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Company: Kimberley-Clark

Sustainability: Moving Beyond Just Marketing ... presentation from Kimberly-Clark


Peter Burgess

Sustainability: Moving Beyond Just Marketing

Over 600 labels worldwide are dispatched with some sort of eco-benchmark, making eco-confusion and eco-distrust at an all-time high. The challenge is not getting people to understand the importance of protecting our planet (they already do!). It's about transforming their idealism into brand action. Action, where deeper investments in powerful partnerships that drive real change need to be the focus versus jumping to anthem marketing campaigns. Join Kimberly-Clark and XPrize as they introduce a new cutting edge partnership that intersects business with sustainability to innovation, crowdsource and incentive competitions designed to deliver 'moon-shot' innovations for our Planet and Environment.

Jay Gottleib, President, Family Care North America, Kimberly-Clark

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