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TVM Dialog List 1305
15201 - 15250

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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Powerful Wealthy People
David Koch

David Koch abruptly steps away from both his business and political positions
Open file 15201
Technology / Space
Space-X innovation / Soviet era reliability

SpaceX flings SES-12 satellite into orbit, but would-be lunar tourists should probably unpack Meanwhile, Russia brings three ISS crew safely home yet again
Open file 15202
Software /Corporate Consolidation
Micrsoft acquires GitHub

Software ... Microsoft commits: We're buying GitHub for $7.5 beeeeeeellion // GitHub 365, anyone? Guys?
Open file 15203
US Politics / Obama
Book from Ben Rhodes

Witnessing the Obama Presidency, from Start to Finish ... Ben Rhodes was the President’s speechwriter, foreign-policy adviser, and confidant. His book records the Administration’s struggle to shape its own narrative.
Open file 15204
Company: Disney
Their payroll

Disney is raking in massive profits. But what about its employees?
Open file 15205
Institute for New Economic Thinking

Some of the INET initiatives to change the trajectory of economic thinking
Open file 15206
Economics / Economists
A big part of the modern socio-enviro-economic problem

Breaking the Stranglehold of the Orthodoxy in Economics ... Introducing INET’s body of work on dysfunctions in research evaluation, Rob Johnson shows how breaking academic conformity is vital for the economics profession—and the economy itself.
Open file 15207
INET for the upcoming G20 in Argentina

Research Evaluation in Economic Theory and Policy: Identifying and Overcoming Institutional Dysfunctions
Open file 15208
Hurricanes are slowing down

Hurricanes are slowing down, wreaking havoc on coastal communities
Open file 15209
The Trump Presidency
The Woes of Michael Cohen

Open file 15210
Trump Administration / EPA
Climate Denial

EPA's Running Out of Time to Produce Any Documents That Back Up Pruitt's Climate Denial
Open file 15211
Extredme Weather

2017 Broke Records for Number of Flooded Days on U.S. Coasts
Open file 15212
Energy - Transport
Natural Gas Pipelines

TransCanada Pipeline Explodes in West Virginia ... A newly installed TransCanada natural gas pipeline exploded early Thursday in the remote Nixon Ridge area of Marshall County in West Virginia.
Open file 15213
SDGs / Unsustainability
Lise Kingo ... UN Global Compact

‘There is no Plan B’: Lise Kingo to urge greater action on SDGs at RBS Europe ... the UN Global Compact chief Lise Kingo tells Terry Slavin that 2030 may seem a long time off, but there is not a moment to waste to tackle the greatest transformation challenge the world has ever faced
Open file 15214
People: Anthony Bordain
Dead at 61

Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain dead at 61 .. apparent suicide
Open file 15215
Ocean Plastic

CLIMATE & ENVIRONMENT ... How to Combat the Environmental Threat of Ocean Plastics
Open file 15216
Transport / Ships
Livestock Carriers

MV Becrux : The Largest Livestock Carrier in the World
Open file 15217
Transport / Ships

How is Livestock Transportation Done Using Livestock Carriers?
Open file 15218
Warning to Oil Executives from the Pope

Pope Francis Says Continued Use of Fossil Fuels Will 'Destroy Civilization' ... Pope warns energy bosses of global destruction without fuel shift ... 'Carbon dioxide emissions remain very high. This is disturbing and a cause for real concern,' Francis warned.
Open file 15219
The Economic System
A Gigantic Scam

Is the Global Economy Just a Giant Debt Scam? Here's What the Financial Elite Doesn’t Want You to Know ... Leftist academic Yanis Varoufakis saw power up close. He says capitalism is dead, democracy is crumbling and we’re ruled by debt
Open file 15220
Electronic Gaming
More like the real world than one might think

What Can We Learn From the Wealth of Virtual Nations? Economists look to massively multi-player online games for insight into real-world money questions.
Open file 15221
Michelle Wolf

Michelle Wolf Sounds Off on Ivanka Trump: ‘We’re All Fooled by Her’ ... The host of Netflix’s ‘The Break’ spoke with Marlow Stern about her exciting new talk show, the Trump administration’s comedy policing, and the problem(s) with Ivanka.
Open file 15222
Ocean Pollution / Plastic Pollution
CEO Boyan Slat of The Ocean Cleanup

