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TVM Dialog List 1277
13801 - 13850

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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Positive Luxury / The Butterfly Mark

Brand Ambassador Storm Keating / NYC Event October 4 2017 / About Positive Luxury
Open file 13801
Profession Malfeasance
McKinsey and KPMG

McKinsey and KPMG Targeted in South Africa Graft Scandal / Corruption Watch to ask U.S. prosecutors to probe McKinsey / Companies using KPMG urged to drop firm by Save South Africa
Open file 13802
Economic Trends
New Economics Foundation / Frank Van Lerven

Open file 13803
USA / Healthcare
Policy Options

In a Seismic Shift to the Left, Medicare for All Is Emerging as the New Democratic Party Consensus ... The historic support for Bernie Sanders’ healthcare bill shows that single payer is becoming mainstream
Open file 13804
Disaster / Harvey 2017
Impact and Recovery

Leftists to the Rescue: Where the State and Big NGOs Fail, In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, solidarity-based, grassroots networks are helping Houston residents pick up the pieces.
Open file 13805
Disaster / Harvey 2017
Impact and Recovery

Left to Fend for Themselves, These Houston Communities Are Coming to Their Own Rescue
Open file 13806
Technology / Blockchain
Initiative ... Stockholm Green Digital Finance

SGDF Launches Initiative to Validate Green Investments Using Blockchain Technology
Open file 13807
Conventional Analysis

Since the summer of 2016, the global economy has been in a period of moderate expansion, yet inflation has yet to pick up. The question that inflation-targeting central banks must confront is straightforward: why?
Open file 13808
Conventional Analysis ... Mainly Wrong

Trump’s 3% Growth for the 1% ... Even if US President Donald Trump hits his growth targets in 2018 and 2019 – and he just might – only the stock market may be cheering.
Open file 13809

Weekly Newsletter ... September 18th, 2017 ... Greetings Members, Friends and Fellow Troublemakers -
Open file 13810

Is Blockchain Coming Of Age?
Open file 13811
Brnad Identity

Agency News: Viewpoint / The Multicultural Problem: Agencies Are to Blame, Not Brands
Open file 13812
Banks / CEO
Bank of America / Brian Moynihan

Charlie Rose interviewing Brian Moynihan, CEO Bank of America ... 170921
Open file 13813
Charles Eisenstein

The Age of We Need Each Other
Open file 13814
Economics / Ecosystem Analysis
Formula for Disaster 2014

VIDEO 'The Pricing of Everything' by George Monbiot
Open file 13815
Climate Change
Climate deniers / bad science!

VIDEO David Bellamy being humiliated by George Monbiot over climate change. David Bellamy and bad science
Open file 13816
The 'Gigi' Economy
Uber / London / Licensing

Open file 13817
Solar Energy
Interaction with financial sector

Little-Known Lender’s Stand Threatens a $29 Billion Solar Market
Open file 13818
Corporate Misfeasance
Big Oil

Jeffrey Sachs: Big Oil will have to pay up, like Big Tobacco
Open file 13819
Initiatives / Climate
World Weather Attribution (WWA)

WWA is an international effort designed to sharpen and accelerate the scientific community’s ability to analyze and communicate the possible influence of climate change on extreme-weather events.
Open file 13820
Impact of Misinformation

In the Withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement, the Koch Brothers’ Campaign Becomes Overt
Open file 13821
USA / Climate Policy
Lobbying / Misinformation / The Works

New York Times ... How G.O.P. Leaders Came to View Climate Change as Fake Science
Open file 13822
Climate Change
Richard Branson / Virgin Islands

Richard Branson to Donald Trump: The Whole World Knows Climate Change is Real
Open file 13823
Spain, Morocco
Suppply Chain / Workplace Conditions / Food, agriculture

Europe's Dirty Little Secret: Moroccan Slaves and a 'Sea of Plastic'
Open file 13824
Region ... East Africa
New Oil Riches / People Impoverished

