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TVM Dialog List 1314
15651 - 15700

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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Part of my feed

There is more to life than money
Open file 15651
#MetToo / Brett Kavanaugh
The Supreme Court of the USA should not be a political football

I am Christine Blasey Ford ... arguably every women on the planet has had some experience like that of Christine Blasey Ford
Open file 15652

Olinga Taeed in 2015 ... Impact Analysis currency for Legislative Compliance and Procurement
Open file 15653
People / Connections
Frank Wennin

Some links passed to TPB/TVM by Frank Wenning September 2018
Open file 15654
People / Tought Leaders
Tom Friedman

Tom Friedman’s Take on Technology and Accelerated Modern Life
Open file 15655
Verizon System Quality
Complaint System does not function

Signal Concern Resolution ... If you recently received a text message from us regarding a service ticket, this video contains resolution details.
Open file 15656
Technology / Voice Activation
Amazon Alexa

Making sense of Amazon’s Alexa spaghetti strategy
Open file 15657
Marketing in the age of Social Media

Brands as Publishers ... NewsCred White Paper
Open file 15658
Columbia University / September 2018

13th Annual Columbia International Investment Conference: “Rethinking International Investment Governance: Principles for the 21st Century”
Open file 15659
International Development
Legal Framework

Sam Szoke-Burke ... New Guides Help Communities Avoid Exploitative Contracts
Open file 15660
People: Linus Torvalds
Founder of Linux

Torvalds Steps Back From Linux Kernel 4.19 Leadership
Open file 15661
Personal Finance
Good Money Habits

4 Money Habits I’ll Teach My Newborn Daughter
Open file 15662
The Trump Presidency
UNGA 2018

Trump is laughed at by the world
Open file 15663
The Trump Presidency

Rod Rosenstein Chaos; Trump Attacks Kavanaugh's Accuser: A Closer Look
Open file 15664
The Trump Presidency
Trump at the UN General Assembly 2018

Full Speech: Trump at the UN general assembly - BBC News
Open file 15665
TPB note

How it can be fixed
Open file 15666
Engineering and Technology

Great Planes Boeing 707 Documentary
Open file 15667
Russian Navy

Grim Future For Russia’s Nuclear Sub Fleet
Open file 15668
The Trump Presidency
UNGA 2018

United Nations Diplomats Confirm They Were Laughing at Trump During His Ridiculous Speech: Report It was a humiliating moment for the president.
Open file 15669
People / ACCA
Some people associated with ACCA

ACCA ... Some people associated with ACCA
Open file 15670
US Government
Supreme Court

Will Kavanaugh Be Forced to Recuse Himself From Political Cases After His Charged Remarks? ... There’s no mechanism to compel him to do so—and the reputation of the courts may suffer as a result.
Open file 15671
Supreme Court
Kavanaugh Cinfirmation Hearing

There’s a Better Way to Interview Sexual Assault Survivors. We Didn’t See It Thursday. ... Trauma-informed interviews help victims feel comfortable and elicit more details for investigators.
Open file 15672
Supreme Court
Kavanaugh Nomination

George W. Bush Is Still Bad ... Even though he gave Michelle Obama candy.
Open file 15673
Supreme Court
The Brett Kavanaugh Confirmation

More Brett Kavanaugh Classmates Are Saying He Lied to Congress ... He misrepresented his drinking habits and a yearbook entry.
Open file 15674
A better World Wide Web

Exclusive: Tim Berners-Lee tells us his radical new plan to upend the World Wide Web
Open file 15675
Sierra Club

16 days to save the Tongass ... Congress and the Trump administration are ready to open the Tongass to Big Timber's chainsaws and bulldozers.
Open file 15676
RootsAction Education Fund

We’re proud to announce the launch of The Project for Accountability -- to be coordinated by CIA whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling.
Open file 15677

The Education Commission / Investing in Knowledge Sharing to Advance SDG 4
Open file 15678
US Politics
The Kavanaugh hearing

As Survivors Nationwide Express Gratitude for Ford's 'Courage,' Power of Her Testimony Declared 'Disaster for Republicans'
Open file 15679
Supreme Court
The Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearing

In Stark Contrast to Ford's Measured Appearance, Kavanaugh Falls Apart With 'Rage, Terror, and Fear' on National TV ... 'This is the face of a man who is facing consequences for his actions for the first time in his life. At age 53.'
Open file 15680
Internet / WWW

One Small Step for the Web ... People want to have a web they can trust. People want apps that help them do what they want and need to do — without spying on them.
Open file 15681
Internet / WWW

Interesting Facts About The Internet You Really Need To Know ... 29 Awesome Internet Facts
Open file 15682
Technology / Innovation
Synchrono Manufacturing Software

What are the top production-related metrics you would most like to improve?
Open file 15683
Rule of Law
Ouch .... does not apply to America

Umair Haque ... How America Became the Incredible and Jaw-Dropping Laughingstock of the World ... What Happens When You Refuse to Join the World — and Tell the World to Join You in Collapse?
Open file 15684
Social Value
Consumer Surplus

Treat Social Media Like Email and Search Engines ... Imagine a portable profile that we could take seamlessly from one provider to another
Open file 15685

GE ousts CEO John Flannery as it announces $23b writedown
Open file 15686
Federal Government
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)

Patrice Ficklin, director of the CFPB’s fair lending office yanks support for political appointee over past writings
Open file 15687
Money Supply

Money Supply, M0, M3, M4 and Inflation from Tejvan Pettinger
Open file 15688
Technology: Aircraft
Boeing 747

50 years of the Boeing 747: How the ‘queen of the skies’ reigned over air travel
Open file 15689
Connection: ... Marriah Raphael Star
An update ... summer 2018

Marriah Raphael Star ... some lessons from life ... getting educated ... reaching out to education in China, and now in Tucson
Open file 15690
US Democracy
Three Independent Branches of Government

How the US Supreme Court Lost Its Legitimacy
Open file 15691
US Official Action is negative ... but others are progressing

A Strong Wave of Hope in a Sea of Fear ... Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco. Governor Brown, Michael Bloomberg and an inspiring group pf other climate leaders
Open file 15692
USA Foreign Policy
NAFTA replacement

New NAFTA deal omits climate change, and hands oil and gas yet another win
Open file 15693
Extreme Weather

Weathering the next Florence ... How should we prepare for a future filled with dangerous storms? Grist talked to experts for ideas on building resilient communities.
Open file 15694
Materials / Life Cycle Analysis
Concrete Sustainability

With buildings and infrastructure, it pays to take a life-cycle perspective ... Concrete Sustainability Hub research shows life-cycle thinking has long-term environmental and economic payoffs.
Open file 15695
People and Linkedin Connections
Sandra Genee

Director Partnerships & Business Development at Gold Standard
Open file 15696
US Trade Policy

How is ‘new NAFTA’ different? A trade expert explains
Open file 15697
October 2018

Alternet ... AlterNet Newsletter ... TODAY'S TOP STORIES - October 2, 2018
Open file 15698
The Climate System

How Feedback Loops Are Driving Runaway Climate Change
Open file 15699
SPARE Open file 15700
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