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Happy Birthday

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Peter Burgess

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Status is online Messaging You are on the messaging overlay. Press enter to minimize it. Tap for popup settings Type to search for connections and conversations. Search Attention screen reader users, messaging items continuously update. Please use the tab and shift + tab keys instead of your up and down arrow keys to navigate between messaging items. Marco RIBEIROStatus is online Marco RIBEIRO Marco: Peter, Happy Birthday! 1 Brian Kim Brian Kim Brian: Happy birthday Peter. Hope you have a blessed day! 1 Wasim KhanStatus is online Wasim Khan Wasim: Happy birthday! 1 Dana AbbottStatus is online Dana Abbott Dana: Happy birthday! 1 Monika BainsStatus is online Monika Bains Monika: Happy Birthday & Happy New Year Peter! May the year bring you more success. On your special day, I wish you good luck. I hope this wonderful day will fill up your heart with joy and blessings. Have a fantastic birthday, celebrate the happiness on every day of your life 2 Andy QuinnStatus is online Andy Quinn Andy: Happy birthday! 2 David WrightStatus is online David Wright David: Happy birthday! 1 James Mendes James Mendes James: Happy birthday! 2 Gerard BushStatus is online Gerard Bush Gerard: Happy birthday! 1 Ndeye SeneStatus is online Ndeye Sene Ndeye: Happy birthday Peter!!! Hope you’re enjoying your day 🎂🎂🎂🎉🎉🎉 2 Karen GrableStatus is online Karen Grable Karen: Happy birthday! 1 Dan SpinerStatus is online Dan Spiner Dan: Happy birthday! 1 Eve A. Jones Eve A. Jones You: Hey ... I made it through another year !!!!!!!!! I am keeping myself amused by trying to figure out how the accountancy profession should engage with the world in the future and essentially how we can use the balance sheet / P&L account framing that is at the core of accounting to handle the triple bottom line (people, planet , and profit) and all the capitals (social, natural and economic). The ideas are coming together ... and I believe that done right this can be something of a game changer! Best wishes to you and Robin both. Prof. Olivier Chazoule MBA, LLMStatus is online Prof. Olivier Chazoule MBA, LLM Prof. Olivier: Happy birthday! 1 Marcel PoiréStatus is online Marcel Poiré Marcel: Joyeux anniversaire David PowellStatus is online David Powell David: Happy birthday Peter. All best wishes. David 2 Brad BaldiaStatus is online Brad Baldia Brad: Happy birthday! 1 Rogerio MendesStatus is reachable Rogerio Mendes Rogerio: Happy birthday! 1 Elizabeth Fish, SPHR, SHRM-SCPStatus is reachable Elizabeth Fish, SPHR, SHRM-SCP Elizabeth: Happy birthday! 1 Nichole Harris, M.A., MBAStatus is reachable Nichole Harris, M.A., MBA Nichole: Happy birthday! 1 Enzo CalamoStatus is reachable Enzo Calamo Enzo: Happy birthday! 1 Maxwell A. Teranen Maxwell A. Teranen Maxwell: Happy birthday, Peter! Enjoy your day :) 1 Brian ChapmanStatus is online Brian Chapman Brian: Happy birthday! 1 Thomas McPeekStatus is online Thomas McPeek Thomas: Happy birthday! 1 Brian Black Brian Black Brian: Happy birthday! 1 Wes Beach (L.I.O.N.)Status is online Wes Beach (L.I.O.N.) Wes sent a GIF Arif MoonStatus is online Arif Moon Arif: Happy birthday! 2 John A. Bourdon, DMStatus is reachable John A. Bourdon, DM John A.: Happy birthday! 1 Vija Gabranska Vija Gabranska Vija: Happy birthday! 1 Goran Kuckovic Goran Kuckovic Goran: Dear friends, join me, the benefit is mutual. By signing up for a link, you do the service to me and myself, who will not sign up by simply clicking on the link to be of use. Thank you. Visit the link: Welcome. Thank you. Mr. Goran Kuckovic. 3 Al Freeman Al Freeman Al: Happy birthday! 1 Anand Rangarajan Anand Rangarajan Anand: Happy birthday! 2 Barbara Clements Barbara Clements Barbara sent a GIF 2 Santosh Poojary Santosh Poojary Santosh: Happy birthday! 1 william reid william reid william: Happy birthday! 2 Rogier Fentener van VlissingenStatus is online Rogier Fentener van Vlissingen Rogier: Happy birthday! Didier D'Haese Didier D'Haese Didier sent an attachment 1 Joe Addison Joe Addison Joe: Happy birthday! 1 Jeremy CalgaroStatus is reachable Jeremy Calgaro Jeremy: Happy birthday! 