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News and Reports
The Report Report is a monthly wrap-up of recent research on sustainable business and clean technology ... February 2018
Open file 14751
Media / Newsweek
Seriously stressed / Strange arrangements
Open file 14752
Social Media / Twitter
Unsupported Success
Open file 14753
Powerful People
Yemen: Ex-President Ali Abdullah Saleh
NEWS/HOUTHIS Yemen: Ex-President Ali Abdullah Saleh killed Former leader killed in grenade and gun attack, Houthis say, as death is also confirmed by Saleh's own political party.
Open file 14754
From Africa to Europe
NEWS STORY ... Libya: Nearly There, but Never Further Away ... a very complex situation with very grey areas between good and bad, profits and horrendous human tragedy
Open file 14755
USA / Sex Trafficking
Pimps profiting from young runaways
Hidden America: Chilling New Look at Sex Trafficking in the US
Open file 14756
Open file 14757
USA ... Corruption
Huge, and no end in sight!
NEWS & POLITICS ... Top 10 Signs the U.S. Is the Most Corrupt Nation in the World (2018 Edn.) ... American democracy is being corrupted out of existence.
Open file 14758
Transparency International's Annual Report
Countries move too slowly against corruption, watchdog group says ... Canada ranks 8th-best in Transparency International's annual report
Open file 14759
Urban Resilience
World Bank: Investing in Urban Resilience Can Save the World’s Cities Billions Each Year and Keep Millions out of Poverty
Open file 14760
Open file 14761
Open file 14762
Sector / Cannabis
Company / Friday Night Inc.
Friday Night Inc. Acquires Spire Secure Logistics Inc.
Open file 14763
Open file 14764
Circular Economy
Some Ideas
Getting Circular: Five Steps to an Advanced Economy
Open file 14765
Blockchain / Cryptocurrencies
Source of Information ... CoinTelegraph
Collection of relevant links for more information about cryptocurrencies
Open file 14766
Chemical Toxins
Some dangerous ... some not
BPA Is Just As Dangerous As It Never Was ... After all the hysteria BPA isn't Harmful? Who knew? We did. Image: Alarm Capital
Open file 14767
Urban Slums / Redevelopment
A complex problem
a better world through creativity ... The transformation of Kibera from Africa's largest slum to promised land ... Upgrading Africa’s largest slum has taken more than a decade, but the process is changing the conversation about how to handle informal urban neighbourhoods.
Open file 14768
Health Sector
Crippling Debt
RIP Medical Debt Partners with NBC Affiliates to Abolish $16 Million in Medical Debt
Open file 14769
Sector: Fisheries
Illegal Fishing
The fishing wars are coming ... not so fast, illegal fishing is a big part of the global industry
Open file 14770
Supply Chain / Logistics
Competitive Advantage ... or not
What Maersk Really Means About Global Integration ... “We’re not going to be direct competitors to FedEx and UPS, but we will see them as peers. They are the global integrators in their industries and we want to become that in our industry.”
Open file 14771
Peter Burgess ... Memory Lane
Remembering the IBM 1401
Repairing a 1960s mainframe: Fixing the IBM 1401's core memory and power supply
Open file 14772
Open file 14773
Open file 14774
Open file 14775
Open file 14776
The Dangers of Consumption
How design for disposability and convenience will bury us in waste
Open file 14777
Plastic Pollution
Single Use Plastics
Science Plastic .. Beverage industry needs to tackle plastic problem immediately
Open file 14778
Plastic Pollution
Plastic straws
Science Plastic ... Is the UK about to ban plastic straws? ... and is the EU going to do it first?
Open file 14779
The Trump Presidency
A deep swamp!
Note to Robert Mueller: Hope Hicks Was Part of the Cover-Up ... Trump’s aide told one of the biggest Russian whoppers of the campaign.
Open file 14780
The Gender Challenge
#MeToo / #TimesUp
On Thin Ice ... Homeward Bound was supposed to foster science’s next generation of female leaders. But it finds itself navigating treacherous waters.