Back to the “Bottom of the Barrel”? Will East Africa’s New Oil and Gas Producers Get it Right?
Open file 13825
Technology / Blockchain

Russian Startup Plans to Disrupt Global Eco Farming and Organic Food Retail Sector with BioCoin
Open file 13826
Technology / Blockchain
Shared Database or Ledger

Opinion: Ranjit Notani ... How Blockchains can revolutionize the supply chain
Open file 13827
The Trump Presidency
Casino / Trump Rules

In Donald Trump's Washington, The House Always Wins
Open file 13828
Finance / Disaster Insurance
Profit Maximization rather than Risk Mitigation

Jeffrey Sachs: Disaster insurance needs an overhaul ... Climate denial has consequences!
Open file 13829
Transport / Rail
USA Intermodal Cargo

CSX’s New Intermodal Rail Terminal Connects Pittsburgh, PA to Locations across North America
Open file 13830
Concordia Annual Summit 2017

Thank You for attending the 2017 Concordia Annual Summit // Video of two days of amazing presentations
Open file 13831

First licensed Bitcoin ATM company launches new partnership with the cryptocurrency community to “put a crypto ATM on every corner”
Open file 13832

Russian-based Startup Plan to Disrupt Global Eco Farming and Organic Food Retail Sector with BioCoin
Open file 13833
The Trump Presidency
The Apprentice ... not much more

Tom Brady Criticizes Trump Over ‘Divisive’ NFL Comments ... The New England Patriots quarterback has generally been on good terms with Trump.
Open file 13834
Blockchain / Health
Change Healthcare

Change Healthcare to offer blockchain-based transactions ... says it will support blockchain-based transactions by the end of the year
Open file 13835
Country: China
International Roundtable

Full Text: Joint Press Release on the Second '1+6' Roundtable
Open file 13836
People List
People about Cryptocurrency

Monage Conference Speaker List (Boston October 24-26 2017)
Open file 13837
The Trump Presidency
Local Elections

The Memo: Trump faces difficult 48 hours ... Polls Show Strange In Trouble In Alabama
Open file 13838
Speakers / Attendees

New Metrics 2017 Boot Camp: Strategy & Operations
Open file 13839
The Trump Presidency
Off the wall remarks!

Trump Says His Pals Go To Africa To 'Get Rich.' Is That Offensive?
Open file 13840
United Nations
SDGs ... Education

Education takes center stage during Global Goals Week ... Education takes center stage during Global Goals Week ... Commissioners Convene in New York City
Open file 13841
United Nations
SDGs ... Follow Up 2017

Is the Global Pact on Environmental rights a good idea?
Open file 13842
International Education
Cheung Kong Innovation Institute

Dolumbia University and others in Quest to Train Rising Professionals in Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Open file 13843
People / Event
SASB 2017

2017 Agenda ... Theme: Market Forces at Work ... Speakers Info
Open file 13844
People: John Elkington / Volans
Breakthrough Money Basecamp 2017

What have we learnt in the 10 years since the financial crisis, and are we any closer to having a financial system capable of delivering the Sustainable Development Goals?
Open file 13845
Burgess Notes

Some commentary
Open file 13846
US Emergency
Puerto Rico / Hurricane Maria

INSULT TO INJURY ... 6 reasons post-Maria Puerto Rico could be a Katrina-like disaster
Open file 13847
Digital Finance
Better Than Cash Alliance

Unilever Joins Better Than Cash Alliance, Embraces Digital Finance Across Value Chain
Open file 13848
Reporting 3.0 / Bill Baue , Ralph Thurm

Reporting 3.0’s Reporting Blueprint: Triggering a Regenerative, Inclusive and Open Economy
Open file 13849
Reporting 3.0 / Bill Baue , Ralph Thurm

Reporting 3.0’s Reporting Blueprint: Triggering a Regenerative, Inclusive and Open Economy
Open file 13850
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