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75 years of thought leadership

This year marks a very important milestone - ACCA's 75th anniversary of thought leadership. From the formation of the technical advisory committee in 1943, through years of innovative research, to today's professional insight team.
Open file 15601
Politics UK
Boorish Johnson, Domestic Terrorist

Do the disgusting comments Boris Johnson hurled at Theresa May finally mark the end of Boris Johnson’s career in British politics? Might emigration to Trump’s America be his only option?
Open file 15602
Technology / Transport / High Speed Rail
Global Progress

“Just The Facts” Series ... High Speed Rail: China’s Massive High-Speed Rail Network ... Europe’s High-Speed Rail Leaders ... The State of U.S. High-Speed Rail ... Japan’s High-Speed Rail
Open file 15603
Low cost ... high performance

How Cuba Became a Biopharma Juggernaut ... Cuba’s entirely state-owned biopharmaceutical industry has been remarkably successful, and can serve as a model for other nations
Open file 15604
Economic Growth
Good for profits, sometimes good for society but almost always bad for the environment

ICAEW ... Economic Insight South-East Asia Q3 2018. South-East Asia’s GDP growth to cool amid rising trade tensions.
Open file 15605
Financing the SDGs
GIIN ... Global Impact Investors Network

Financing the Sustainable Development Goals: Impact Investing in Action
Open file 15606
NGO Expo ... 24-25 September 2018 ... ​New York United States​

NGO Expo is a leading Global Showcase Event for Professionals in Nonprofit and Development sector
Open file 15607
NGO Expo 2018

Your free invite for NGO Expo 2018 Global NGOs and Nonprofit Conference in New York City
Open file 15608
Climate Change / Extreme Weather
Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence’s Unusual Extremes Worsened by Climate Change, Scientists Say ... Researchers estimate the storm’s rainfall forecast is 50 percent higher because of warmer oceans and more moisture in the atmosphere brought by global warming.
Open file 15609
Extreme Risk
Industrial Waste

In Hurricane Florence’s Path: Giant Toxic Coal Ash Piles ... The toxic waste from coal-burning power plants contains arsenic and heavy metals. Days of torrential rain and flooding could weaken and collapse the impoundments.
Open file 15610
Climate Change
The funding of denial

How Big Oil Lost Control of Its Climate Misinformation Machine ... One of the longest and most consequential campaigns against science in modern history is becoming more extreme—and turning against its originators.
Open file 15611
The Trump Economy

The Trump Economy Is on the Path for Another Financial Crisis — And It's Likely to Be Even Worse This Time ... Ten years after Lehman Brothers’ collapse, the Wall Street casino is running amok.
Open file 15612
The Trump Presidency
A dangerous agenda

Bob Woodward: 'People better wake up to what's going on' in the Oval Office (MSNBC)
Open file 15613
The Trump Presidency
A dangerous agenda

Bob Woodward: 'People better wake up to what's going on' in the Oval Office (CBS News)
Open file 15614
Issue / Conversation
The Future of Accountancy

David Powell / Peter Burgess
Open file 15615
Technology ... Aircraft
Boeing 707

Pan American Boeing 707 Promo Film - 1959
Open file 15616
Technology ... Aircraft
Boeing 707

Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet Documentary - 1990
Open file 15617
Climate / Exteme Weather
Flooding / Pollution

Will Hurricane Florence Flood North Carolina Factory Farms and Manure Pits?
Open file 15618
US Cities In the Forefront

4 Groundbreaking Announcements From the Global Climate Action Summit
Open file 15619
Land Use
Barrier Islands

Barrier islands protect coasts from storms, but are vulnerable too
Open file 15620
US Programs / Climate Change
Flood Insurance

John Oliver explains why our federal system for financing flood recovery perpetuates a pattern of destruction and why you should never offer a tortilla chip to a seagull.
Open file 15621
Technology / Aircraft
Aircraft and Communications Technology

Interesting Video About Flight in the 60s
Open file 15622
Technology / Aircraft
Air Traffic Control