There Is an Area of Plastic in the Ocean That’s Three Times the Size of France. This 23-Year-Old Thinks He Can Clean It Up. Good luck.
Open file 15223
Ocean Plastic

There’s a Horrifying Amount of Plastic in the Ocean. This Chart Shows Who’s to Blame. ...The US isn’t as bad as you’d think…
Open file 15224
Pollution / Ocean Plastic
Concentrated by the Currents

How 5 Large Mega-Gyres Helped Create a “Galaxy of Garbage” in the Pacific ... And it’s growing.
Open file 15225
Event / New America NYC
June 18th 2018

Tech Revolution or Risk? A Forum with Elected Officials and Civil Rights Organizations
Open file 15226
News Reporting

Media fails on climate and extreme weather coverage, except for this guy (Al Roker)
Open file 15227
Economic Performance
GDP / Japan

ECONOMY ... Japan's per capita GDP ranking rebounded slightly in 2016 ... Yen-dollar rate a key factor in recent years
Open file 15228
Impact Reporting
Not very effective

Why Do We Keep Producing Impact Reports, But Not Intended Impact?
Open file 15229
Impact Report
How to ...

Open file 15230
North Korea

The Trump-Kim Summit: Reality TV or a New Era?
Open file 15231
Cities / Resilience
Resilience Financing

Paying for Resilience: Market Drivers and Financial Means
Open file 15232
North Korea

First thoughts ... Trump really has achieved a historic breakthrough – for the Kim dynasty ... With a shake of the hand, the US president has tightened Kim Jong-un’s grip over an enslaved nation – and got almost nothing in return
Open file 15233
Peter Burgess Linkedin Connections
Common Connections

Over 500 common connections with Mark Smith (Invited 1806013)
Open file 15234

The Sustainability Management Tools available from CSRHUB
Open file 15235

User Agreement for CSRHUB
Open file 15236
Company: BP
Webinar on Energy Statistics

Company: BP ... Webinar on Energy Statistics ... Response to quality of the presentation
Open file 15237
Energy: Electric Power

There's No Power Grid Emergency Requiring a Coal Bailout, Regulators Say ... The idea that the power grid is so frail it’s become a national security crisis got little support from FERC commissioners testifying before Congress.
Open file 15238
Geopolitics: G7
Trump, the G7 Misfit

Six of the G7 Commit to Climate Action. Trump Wouldn’t Even Join Conversation. ... Trump skipped the formal climate discussions, had the U.S. negotiators promote fossil fuels instead, and then renounced the group's official communique.
Open file 15239
The Trump Presidency
The Michael Cohen saga

Michael Cohen's attorneys flee as it appears that Donald Trump's fixer is fixin' to flip
Open file 15240
Personal privacy -v- data for sale or rent!

Data breaches involving millions of people’s personal information.
Open file 15241
Impact Investing

New Goldman Sachs Fund Will Track Paul Tudor Jones’s Feel-Good Companies
Open file 15242
Conscious Capitalism

An invitation to write ... to contribute an opinion piece based on a recent Conscious Capitalism post
Open file 15243
Antarctica / Sea Level Rise

Antarctica's Ice Loss Tripled in 5 Years, and that's Raising Sea Level Risks
Open file 15244
CFO Alliance

ANNOUNCING: CFO Alliance 2018 Special Task Forces /// Direct Communication with TPB
Open file 15245
Carbon Research Initiative
Carbon Engineering

CLIMATE & ENVIRONMENT ... Carbon Engineering: New Technology Slashes Cost of Gasoline from Air
Open file 15246
Food ... Meat
Wellness ... Environment

FOOD & AGRICULTURE ... Hamburgers Go Climate Positive
Open file 15247
Initiative is starting a registry for climate positive products
Open file 15248
Event: Sustainable JC
Jersey City Jersey City NJ

TREE MAPPING MEETUP - 2 DATES Multiple events from: Saturday, June 16, 2018 at 10:00 AM - to - Saturday, June 23, 2018 at 12:00 PM (EDT)
Open file 15249
Supply Chain Realities

AP Investigation: Fish billed as local isn’t always local
Open file 15250
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