it go?
Open file 16129
Political Activism
National Democratic Training Committee,

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been under RELENTLESS Republican attacks. So we’re sending her a card and letting her know we stand with her.
Open file 16130
Investment / Retirement
Fisher Investments

There is something fundementally wrong ....
Open file 16131
Economic System
Profit up ... Value down

Where does billionaire wealth come from?
Open file 16132
Activism / MoveOn
ICE / Immigration Justice

Eduardo's next immigration hearing is on Thursday. Will you sign the petition to ICE officials and demand Eduardo's immediate release?
Open file 16133
Michele Wucker

Ringing in the New Year from Beijing -- The Gray Rhino Tracker January 2019
Open file 16134
US Politics
The new Members of Congress

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gleefully mocks GOP’s obsession with her: ‘Dude, you’re all out of bullets’
Open file 16135
US Politics
Chris Christie

Chris Christie torches Jared ... Chris Christie settles scores in 'Let Me Finish,' a memoir out Jan. 29
Open file 16136
Human Rights / Saudi Arabia
Womens Rights

Saudi Teen Fleeing Her Family Has Been Granted Asylum as 'Brave New Canadian'
Open file 16137
Accountancy Profession

Deloitte appoints Jarrod Baker to lead forensic investigations in Southeast Asia
Open file 16138
Global Health

[KCA-AidsGroup] WEST AFRICA: Global Fund financing gets greater oversight
Open file 16139
US Politics
The House is back in play!

Nancy Pelosi Is Done Enabling Trump and the GOP ... Pelosi understands the role she plays as a check on an out-of-control presidency, and this is only the first of many times we will see her play it.
Open file 16140
US Politics
Bright New Blood

Ocasio-Cortez Is on the Financial Services Committee, and Banks Are Afraid
Open file 16141
US Government
Andrew Wheeler / EPA

Andrew Wheeler answers senators' questions during his confirmation hearing to be the next administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency
Open file 16142
Action Network

Donald Trump’s government shutdown: ... Tell Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell to grow up! ... 'End the shutdown now.'
Open file 16143
The New Congress
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC)

In first floor speech, Ocasio-Cortez condemns Trump shutdown as ‘erosion of American democracy’ ... 'The truth is, this shutdown is about the erosion of American democracy and the subversion of our most basic governmental norms.'
Open file 16144
The New Congress
Ilhan Omar

Text of speach by Ilhan Omar on the floor of the House of Representatives
Open file 16145
US Politics
Mitch McConnell

Mitch McConnell fiddles for Trump while the nation burns
Open file 16146
Climate Science
The DeSmog Blog

The Dark Side forces of climate denial and industry-funded misinformation are strong these days in the public conversations about energy and global warming.
Open file 16147
The Right Stuff
Doing one's duty!

F-16 pilot was ready to give her life on Sept. 11 ... Heather Penney, heroic Sept. 11 F-16 pilot
Open file 16148
Food / Nutrition
Sustainable Living

Why we shouldn’t all be vegan
Open file 16149
UK Consumption
Changing Pattern

Consumerism in crisis as millennials stay away from shops
Open file 16150
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