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TVM Dialog List 1308
15351 - 15400

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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Princess Elizabeth Bagaya of Toro

Vintage Muse du Jour: Princess Elizabeth of Toro
Open file 15351
Princess Elizabeth Bagaya of Toro

Open file 15352
USA / Economy
Obama wins, hands down!

There Is No Trump Economic “Record” ... The Market is Doing Fine, but it Did Better Under Obama
Open file 15353
People / Sustainability
Andrew Winston

TEDx presentation by Andrew Winston in 2014
Open file 15354
Engineering / Technoogy
Jet Engines

Open file 15355
Energy / Emissions ... Climate and Environment
Emerging Technology

Will Carbon Capture Technology Be the New Answer for Energy Production?
Open file 15356
Oil Price Economics

RMI ... The Oil Price Roller Coaster ... information from 2015
Open file 15357
People / Ghana
Mr Ken Ofori-Atta

Mr Ken Ofori-Atta has assumed office as Ghana’s Finance Minister after having been sworn-in on January 27, 2017, by his Excellency the President.
Open file 15358
People / Ghana
Ken Ofori Atta

Ken Ofori Atta most ‘dangerous’ person to Ghana’s financial future – Adongo
Open file 15359
People / Ghana
Ken Ofori Atta

Family And Friends Government: Ken Ofori Atta’s Takeover Of Public Financial Sector Revealed
Open file 15360
Act locally

For some seniors, a cultural shift and a vital volunteerism ... Nauset Neighbors, a grass-roots network of seniors dedicated to helping other seniors live independently.
Open file 15361
How harmful?

Alcohol is the most widely used drug in the world, including in the United States.
Open file 15362
Biodiversity / Fauna
Mass extinction

AVAAZ ... The planet in crisis // Sign the global campaign for nature // Scientists call for a Paris-style agreement to save life on Earth
Open file 15363
Student Debt

Been Down So Long It Looks Like Debt to Me ... An American family’s struggle for student loan redemption
Open file 15364
Finance / Consumer Finance
Payday Lending

Can a New Kind of Payday Lender Help the Poor? ... Oakland’s Community Check Cashing offers an unusual alternative for the underbanked.
Open file 15365

Technology Why Are Young Billionaires So Boring? An earlier generation of American CEOs had to scramble to survive, but it’s harder than ever to build something from nothing.
Open file 15366

from Asia Unbound ... China’s Strategy in Djibouti: Mixing Commercial and Military Interests
Open file 15367
Company: UPS
Sustainability Reporting

Latest UPS Sustainability Report Shares Stories of Innovation and Progress
Open file 15368
Event: UN Habitat
At the New School July 2018

Open file 15369
US poltics / Racism
Too much hate

CA Prosecutor, Michael Selyem, calls for Maxine Waters to be shot /// Tell San Bernardino District Attorney Mike Ramos: Fire Michael Selyem now!
Open file 15370
Events / July 17, 2018
Millennium Hilton Hotel - Manhattan Conference Room at 3 pm

Raised Hands - People, Cities and WASH: Global Alliance for Social and Behaviour Change
Open file 15371
Climate Activism

SEPTEMBER 8, 2018 - A GLOBAL DAY OF ACTION ... Climate leader­ship rises from the grass­roots up.
Open file 15372
Fossil Fuels

Irish parliament makes history with vote to divest country fully from fossil fuels ... Ireland becomes the first country voting to fully divest itself from fossil fuel companies responsible for the climate crisis.
Open file 15373
Country: Russian Federation
Projection of Military Power

Russia Is Building $320 Million Icebreakers to Carve New Arctic Routes ... The 1,000-foot-long vessels for hauling liquefied natural gas can cut through ice up to 7 feet thick.
Open file 15374
Company: Kimberley-Clark

Sustainability: Moving Beyond Just Marketing ... presentation from Kimberly-Clark
Open file 15375
Metrics for Water

