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TVM Dialog List 1322
16051 - 16100

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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The Trump Presidency
More Chaos

James Mattis didn't simply resign, he pulled every fire alarm at the Pentagon on the way out
Open file 16051
Activism / MoveOn
Trump's government shutdown

Robert Reich ... I've seen shutdowns before. This time is different.
Open file 16052
Energy / Fracking
US Fracking Losing Money

Fracking in 2018: Another Year of Pretending to Make Money
Open file 16053
Capital Markets
Performance during 2018

Why The Stock Market Is Tanking. Why Things Are Going To Get Worse Unless We Reverse Trump's Damage
Open file 16054

Open file 16055
The Trump Presidency
Government Shutdown

Open file 16056
Country / China
The Question of Freedom

Letter from Beijing ... China’s Bizarre Program to Keep Activists in Check ... As part of “stability maintenance,” people the state considers troublemakers may be sent to jail—or sent on vacation.
Open file 16057
Capital Markets
How they work

Stumped by the stock market slump? Start by picturing a used car dealership
Open file 16058
The Trump Presidency
Trump's Government Shutdown

‘Trump is doomed’: Conservative blasts president and bluntly states his ‘presidency will end poorly’
Open file 16059
US Politics
Trump's Government Shutdown

This could stop congress from forcing shutdowns ... Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has the right idea
Open file 16060
US Politics
Immigration Issues

Opinion ... US immigration ... America only wants the 'best' immigrants, but would its own people pass the test?
Open file 16061
Region: Europe
Intellectual Divide

Milken Institute Forum ... European Values, Identity, and Politics in 2019
Open file 16062
Interesting Quora Questian

Q ... Is it true that the United States Army Special Forces can wipe the floor with any British special force unit?
A ... The British SAS would blow the Americans DELTA teams FOB up with them in it on their final briefing before any argy bargy even kicked off.
Open file 16063
The Trump Presidency
Totally Fake ... almost all lies

How do you pick a Trump lie of the year when there have been so many?
Open file 16064
International Affairs

The best way to scupper Putin and Trump? Scrap Brexit ... The autocratic Russian and US presidents see the UK leaving the EU as a vindication of their worldview
Open file 16065
Country: UK

Corbyn has given up on Europe. For the good of Britain, we cannot. As Labour subscribes to the government’s dangerous Brexit fantasies, a people’s vote is now the only way to ensure stability
Open file 16066
Climate Change
Better Politics in NOorth Carolina

After Back-to-Back Hurricanes, North Carolina Reconsiders Climate Change ... In a state where lawmakers once rejected sea level rise warnings, polls show a growing concern among residents and a desire for better policies.
Open file 16067
Climate Change
Urban Layout

R.I. Needs Vision that Connects Climate Change and Transportation Infrastructure
Open file 16068
Technology / Blockchain
A high growth arena

50+ Examples of How Blockchains are Taking Over the World
Open file 16069
Bloomberg News

Michelle Obama most popular / The perils of the Fed Chairman sitting down with the President
Open file 16070
The Future

Bonner & Partners ... predicting the future ... almost certianly the basis for some sort of scam
Open file 16071
Place / Cities
BeeSmartCity Initiative

Smart City Indicators: Six Strategic Fields of Action ... Following a holistic strategy is the pathway to becoming a truly smart city.
Open file 16072
Bee Smart Cities

A new paradigm or evolutionary stage of the smart city
Open file 16073
Initiative / Bee Smart City
Some of the essentials

Smart City Evolution: A Review of Becoming a Smart City
Open file 16074
Bee Smart City

Thomas Mueller ... Call for a Human-Centric Smart City Approach
Open file 16075
SPARE Open file 16076
SPARE Open file 16077
SPARE Open file 16078
Sustainable Prosperity
An idea whose time has come

Climate Change Is a $26 Trillion Growth Opportunity. 5 Business Models to Consider Today ... Shifting to a low-carbon economy in 5 key areas could create huge financial benefits and 65 million new jobs.
Open file 16079
The Trump Presidency
Negotiations with North Korea

North Koreans release humiliating video of incompetent Trump saluting North Korean general
Open file 16080
Impact Investing

ImpactAlpha ... Ten drivers of ‘impact alpha’
Open file 16081
Blockchain / Cryptocurrencies

The Year The Bitcoin Bubble Burst, In Charts... And What Comes Next
Open file 16082
Post Professional
Advertising by PwC

PAID POST FOR PWC ... Special isn't what you think
Open file 16083
International Economics

China: slowing economy and inequality force new priorities for rulers ... Leaders of world’s second-largest economy face some of their most difficult policy decisions in years in 2019
Open file 16084
Climate Change
Educational Opportunity

Play Video: Climate Change: Financial Risks and Opportunities ... Climate Change: Financial Risks and Opportunities | Imperial College Business School on edX
Open file 16085
SPARE Open file 16086
International Trade

Global trade is broken. Here are five ways to rebuild it
Open file 16087
Where is the Value?

SCIENTIFICCOIN — Blockchain platform for scientific projects with decentralized projects valuation
Open file 16088
The Trump Presidency
Democrat Jerrold Nadler of New York

There’s a new sheriff in town — and he’s already talking about Trump’s impeachment
Open file 16089
Complex conflicting interests

Ban impacts poor farmers ... Most affected: Oil palm smallholders worldwide who plant the crop as a route out of poverty will be hit by British supermarket chain Iceland Foods’ move to ban palm oil products from its own-brand range.
Open file 16090
Corporate Misinformation
Big Oil

Big Oil Front Group’s Affiliation With Labor Groups Questioned
Open file 16091
Importance of Rare Earths

Japan finds a huge cache of scarce rare-earth minerals ... Japan looks to replace China as the primary source of critical metals
Open file 16092
The Trump Presidency
Trump's Government Shut Down

Trump White House wasn't prepared for a shutdown—and still isn't prepared for what's coming
Open file 16093
US politics
Nancy Pelosi

Finally, a major U.S. government body is being led by someone definitively NOT under Putin's thumb
Open file 16094
US Policy Options
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Ocasio-Cortez wants higher taxes on very rich Americans. Here’s how much money that could raise.
Open file 16095
Plastic in the Environment

This 12-year-old built an underwater robot to fight plastic pollution
Open file 16096
Automated Banking

How and Why We Built Eno’s NLP In-House
Open file 16097
The Trumps Presidency
False Hope and Lies

Former miners slam Trump for giving ‘false hope’ about coal jobs returning: ‘He’s lying to them’
Open file 16098
US Politics
GOP and Guns

RNC’s Kayleigh McEnany has a furious meltdown after former Republican points out all the Americans killed by guns
Open file 16099
Open file 16100
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