Open file 14781
The Trump Presidency
About the Fixer in the Trump ecosystem
Heather Digby Parton / NEWS & POLITICS ... Donald Trump's Relentless Fixer: The Many Mysterious Doings of Michael Cohen ... Why Trump is so worried about Stormy Daniels remains unclear. But if Michael Cohen is involved, it must be serious.
Open file 14782
USA / Politics
Financial Reform ... cutting needed regulation
Marshall Auerback ... Alternet ECONOMY / Meet the Democratic 'Dirty Dozen' Working to Gut Financial Reforms ... This act of regulatory vandalism highlights everything that is corrupt about our political system.
Open file 14783
The Trump Saga
Something about the Russian connections ... or lack of!
What Happened in Moscow: The Inside Story of How Trump’s Obsession With Putin Began His 2013 visit paved the way for a scandal that shook the world.
Open file 14784
USA / Gun Violence
Data show it is going down
Mike Males ACTIVISM / The Big Reason Young People Don’t Debate Gun Control the Way Older Generations Do ... A dramatic 25-year reduction in gun violence among youth puts high schoolers in a unique position to influence debate.
Open file 14785
Social Media / Facebook
Mark Zuckerberg
The Smallness of Mark Zuckerberg ... And why he should not be trusted as the world’s custodian of information
Open file 14786
Technology / Blockchain
The huge downside of blockchain
The Blockchain Pipe Dream ... blockchain might just be the most over-hyped technology of all time.
Open file 14787
Commerce / Trade
Trump's Protectionism
DANI RODRIK ... Trump’s Trade Gimmickry ... The imbalances and inequities generated by the global economy cannot be tackled by protecting a few politically well-connected industries, using manifestly ridiculous national security considerations as an excuse. Such protectionism is a gimmick, not a serious agenda for trade reform.
Open file 14788
Commerce / Trade
Trump's Protectionism
Donald Trump, Steel Tariffs, and the Costs of Chaos ... Donald Trump's decision to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum is the most significant set of U.S. import restrictions in nearly half a century. It will have huge consequences for the global trading order.
Open file 14789
Blockchain / Cryptocurrencies
High costs and little value
Stablecoins are doomed to fail ... A brief history of the stablecoin
Open file 14790
Finance / Crowdfunding
Massive growth since 2008
Crowdfunding in Singapore: What You Should Know Before Investing
Open file 14791
Consumer credit does NOT substitute for household income
The Real Engine of the Business Cycle ... When lenders make credit more available or more affordable, households respond by taking on debt, which drives up aggregate demand – that is, until the music stops.
Open file 14792
Energy / Electricity
Impact of production -v- impact of consumption
Two perspectives on household electricity use .. the INEFFICIENCY of electicity
Open file 14793
Impact Investing
Something about measurement
Dr. Bob Eccles ... Measuring Investors' Contributions To The Sustainable Development Goal
Open file 14794
Natural Disasters / Wildfires
Huge costs ... Whose fault?
California Utilities, Climate Change and Wildfires: A Liability Quagmire
Open file 14795
Natural Disasters
Caused by People
CLIMATE ...Scientists See Climate Change in California's Wildfires ... Strong winds and months of record-high temperatures have fueled the destructive fires
Open file 14796
Company: Alibaba
The Amazon of China ... or not?
CHINA ... Why Alibaba is not the Amazon of China ... What do you know about Alibaba?
Open file 14797
The Trump Presidency
Very low standards
NEWS & POLITICS ... Charles Blow: Melania Trump Knew From the Start ... The first lady has enabled her husband's sexism and misogyny at every turn.
Open file 14798
Nasty People
Giving Capitalism a Bad Name
Robert Reich: America’s Shkreli Problem ... Shkreli's going to prison. But what about the other unbridled narcissists in positions of power?
Open file 14799
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