1 Gary VarnellStatus is reachable Gary Varnell Gary: Happy birthday! 2 Carlos MolinaStatus is reachable Carlos Molina Carlos: Happy birthday! 3 Janet FeldmanStatus is reachable Janet Feldman Janet: Happy birthday! 1 J KStatus is reachable J K J: Happy birthday! 1 Al Vignolini - LION™Status is online Al Vignolini - LION™ Al: Happy birthday! 1 Yusuf HenriquesStatus is reachable Yusuf Henriques Yusuf: Happy birthday! 3 Ganesh KambleStatus is reachable Ganesh Kamble Ganesh: Happy birthday! 1 Franklin Cladwell Jr.Status is reachable Franklin Cladwell Jr. Franklin: Happy birthday Sir! Wishing you more and more prosperous years to come. Celebrate!!! 1 Abhaya Agarwal , HUMAN , INDIAN .Status is online Abhaya Agarwal , HUMAN , INDIAN . Abhaya sent 3 attachments 5 Tom DuffyStatus is reachable Tom Duffy Tom: Happy birthday! 2 Bob Keating Bob Keating Bob: Happy birthday! 1 Frank Flandinette-Media Promoter,Affiliate MktStatus is online Frank Flandinette-Media Promoter,Affiliate Mkt Frank: Happy birthday, Peter! 1 Michael Dexter-SmithStatus is reachable Michael Dexter-Smith Michael: Happy birthday! 1 Monday Ajabor Monday Ajabor Monday: Happy birthday! 2 Vinod Antony Vinod Antony Vinod: Happy birthday! 1 Tim Bradshaw Tim Bradshaw Tim: Happy birthday! 1 Bancha Kimavaha Bancha Kimavaha Bancha sent an attachment 2 Anuj B. Gopal Anuj B. Gopal Anuj: Happy birthday! 1 Frank WenninStatus is reachable Frank Wennin Frank: Happy birthday young man! Give a call 1 James NalepkaStatus is reachable James Nalepka James: Happy birthday! Happy New Year! 1 Nonso OkaforStatus is reachable Nonso Okafor Nonso: Happy birthday! 3 Howard StrauberStatus is reachable Howard Strauber Howard: Happy birthday! 2 Kathleen Connolly, PMPStatus is reachable Kathleen Connolly, PMP Kathleen: Happy Birthday Peter, may all your wishes come true. Best Regards, Kathleen 1 Nnamani IkechukwuStatus is reachable Nnamani Ikechukwu Nnamani: Happy birthday! 1 Steve SmithStatus is reachable Steve Smith Steve: Happy birthday! 1 Habib Elie ZaroubiStatus is online Habib Elie Zaroubi Habib Elie: Happy birthday! 1 Eugene SirianniStatus is online Eugene Sirianni Eugene: Happy birthday! 1 Arshia KhanStatus is reachable Arshia Khan Arshia: Happy birthday! 3 kevin barnard kevin barnard kevin: Happy birthday! 1 Aftab AlamStatus is reachable Aftab Alam Aftab: Happy birthday! 1 Gerald Strever Gerald Strever Gerald: Happy birthday! I hope you have an amazing day. 2 Chaheti Rawat Chaheti Rawat Chaheti: Happy birthday! Thanks and regards Chaheti Rawat | Founder Explainer Video Production Skype: whiteboard.animation Call/Whatsapp: +919950099076 1 Mahdi Saifi Mahdi Saifi Mahdi: Happy birthday! 3 Abhishek Mendiratta,PhD Abhishek Mendiratta,PhD Abhishek: Happy birthday! 2 Shruti Mishra Shruti Mishra Shruti: Happy birthday! 2 Abdul Basit Abdul Basit Abdul: Happy birthday! 1 Babu Balaraman Babu Balaraman Babu: Happy birthday! 2 Michael Roy Michael Roy Michael: Hope your special day brings you all that your heart desires! Happy Birthday Peter! 2 Nassar Mukasa Nassar Mukasa Nassar: Happy birthday! Cheers Nassar 1 Anudeep YallaStatus is reachable Anudeep Yalla Anudeep: Hi, wish you many more happy returns of the day, Happy birthday! 1 Kumar Vijay VjStatus is reachable Kumar Vijay Vj Kumar Vijay: Happy birthday! SIR 1 Sameer Kasimi Sameer Kasimi Sameer: Happy birthday! 1 Ardavan KordestaniStatus is reachable Ardavan Kordestani Ardavan: Happy birthday! 1 Alex Karnaos Alex Karnaos Alex: Happy birthday Peter,! Make sure you do everything you want to do today, I wish you the best day ever, Cheers Alex 1 NirbanBasu RStatus is reachable NirbanBasu R NirbanBasu: Hi Peter, Happy Birthday ! 'May your birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer.' Nirban Basu R 1 S J Vijay MRICSStatus is reachable S J Vijay MRICS S J: Happy birthday! 1 Salman AminStatus is reachable Salman Amin Salman: Happy birthday! 3 Sajjad Taherian Sajjad Taherian Sajjad: Happy birthday! 1 Anitha Dabbir Anitha Dabbir Anitha: Happy birthday! 1 Balakrishnan SStatus is reachable Balakrishnan S Balakrishnan: Happy birthday! 1 Leniya Mac Leniya Mac Leniya: Happy birthday! 1 Anil Kothiyal Anil Kothiyal Anil: Happy birthday! 1 Shubham Jain Shubham Jain Shubham: Happy birthday! 1 Ray Broncho Ray Broncho Ray: Happy birthday! 1 Greeshma Aithal Greeshma Aithal Greeshma: Happy birthday! 