United Douglas DC-8 - 'Chicago to Los Angeles' - 1963 ... about the Federal Air Traffice Control System in the 1960s
Open file 15623
Technology / Aircraft
The AngloFrench Concorde

Video ... BBC Timewatch - Concorde
Open file 15624
Supply Chain
Palm Oil

Palm oil, this is big ... PepsiCo and Nestle still work with irresponsible palm oil supply chain companies ... SumOfUs aims to force the RSPO to suspend Indofood ... REPSA (Guatamala) already dropped by Nestle
Open file 15625
Climate Change
California Summit

The Global Climate Action Summit (GCAS), live blog September 2018
Open file 15626
Trade and Wages
US / Maxico

Trump and the Minimum Wage: How to Trade with Mexico ... The Trump trade deal with Mexico is, in a smaller way for now, another of those rare Nixon in China moments. It has the potential to alter the arc of contemporary history.
Open file 15627
Mariana Mazzucato ... University College London

Who Really Creates Value in an Economy?
Open file 15628
Awash in Liquidity

The Global Economy’s Fundamental Weakness
Open file 15629
The Great Recession

The Global Economy Ten Years After
Open file 15630
Technology / Social Media
Out of Control

Russia’s 2016 Facebook Strategy Exposed in Trove of 3,500 Ads
Open file 15631
People / William Rees-Mogg

William Rees-Mogg, Lord Rees-Mogg, journalist and writer, born 14 July 1928; died 29 December 2012
Open file 15632
Jacob Rees-Mogg

Jacob Rees-Mogg on Breitbart: 'I like Trump!', Libertarian, The British Empire & God
Open file 15633
Economy / Economic Forecasts
Middle East

Economic Insight: Middle East ... The ICAEW Economic Insight: Middle East, is a quarterly economic forecast for the region prepared directly for the finance profession.
Open file 15634
Economy / Economic Forecasts
Greater China

Economic Insight: Greater China ... ICAEW Economic Insight: Greater China is a quarterly economic forecast for the finance profession, produced by Oxford Economics.
Open file 15635
Issue / Book
American Prison

Shane Bauer ... An undercover look at America’s private prison system
Open file 15636
Burgess ... Misc
Survey example

Abeloff Service Survey ... September 2018
Open file 15637
People ... Speakers
Sustainability Presentations

TBL Conference in Washington ... list for speakers in 2018 and 2017
Open file 15638
People ... Speakers
Sustainability Presentations

TBL Conference in Washington ... list for speakers in 2017 with pictures
Open file 15639
People ... Speakers
Sustainability Presentations

TBL Conference in Washington ... list for speakers in 2018 with pictures
Open file 15640
New School ... September 24, 2018

Climate Action and Clean Cookstoves: Lessons Learnt and Opportunities
Open file 15641
US politics

Davos For Fascists ... At The Gateway Pundit’s far-right confab, Western chauvinism is the only idea that matters.
Open file 15642
The Purpose of Life is Love

In Just 10 Words, This Former CEO of a Billion-Dollar Company Explains the Purpose of Life Sometimes the simplest things are the most profound.
Open file 15643
US Economy

Washington Post / The Finance 202: America is richer than ever but most Americans aren't. It's the GOP's economic quandary.
Open file 15644
Climate Change
Ineffective Dialog

Policies, Not Science Debates, the Real Problem in the Climate Change Battle ... Current policies that address climate change cost more than the actual problem.
Open file 15645
People: Chris Macrae
Mapping Multiple Ideas

Reflections on 10 years of Bangladesh, BRAC and multiple initiatives
Open file 15646
People: Chris Macrae
Mapping High Level people

UN WOMENS job creation agent at
Open file 15647
People: Chris Macrae
Mapping High Level discussions

UNwomens - can 2 women and 5 men truly change the UN
Open file 15648
AI applied in healthcare

How a Tiny Community Hospital Deployed AI to Reduce Costs and Enhance Patient Outcomes .. the case of Flagler Hospital in St. Augustine FL
Open file 15649
Quality of Life
Role of Technology and Applied Hope

Tom Friedman’s Take on Technology and Accelerated Modern Life
Open file 15650
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