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TVM Dialog List 1304
15151 - 15200

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Company: Gulton
Some History

Gulton, Inc: … A brief history of the company from owner, Om Srivastava
Open file 15151
Technology / Blockchain
Supply Chain / Fisheries

Moral Food: A Fish's Trek From 'Bait to Plate' on the Ethereum Blockchain
Open file 15152
Technology / Blockchain
Sustainable Fish

Are You Eating Sustainable Fish? Blockchain May Provide the Answer
Open file 15153
Modern Slavery
Not much of a priority

The balance is shifting ... A unified global approach to modern slavery legislation is some way off, but the trends in what companies must do to stay ahead of regulation and maintaining best practice are clear
Open file 15154
USA / Volunteering
Going Down

College kids want to save the world, just don’t ask them to volunteer ... A new report finds that the number of college students volunteering has hit an all-time low.
Open file 15155
Products: Solar Panels
Carbon Footprint

The Carbon Footprint of Solar Panels Manufacturing
Open file 15156
Products / Solar Panels

Solar Energy Isn’t Always as Green as You Think ... Do cheaper photovoltaics providing solar energy come with a higher environmental price tag?
Open file 15157
Products / Solar Panels

Emissions from Photovoltaic Life Cycles ... Analysis of material and energy flows in all life stages of photovoltaics shows that 90% of air emissions associated with electricity generation could be prevented if electricity from photovoltaics displaces electricity from the grid.
Open file 15158
Country / Mexico
Some history

Why didn't Mexico join Germany in WW1 against the US? It would have opened up a front to attack the US.
Open file 15159
Price and Value

Inclusive Growth Framework Future of Economic Progress ... Capitalism's greatest weakness? It confuses price with value
Open file 15160
Beyond GDP

Good-bye, GDP. Hello, six-part balance sheet? Time for an overhaul? GDP fails to capture many important aspects of our well-being
Open file 15161
Huge cost and value destruction

The Cost of War at the End of an Empire ... The other war survivors in the US are victims of a lethal machine designed to extract maximum profit for as long as possible, as are their brothers and sisters in the cold ground, as are the murdered civilians in Asia and the Middle East, as are we all.
Open file 15162
Tommy Robinson

Right-wing activist Tommy Robinson reportedly jailed after filming outside child grooming trial
Open file 15163
US Healthcare
Another part of the bureacratic swamp

Department Of Justice, CVS Caremark, Fraud And Whistleblowers
Open file 15164
CDL, the Singapore-based, global real estate company.

CDL Integrates ESGs into Strategy and Practices
Open file 15165
How Ocean Sustainability will constribute

How Industry Collaboration Can Create a Sea Change in Ocean Sustainability ... WEBINAR June 5, 2018 1 PM EST | 10 AM PST
Open file 15166
People, Planet AND Profit
A report by Ernst and Young

Businesses that want to survive in the long term understand the imperative of measuring and valuing their natural, social and human capital today. Sally Percy reports on initiatives that can help them do so.
Open file 15167
Natural Capital
The Natural Capital Coalition

Dear George, We Cannot Take A Monoculture Approach to the Conservation of the Natural World
Open file 15168

To get a grip on altruism, see humans as molecules
Open file 15169
Corporate Responsibility

Why Your Company Should Be More Socially Responsible
Open file 15170
Capital Markets
High Frequency Trading

Liquidity Crisis Looming ... High Frequency Trading poses a risk of unanticipated instability when macro conditions are unusual
Open file 15171
Complexity of Accents

Dear Alexander Zverev, here’s what to say in Yorkshire after a double fault
Open file 15172
Technology / Blockchain / Cryptocurrency
Basic Income / SwiftDemand

Cryptocurrencies and Basic Income: What is SwiftDemand?
Open file 15173
Vacation Travel
Ocean Cruises

Luxury Travel / Where Do Old Cruise Ships Go to Die? / Often, they head to Havana. But first, a facelift.
Open file 15174
People / Jordan Peterson
Canadian academic (philosopher)

Jordan Peterson says don’t try to be happy: “We are here to suffer, so learn to suffer like a man”
Open file 15175
People / Jordan Peterson
Canadian academic (philosopher)

