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Venture Capital

Why Venture Capitalists Aren’t Funding The Businesses We Need
Open file 13851
Hugh Hefner

Suzanne Moore ... I called Hugh Hefner a pimp, he threatened to sue. But that’s what he was
Open file 13852
The Stock Market
Market Analysis

According to William Koldus ... Very Few Prepared For Rising Global Growth
Open file 13853
Transport / Passenger Air
Mishaps / Engine Failures

Air France plane engine fails over Atlantic ... September 30, 2017
Open file 13854
Transport / Passenger Air
International Combinations

Richard Branson cedes control of Virgin Atlantic ... Tycoon to stay on as chairman after selling 31% stake to Air France-KLM in deal worth £220m
Open file 13855
Transport / Passenger Air
International Combinations

French-Dutch culture clash revealed in leaked Air France-KLM report ... French staff say KLM colleagues think only of money, while Dutch see Air France workers as aloof, report says
Open file 13856
Correlation between Wages and Taxation

Wonkblog Analysis / Be skeptical of Trump’s claim that wages will soar after he cuts taxes
Open file 13857

Slideset About Cooperatives ... Micky Metts
Open file 13858
The Trump Presidency
Anthem Uproar

NFL teams show unity in response to anthem uproar
Open file 13859
Politics / Germany
2017 German Elections

A Jamaica coalition consisting of representatives of the globalization and modernization winners pitches urban elites against the less successful and Deepens the Division of Society
Open file 13860
Saudia Arabia
Social Customs

Letting Saudi Women Drive ... Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman imposes his reformist will, while Saudi Arabia’s religious ultra-conservatives lick their wounds.
Open file 13861
Political and Economic Disaster

Maduroism and the Destruction of Venezuela ... Venezuela’s “Bolivarian Revolution” has been an even more pronounced failure under Maduro than under Chavez.
Open file 13862
Energy: Wind
Wind Energy in the USA

US Energy: Which Way the Wind Blows ... Wind energy in the United States is growing, but how does it compare globally?
Open file 13863
Energy: Wind
Wind Energy in China

China’s Wind Investment ... At home and abroad, China dominates wind energy production.
Open file 13864
Blockchain Ecosystems
Grocery Shopping

INS Aims To Put Grocery Shopping On Blockchain, Announces Unilever Expressed Interest And Founders of Instamart will help consumers save up to 30% on everyday shopping
Open file 13865
Initial Coin Offerings / ICOs

The STK Token, Providing Instant Cryptocurrency Payments At Point Of Sale
Open file 13866
Blockchain Ecosystem
Streamr, The Decentralized Real-Time Data Economy

Streamr, The Decentralized Real-Time Data Economy, Successfully Reaches 5 Million CHF Pre-Sale Cap in 25 Minutes
Open file 13867
The Blockchain Ecosystem
Material from Blockchain News

Posts from Blockchain News for 10/02/2017
Open file 13868
Blockchain Ecosystem

Coinloan Provides Money Secured On Cryptocurrency – Launching Token Sale
Open file 13869

The World’s Leaders in Sourcing Sustainable Cotton Has Some Surprises
Open file 13870

International Cotton Advisory Committee ... 100% of 100 Facts About Cotton
Open file 13871
Transport / Air

Aviation industry shaken as another plane crashes / May 2016
Open file 13872
Media / Communications
Over-reliance on Technology

After Las Vegas Fake News, Facebook And Google Blame The Machine, Ignore The System
Open file 13873
People: Mark T. Bertolini
Chairman and CEO, Aetna

VIDEO: Committee for Economic Development ... 2017 Acceptance Speech: Mark Bertolini, Aetna
Open file 13874
Transport: Rail
History of Steam

VIDEO: Last of the Giants Part 1 / Last of the Giants Part 2
Open file 13875
Business Leadership
Sandra Peterson, Johnson & Johnson

Committee for Economic Development ... 2017 Acceptance Speech: Sandra Peterson, Johnson & Johnson
Open file 13876
Transport / Automobiles
Electric Vehicles

The Hydrogen Fuel Cell Secret Behind GM’s Big EV Announcement
Open file 13877
USA / Gun Violence
The Gun Epidemic

How dangerous people get their weapons in America
Open file 13878
Transport / Automobiles
Self Driving Vehicles

This Technology Will Upend the Entire Automotive Industry
Open file 13879
People: Environmental Leadership
Robert Costanza

'Twenty years of ecosystem services: How far have we come and how far do we still need to go?'
Open file 13880
The Trump Presidency

Rex Tillerson Reportedly Called Trump a ‘Moron’
Open file 13881

Open file 13882
The Trump Presidency
State Department

Politics: ‘Death spiral’: Tillerson makes nice but may not last long with Trump
Open file 13883
Cruise Line Emissions

3 Cruise Ships Per Day Equal Emission From a Million Vehicles
Open file 13884
Cruise Line Emissions

Open file 13885
Energy: Natural Gas
Pollution: Mathan Emissions

Live Science / Planet Earth ... The Dirty 'Clean Fuel': Why Natural Gas Out-Pollutes Coal (Op-Ed)
Open file 13886
People: Dr. David Susuki
The importance of understanding

Dr. David Suzuki: Environmentalism Is a Way of Being, Not a Discipline
Open file 13887
The Security and Sustainability Forum

The Security and Sustainability Forum ... Hundreds of People involved with Issues of Sustainability
Open file 13888
The Drawdown Initiative / Paul Hawken

Drawdown - A webinar of about 60 Minutes with Paul Hawken ... and the slides from the presentation
Open file 13889
People / Thinkers
Bjorn Lomborg

Making Government Smarter / How to Set National Priorities / By Bjorn Lomborg
Open file 13890
USA / Gun Violence
Rotten Politics

Only Fury and Sorrow Can Thwart This Bloodbath
Open file 13891
USA / Gun Violence
Rotten Politics

To Reduce Gun Violence, Let Us First Address Systemic Injustices
Open file 13892
TED / Ideas Worth Spreading
Christiane Amanpour

Ideas worth spreading / CHRISTIANE AMANPOUR / How to seek truth in the era of fake news
Open file 13893
Belt and Road Initiative

Can China’s Belt and Road plan bring Chinese-style prosperity to developing nations? Yanfei Li says ...
Open file 13894
Belt and Road Initiative

China flexes its economic muscles to push green finance on the New Silk Road ... Deborah Lehr says ...
Open file 13895
USA / Demographics
Generational Changes

Business Insider ... 'Psychologically scarred' millennials are killing dozens of industries — and it's their parents' fault
Open file 13896
Banking Disruption
Generational Changes

Millennials' distrust of banks is spawning a new breed of startups
Open file 13897
Banking Disruption
The Simple Bank

This Australian was shocked at how terrible American banking was, so he created a company to disrupt it
Open file 13898
Corporate Misbehavior
Texaco / Chevron re Ecuador

Oil Giant Attempting to Block Indigenous Groups With Costs Order On Eve of Critical Court Hearing Over Company’s Pollution In Ecuador ... Chevron “Unconscionable”:
Open file 13899
TVM / Admin

Open file 13900
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