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TVM Dialog List 1297
14801 - 14850

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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Sustainable Fisheries
Pacific Salmon

FOOD FOR THOUGHT ... This Is Why You Don't See People-Size Salmon Anymore
Open file 14801
Illegal Fishing

Fishing Boats 'Going Dark' Raise Suspicion Of Illegal Catches, Report Says
Open file 14802
Plastic Pollution
Micro sized plastic pieces are a big problem

Flooding has flushed 43 billion plastic pieces out to sea ... an analysis of the impact of a big flood in NorthWest England
Open file 14803
Role of Nestle Water

PodCast March 27, 2018 1:00 PM EST ... Approach to Water Stewardship sponsored by Nestle Water
Open file 14804
Water / The Commons
Vital Access

A Bill of Rights -RFK - // A Bill of Rights for Clean Water
Open file 14805
Amazing artistry
More than just images

Erik Johansson (born 1985) is a photographer and artist from Sweden based in Prague, Czech Republic.
Open file 14806
Hazel Henderson of Ethical Investing
A pioneer ... and still going strong

Hazel Henderson ... Global Transition to Halophyte Agriculture may be Inevitable
Open file 14807
Conor Lamb (Democrat)
Looks like he is going to win

Saccone: We're not giving up, going to win it
Open file 14808
People: Conor Lamb
Democrat seems to be winning in PA 18th District

Strong Performance by Democrat Conor Lamb in Pennsylvania Shakes Trump and G.O.P.
Open file 14809
People: Sephen Hawking
Amazing human being

Frances Ryan ... Hawking won the world’s respect – and gave disabled people like me hope
Open file 14810
The Trump Presidency
Little evidence of teamwork

Trump has fired Tillerson. The dismissal of the US secretary of state was long predicted. But its timing is suspicious and his replacement, Mike Pompeo, is a deeply disturbing choice
Open file 14811
Gender Equity / Economic Abuse

Economic abuse destroys lives – it must be taken seriously ... Elizabeth and her children have been reduced to poverty by her ex. The law must treat such cases like domestic violence
Open file 14812
International Development
Foreign Direct Investment

Karl Sauvant ... Sustainable FDI for Sustainable Development
Open file 14813
The Trump Presidency
More staff changes

Trump installs former ‘Fox and Friends’ host as under secretary of state Heather Nauert will replace Steve Goldstein, who contradicted the White House's account of Tillerson's firing.
Open file 14814
People: Stephen Hawkins
Amazing Human Being

Stephen Hawking’s dire warning about what Trump’s policies will do to the Earth ... In his final years, the iconic scientist lent his voice to the fight against catastrophic climate change.
Open file 14815
Climate Change
Dramatically Changing Patters

Warm Arctic? Expect Northeast Blizzards ... When Arctic temperatures spike, extreme winter weather is 2 to 4 times more likely in Boston and New York, while the West tends to be warmer, a new study shows.
Open file 14816
Ethics ... anything goes

The SEC lowers the boom on Theranos — but there are more companies like Theranos out there
Open file 14817
Why so low?

NEWS & POLITICS A Worldwide Ranking Says Americans Aren't as Happy as We Used to Be The U.S. happiness ranking dropped significantly in the past year.
Open file 14818
The Trump Presidency
New Economic Adviser Larry Kudlow

NEWS & POLITICS Trump's New Economic Adviser Larry Kudlow Doesn't Actually Have a Clue About Economics On tax cuts, inflation and the recession, Kudlow was spectacularly wrong.
Open file 14819
US Politics
Who represents everyone?

Jim Hightower: Everybody Does Better When Everybody Does Better ... How to build a Democratic Party for the future.
Open file 14820
US Militarism
History of Failure

The Staggering Death Toll in Iraq ... The American public must come to terms with the scale of the violence and chaos we have unleashed.
Open file 14821
Technology / Social Media
Out of Control

INVESTIGATIONS ... Is Social Media Destroying Democracy? ... What exactly have Silicon Valley’s top social media platforms unleashed on the political world?
Open file 14822
Initiative: ULULA.COM
Using Technology to Solve Important Problems

Open file 14823
The Trump Presidency
Possible Conflicts of Interest

Mueller's Subpoena Targeting Trump's Businesses Could Be Dangerous for the President ... Mueller found evidence of Paul Manafort and Rick Gates' participation in financial crimes—could the president be next?
Open file 14824
The Trump Presidency
A very deep swamp!!