Context-Based Water Metrics: What Makes Them Meaningful
Open file 15376
Aviation / Aircraft
The Boeing 777x

Video: Why Don't U.S CARRIERS ORDER the 777x? Analysis from Dj's Aviation
Open file 15377
Aviation / Aircraft
The Airbus A380

Video: Is the A380 a FAILURE? Analysis from Dj's Aviation
Open file 15378

WORLD NEWS ... Exclusive: Eritrea reduces support for al Shabaab - U.N. report
Open file 15379
Region: Horn of Africa
Ethiopia / Eritrea

Former sworn enemies Ethiopia and Eritrea have declared end of war
Open file 15380
Investigative Journalism

The making and breaking of the West Africa Leaks ... Inside the biggest media collaboration in the region's history, exposing the offshore dealings of the rich and powerful.
Open file 15381
The British NHS

An article written by Norman Macrae ... Better care at one eighth the cost?. The Economist (London, England), Saturday, April 28, 1984; pg. 23; Issue 7339.
Open file 15382
Technology / Data Processing
The Role of Algorithms

Open file 15383
Country: India / Assam
Avaaz / Human Rights Activism

In a few days India plans to delete up to 7 million Muslims from its list of citizens and later throw them in prison camps.
Open file 15384
Mogul News Insights

Welcome to the first issue of Mogul News Insights. We announced Mogul News last week and the reaction we have had has been great, with over 40,000 people registered for early access already.
Open file 15385
US Economy
Massive Inequality

Tomgram: Rajan Menon, The Wages of Poverty in America ... National (In)Security in the USA of Inequality
Open file 15386
Aerospace Engineering
The Kourou Launch Facility, Guyanne Francaise

European Space Programme and the selection of Kourou as the location for the launch facility
Open file 15387
Human Rights
UN looks at the USA ... visit of UN Special Reporter

Statement by Professor Philip Alston, UN Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights*
Open file 15388
More wealth means more unsustainability

As Tech Empire Ravages Environment, Wealth Cannot Protect Silicon Valley From Climate Change
Open file 15389

Something about the InSpring initiative ... its founders and its visions
Open file 15390
Understating the problem

Global Temperature Projections Could Double as the World Burns
Open file 15391
Metrics / Sustainability
The Remarkable Rise Of ESG

The Remarkable Rise Of ESG ... but the TVM view is that the progress is way too slow, and the level of global unsustainability continues to rise catastrophically
Open file 15392
UK Military Strategy
Air Power

U.K. Unveils ‘Tempest’ Fighter Jet Model for Post-Brexit Era ... Government awards 2 billion pounds for project through 2025 ... BAE Systems, Rolls Royce, MBDA, Leonardo involved in program
Open file 15393
Sports /// Immigration
A lot of good on display at the World Cup

The French World Cup Win and the Glories of Immigration
Open file 15394
Jobs / Employment
Role of Self-Employment

The boss of me: myths and truths of self-employment ... While self-employment may not be the labour market remedy some want to believe, new research is revealing its global prevalence and intergenerational roots.
Open file 15395
Energy: South Africa
Coal / Water / Electricity

A report from the Life After Coal campaign calls for uncounted costs to South Africa’s water resources to be accounted for in the Integrated Resource Plan (IRP).
Open file 15396
Ocean Pollution
Microplastics in Antarctica

Pristine Antarctic fjords contain similar levels of microplastics to open oceans near big civilisations
Open file 15397
Kurt Masur

Kurt Masur: The powerful political influence of one of the last great maestros ... German conductor and humanitarian honoured in Google Doodle
Open file 15398
Energy Economics
Coal jobs -v- Renewables jobs

The Renewable Energy Jobs Myth ... One of the largest myths about addressing climate change is that transitioning to renewable energy from fossil fuels (especially coal) will create a net loss of American jobs.
Open file 15399
Open file 15400
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