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The Trump Presidency
Utter Chaos

Amid Trump tantrum, John Kelly ditched Las Vegas trip while Pence stewed and Rex 'scrambled'
Open file 13901
0 Energy: Companies
Dong Energy

Danish Renewables Giant Dong Energy Rebrands, Ditches Oil and Gas Portfolio
Open file 13902
The Sustainable / Impact Community

The Sustainable Brands global community / Speakers and Panelists for the New Brands 2017 Conference in November
Open file 13903
Universal Basic Income

How to Fund a Universal Basic Income Without Increasing Taxes or Inflation
Open file 13904
Universal Basic Income

Universal Basic Income: A Simple Tool to Fight Poverty
Open file 13905
Universal Basic Income

Universal Basic Income Is About Trust and Decency / Discussion with Jurgen De Wispelaere
Open file 13906
Profession Malfeasance
KPMG in South Africa

Barclays Africa Reviews KPMG Relationship Amid Gupta Scandal / KPMG told clients its internal probe is due by end September
Open file 13907
Region / Country
Middle East / Saudi Arabia

Paper Tiger ... Far from dominant, Saudi Arabia’s future in the Middle East is that of a second fiddle state.
Open file 13908
The Trump Presidency
Ongoing Chaos

VIDEO: Senator Corker, Secretary of State Tillerson, etc
Open file 13909
Transport / Ships
Container Ship: Emma Maersk

The Biggest SHIP In The World 2016 - Documentary ... Emma Maersk
Open file 13910
Peter Burgess
Some History

Some images related to experience while in Texas in 1967
Open file 13911
Technology / Blockchain
Transaction Speed

Zilliqa unveils a new, high transaction rate, scalable Blockchain
Open file 13912
Basic Income
Earned Income Tax Credit

This Simple Tax Policy Change Could Boost The Cash, Credit, And Well-Being Of The Working Poor ... a rare policy that’s supported on both the left and the right–and maybe a step towards UBI
Open file 13913
Buildings / Architecture
Wooden Structures

PLP Architecture's Oakwood Timber Tower 2 is built like a basketweave
Open file 13914
Corporate Responsibility
Health / Wellness

Encouraging Healthy Habits in Employees
Open file 13915
Company / Uber
Technology: The Question of Privacy

Uber Says It's Removing Secret Screen-Viewing Access to iOS Devices
Open file 13916
The Sustainability Sector

Environmental Leader TOP 50 2017
Open file 13917
Race / Complexion
Stupidity of Whiteness Matters

Opinion ... I am the woman in the 'racist Dove ad'. I am not a victim ... Lola Ogunyemi
Open file 13918
Mental health

Opinion ... Desperate people are calling the Samaritans and getting an engaged tone. We need your help
Open file 13919
Executive Misbehavior
Harvey Weinstein

Model tells of how a naked Harvey Weinstein asked her for a massage ... Zoë Brock was 23 when she alleges she had to lock herself in a hotel bathroom to escape film producer’s advances
Open file 13920
Peter Burgess Dialog
Skype Dialog

CF on 171011
Open file 13921
Investment / Portfolio Management
Impact / Passive Investment

What is the True Impact of Passive Investing
Open file 13922
Organization: Forest Trends
Staff List / details

Staff list, short bios of staff at Forect Trends
Open file 13923
Blockchain / Cryptocurrencies
Seratio ICO

Open file 13924
Carbon / Climate
Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TFCD

G20 Task Force Report Creates Buzz Around Climate-Related Financial Disclosures
Open file 13925
AI / Algorithms

Google, Facebook, others are out of control because complex algoriths aren't up to the job!
Open file 13926
The Trump Presidency
A deeper and deeper mess

Trump Is Falling Apart, and Nobody Knows What to Do About It ... A cry for help is coming from the White House. Even Trump’s inner circle say he’s unstable; the danger is growing.
Open file 13927
LABOR / Employment
Impact of technology on jobs

Hightower: The Next Wave of the Tech Revolution Will Wipe Out Millions of Jobs—Maybe Even Yours ... It sounds like science fiction, but automation is closer than you think.
Open file 13928
DRUGS / Pharmaceutical Industry
Maximizing Profit

Big Pharma Plays Every Dirty Trick in the Book to Transform Teens and Adults Into Opioid-Zombified Addicts The U.S. prescription drug industry is creating a national emergency that claims 90 lives per day.
Open file 13929
US Health
Addiction / The Opiod Crisis

AN LA TIMES INVESTIGATION ... ‘YOU WANT A DESCRIPTION OF HELL?’ OXYCONTIN’S 12-HOUR PROBLEM ... The drugmaker Purdue Pharma launched OxyContin two decades ...
Open file 13930
Climate Risks

Climate Scientists Attack Tony Abbott's (former Australian Prime Minister) 'Misleading' Speech to Global Warming Policy Foundation
Open file 13931
Value Investing

Does Monet Beat the Dow? How Artworks Perform as an Investment ... Is art a good investment?
Open file 13932
Corporate Behavior
Public Relations / SDGs

Ever heard of SDG washing? The urgency of SDG Due Diligence
Open file 13933
The Sanders Institute

'The Sanders Institute': Jane Sanders launches new progressive think tank
Open file 13934
Corporate Behavior
Support of SDGs

Exclusive: 38% of Fortune 50 Publicly Support the Sustainable Development Goals
Open file 13935
Social Cohesion
The Western Consensus

Open file 13936
Company: Coca Cola / Issue: Plastic Waste
Corporare Misfeasance

Coca-Cola Increased Its Production of Plastic Bottles by a Billion Last Year, Says Greenpeace Increase puts Coke’s production at more than 110bn single-use plastic bottles a year
Open file 13937
Behavioral Economics
Important dimension of economic thinking

Do People Like Government 'Nudges'? Apparently Yes ... Government initiatives to prod people to make better decisions got attention after Richard Thaler won a Nobel in economics for his work on nudging.
Open file 13938
US Coal

Coal Is Going Down, No Matter What Trump and Pruitt Fantasize ... No one can alter the harsh reality of the U.S. coal industry.
Open file 13939
US Politics and Policy
Role of Rich Bankers

How former Goldman Sachs employees are using their high-level government jobs to push an agenda that would boost the bank's profits—at the expense of the rest of us.
Open file 13940
Blockchain / Crytptocurrencies
Investing (Gambling) in Cryptocurrencies

Are You Ready to Invest in Cryptocurrencies? Here’s How ... You're ready to start buying cryptocurrencies, but how do you start?
Open file 13941
Social Impact Measurement

Actionable Impact Management (AIM) ... The Catch-22 of Social Impact Measurement
Open file 13942
Management Metrics
Social Impact

SoPact: Business Intelligence for Sustainable Impact
Open file 13943
EMPTY / SPARE Open file 13944
Science / Biology

How a Guy From a Montana Trailer Park Overturned 150 Years of Biology ... Biology textbooks tell us that lichens are alliances between two organisms—a fungus and an alga. They are wrong.
Open file 13945

The Opioid Epidemic In 6 Charts Designed To Deceive You
Open file 13946
The Trump Presidency
Health / DRUGS

Trump's Drug Czar Is Protecting Big Pharma's Opioid Epidemic ... Tom Marino wants to jail pot smokers, yet has a soft spot for the nation's biggest drug pushers.
Open file 13947
The Trump Presidency
Trumps' Obsession with Obama

You can pay for school but you can't buy class
Open file 13948
The Concordia Initiative

Open file 13949
The Concordia Initiative

People in the Concordia Leadership Council
Open file 13950
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