1 VARUN PARASHAR VARUN PARASHAR VARUN: Happy birthday! 1 DANIEL KURAUKA DANIEL KURAUKA DANIEL: Happy birthday!Nice meeting you. I am a WBG Consultant and CEO MK DANIEL Auditors. Kindly get me some audit jobs/assignments &refer me to your friends. 1 Gajendra PatidarStatus is online Gajendra Patidar Gajendra: Happy birthday! Rajkumar Prasad Rajkumar Prasad Rajkumar: Happy birthday! 4 Dr.pavani kadiyalaStatus is reachable Dr.pavani kadiyala Dr.pavani: Happy birthday! 2 Hamidreza BadripourStatus is online Hamidreza Badripour Hamidreza: Happy birthday to you dear Peter, this is your day so you may have a wonderful time. Hopefully all your sweet dreams come true in this year. Wishing you success at your job, healthy, happiness and prosperity as well. 1 Karl Knight Karl Knight Karl: Happy birthday! 1 Kevin T. ByrneStatus is reachable Kevin T. Byrne Kevin T.: Happy birthday! 1 Mendu Chakra Pani Mendu Chakra Pani Mendu: Happy birthday! 2 TP MalikStatus is reachable TP Malik TP: Happy birthday! 1 kishen aswathStatus is reachable kishen aswath kishen: Happy birthday! 1 Eleanor M. Pintor Eleanor M. Pintor Eleanor M.: Happy birthday! 1 Capt. GS Rathee Capt. GS Rathee Capt. GS: Happy birthday! 2 Samantha RatnayakeStatus is reachable Samantha Ratnayake Samantha: Happy birthday! 1 Mortuj Alam Mortuj Alam Mortuj: Happy birthday! 1 Dennis BondStatus is reachable Dennis Bond Dennis: Happy birthday! 1 Mark WithnellStatus is online Mark Withnell Mark: Happy birthday! 1 Matt Bunder Matt Bunder Matt: Happy Birthday Peter, have a sensational day!!! 1 Noriyuki Kochi Noriyuki Kochi Noriyuki: お誕生日おめでとうございます。 Happy birthday! 1 Bill Blackman Bill Blackman Bill Blackman is now a connection. 1 Edward Kingsley Edward Kingsley Edward: Hi, Peter 1 hongyuan Zhang hongyuan Zhang hongyuan Zhang is now a connection. Rahul M Rahul M Rahul: Hi Peter, Thank you for connecting with me on LinkedIn. TechIndia Software is a global full-cycle software development company with niche expertise and a focus on the latest technologies with incomparable cost effectiveness. The Services we offer: 1) Website design and development (WordPress, Joomla, PHP, CodeIgniter, Drupal) 2) E-commerce Development (Magento, Shopify, Woocommerce) 3) Digital Marketing Services (SEO, SMO, PPC, and others). If you have any requirements Please let me know We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks & regards, Rahul 1 Rishav KumarStatus is reachable Rishav Kumar Rishav: Hi Peter Burgess, If you want to grow traffic on your website & promote your business, we can help you with the following services: Website content SEO Articles & Blogs InfoGraphics Promo video Video Script Digital Marketing Website development Software/Mobile App development Graphic design Android/iOS development Thanks & Regards, Rishav Kumar Business Development Executive, WritersAdda (24/7 Quality Services) Email: Contact: +91 8210-551-254 / +91 9560-208-521 Website: 1 Billur Suu Billur Suu Billur: Hi Peter, I may come early to the service at the church. This one in Bora Bora, I befriended al woman and this lawn was my daily prayer ground Ricky Singh, MBAStatus is reachable Ricky Singh, MBA Ricky: 👍 1 Grace MensahStatus is online Grace Mensah Grace: Dont be surprise how i connect with you Peter i just decided to be stable on here and make new connection. I find your profile very interesting and i decided to text you for us to chat and know more about each other am sure you have no problem with that? Richards Peter Richards Peter Richards: I represent a good Investor as a financial consultant. We need a good and viable good Business Plan from a capable company all over the world My Principal Investor can invest on your behalf in a viable Project I feel great to contact you after going through your company profile If your company welcomes our business proposal both parties will meet face to face and have a round-table meeting together and after that the investor will visit you to see your project site in your country before putting down his fund After that a good documentation will be carried out between your company and the Investor If you are interested, get back to me as soon as possible. Email: Skype: zztsml Regards. Richards Peter Bhawna Sharma

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