Is Jordan Peterson the philosopher of the fake news era?
Open file 15176
Urban Living
Cost of Commuting

Mobility pricing relieves congestion, helps people breathe easier
Open file 15177
USA Violence / Gangs

MS13 in the Americas: Major Findings / a report
Open file 15178
Land: Farmland
From farmland to development

In Less Than One Generation, We’ve Lost More Than 10 Million Acres of the Best U.S. Farmland
Open file 15179
Rural America

About 'Rural America' ... Rural America is home to families numbering 63 million people, 16 percent of the U.S. population. Those families are spread out over 72 percent of the country’s land ar
Open file 15180
Electicity Generation / Pollution
Fly Ash

Big Coal Is Using This Small Oklahoma Town as a Toxic Waste Dump ... Now residents are fighting back.
Open file 15181
Women's Issues
Abortion Choice

Why Ireland’s “Yes” Vote on Abortion Changes Everything / The historic vote to enshrine reproductive rights is the result of decades of organizing by Irish women—and its impact will be felt in countries across the globe.
Open file 15182
The Trump Presidency
Massive Damage to the 'American' brand

Justin Trudeau Just Slammed “Insulting and Unacceptable” Trump Trade Behavior The Canadian PM called Trump’s rationale factually inaccurate.
Open file 15183
Opiod Marketing

“Behave More Sexually:” How Big Pharma Used Strippers, Guns, and Cash to Push Opioids According to recently unsealed whistleblower lawsuits.
Open file 15184
Sustainable Development
Socio-Enviro-Economics System

Community and Environment ... Relationship between environmental, social and economic elements of development (I)
Open file 15185
Place: Stockton / Mayor Michael Tubbs
Universal Basic Income

The youngest mayor in America is set to experiment with a universal basic income
Open file 15186
Economic Update
Richard D. Wolff

Richard D. Wolff ... Economic Update: Capitalism Makes Few Winners, Many Losers
Open file 15187
Common Courtesy

What is the best way to honor a military veteran in a casual conversation? I saw on a PBS show called 'Going to War' that saying 'thank you for your service' makes some war veterans uncomfortabl
Open file 15188
Financial Trends
Climate Change Risk

Bank of England urged to act on lenders’ climate change risks ... Hedge fund manager Christopher Hohn calls for strict rules and greater disclosure
Open file 15189
Finance / Technology
Basic Income

Fast Company ... Can Basic Income Plus The Blockchain Build A New Economic System?
Open file 15190
Blockchain: Universal Basic Income

Greg Kerr ... Blockchain: Universal Basic Income
Open file 15191
CAM Events 180605
Joseph Kanon (Trinity 1968) in conversation with Liaquat Ahamed (Trinity 1971).

All alumni and friends are invited to an evening with New York Times Best Selling author Joseph Kanon (Trinity 1968) in conversation with Pulitzer Prize winner Liaquat Ahamed (Trinity 1971).
Open file 15192
Shared Thoughts
Frank Wennin

Thank you Frank ... Some thoughts about the progress and performance of a community
Open file 15193
Carbon Footprint
Carbon cost of Travel

Summer time! Travel time! Time for a trip! A nice long vacation! You deserve it! ... Unfortunately, your big fun trip comes with a big ol’ carbon impact — even bigger than we
Open file 15194
US Recreation
National Parks

Our National Parks belong to everyone. So why are they so white?
Open file 15195
Death in the Mediterranean

Nameless and Un-Mourned: Identifying Migrant Bodies in the Mediterranean
Open file 15196
Migration / Human Trafficking
Modern Slavery / Systemic Dysfunction

How Nigerian Migrant Ruined Her Parents’ Livelihood With Failed Prostitution Trip To France
Open file 15197
Arcane and Inefficient Part of the Financial Market

Technology ... Blockchain Shows Leveraged Loans a Path to the 21st Century
Open file 15198
Cryptocurrencies / US Taxation
Many issues: Capital gains and Foreign Transactions

This pressing question about cryptocurrencies still has no answer ... The IRS has defined cryptocurrencies as property, meaning no matter where you buy your digital coins, you'll pay taxes at your capital gains rate.
Open file 15199
Open file 15200
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