NEWS & POLITICS Inside the Trump Circus of Corruption Ben Carson’s furniture! Ryan Zinke’s “cone of silence”! Ivanka’s double-dealing! And that’s only the beginning.
Open file 14825
Food and Agriculture
Use of Fertilizers

Less fertilizer, greater crop yields, and more money: China’s agricultural breakthrough
Open file 14826
The Cost and the Value

College no longer provides job security. Is it still worth attending?
Open file 14827
Cryptocurrencies / Regulation
The political landscape

Running Up That Hill: Here Are All Members of Congress Involved in Crypto
Open file 14828
Cryptocurrencies / Exchanges
South Korea

South Korean Prosecutors Raided Three Seoul-Based Crypto Exchanges Last Month
Open file 14829
Cryptocurrencies / Prices
Market Prices

BTC, ETH See Small Growth After Yesterday’s Fall To Monthly Lows
Open file 14830
Cryptocurrencies / Valuation
The Intrinsic Value Question

Bankers Criticize Crypto, Always Goes Back to the Same Argument: Intrinsic Value
Open file 14831
Company: Unilever
Corporate location strategy

Unilever has chosen the Dutch city of Rotterdam as its new unified headquarters
Open file 14832
The Trump Presidency
The Jusice Department Feud

Firing Andrew McCabe may have been the dumbest Drumphf move yet
Open file 14833
Linkedin Groups
The Circular Economy 2.0 (#CircularEconomy2) group

The Circular Economy 2.0 (#CircularEconomy2) group: Group Description / TPB connections with other members
Open file 14834
Organizational Ideas
Platform Cooperativism

Trebor Scholz ... Platform Cooperativism vs. the Sharing Economy
Open file 14835
Circular Economy

VIDEO: Overfished ocean strategy: Nadya Zhexembayeva at TEDxKlagenfurt
Open file 14836
Circular Economy

VIDEO ... Leyla Acaroglu ... Why We Need to Think Differently About Sustainability: Leyla Acaroglu at TEDxMelbourne
Open file 14837
Economic Development
Wrong approach / Ineffective

Video: Truly sustainable economic development: Ernesto Sirolli
Open file 14838
Natural Capital / Social Capital
About its measurement

Gabriel Makhlouf: Natural capital and national wellbeing
Open file 14839
The Trump Presidency
Battle with the Justice Department

McCabe firing roils Washington ... The abrupt ouster of former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe ignited a political firestorm in Washington on Saturday.
Open file 14840
The Trump Presidency
Not my idea of a role model

Adult-film actress Stormy Daniels said she’s waiting to “see what happens” as President Trump’s lawyers reportedly try to block an interview she did with CBS's “60 Minutes” from airing.
Open file 14841
Seafood Commons

Open common standards for a sustainable global seafood industry / Draft working notes
Open file 14842
The Flows of Money

Billionaires Made So Much Money Last Year They Could End Extreme Poverty Seven Times
Open file 14843
Big Path Capital

The Impact Capitalism Summit is the Largest Convening of Impact Investors Globally ... the speakers
Open file 14844
Edward Bernays, the American nephew of Sigmund Freud

VIDEO: The Century of the Self - Part 1: 'Happiness Machines'
Open file 14845
Profit at any price

Open file 14846
The Trump Presidency
The Power of Lies in the Trumpt World

Trump: The Un-American President
Open file 14847
Climate / Environment
People Matter

The Koch Brothers Vs. God ... The fossil fuel lobby preached its gospel in Virginia. Now, black churches are fighting back.
Open file 14848
Nuclear Fusion

STAR POWER ... progress on Nuclear Fusion for power generation
Open file 14849
Social Media
Data for sale or rent!!!!

Where is Mark Zuckerberg? Silence amid Facebook’s data scandal is not a good look
Open file 14850
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