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Natural and Man-made

A collection of really dangerous places ... natural and man made
Open file 13751
Cryptocurrency / Blockchain
Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)

China Outlaws ICOs: Financial Regulators Order Halt on Token Trading
Open file 13752
Technology / Blockchain
Emerging applications

Alibaba, EY, IBM And Microsoft Use The Blockchain To Create A Transparent Supply Chain
Open file 13753
Getting ready for climate change Here’s What Will Happen When Your House Floods ...

The water invades. You’re supposed to be safe at home. But now you’re helpless.
Open file 13754
Events 2017
September 20 2017

Open file 13755
US Natural Disasters
Forest Fires

Columbia Gorge fire growth slows, but could move east
Open file 13756
Company: Unilever
M&A / Sustainability / Supply Chain

Would Unilever sell-off disrupt sustainable commodities markets?
Open file 13757
Investor Metrics
Impact Data

Investors demand better social impact data ... Rana Plaza shocked business into action
Open file 13758
Natural Disasters
Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma’s Chemical Fallout Could Be Worse than Harvey’s ... Florida plants sit filled with potentially explosive material
Open file 13759
Measuring Inflation

How do economists measure inflation, and why does it matter to investors?
Open file 13760
Event: Columbia Univsrsity
CCSI ... September

Conference on the Global Pact for the Environment ... September 20, 2017, 8:30am – 6:15pm
Open file 13761
USA Politics / Elections
Congressional Elections 2018

Trump-Weary GOP Braces for a Wave of Retirements from Congressional Republicans ... Rep. Charlie Dent will not be seeking reelection. He could be the first of many.
Open file 13762
Government Financial Management
Dysfunctional Metrics

Robert Reich: Let's Abolish the Debt Ceiling Altogether ... Why do we keep playing a game of chicken with the global economy?
Open file 13763
US Politics
The Democratic Party

Bernie Sanders Answers Hillary's Criticisms in Her New Memoir ... 'I think the response is we have got to think going forward.'
Open file 13764
The Trump Presidency
Impact of Dreamers on the Economy

Paul Krugman: The Trump Administration's Newest Lie May Be Its Most Galling Yet ... Jeff Sessions wants you to believe the myth that Dreamers are stealing American jobs.
Open file 13765
Media / People
Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh Flees for His Safety After Calling Hurricane Irma a Liberal Hoax ... The shock jock previously called storm coverage a ploy to drum up 'fear and panic.'
Open file 13766
Papal Leadership

Pope Francis isn't holding back on climate change
Open file 13767
Impact Reporting
Growing Demand

Investors demand better social impact data
Open file 13768
Circular Economy
Apparel / textiles

Apparel supply chains: why circularity is possible and will come
Open file 13769
Military Industry

The 3 Best Defense Stocks to Buy Now After North Korea's Latest Threat
Open file 13770
The Trump Administration
The Russian Connection

Maddow's breakdown on Facebook revelations and their ramifications for Jared Kushner are a must-see
Open file 13771
The Trump Presidency
Russia / Jared Kushner

Kushner being eyed as key figure in helping Russia improve its cyberattack
Open file 13772
Cyber Security / Hacking

More Details Are Emerging About The Sophisticated Hackers Who Penetrated U.S. Power Grid Systems
Open file 13773
Technology / Blockchain

Fast, Secure Blockchain Tech From An Unexpected Source: Microsoft ... Microsoft is aiming to make shared ledger transactions safe enough for its stalwart corporate clients.
Open file 13774
Transport / Rail

VIDEO ... New York Central Water Level Route
Open file 13775
Transport / Rail

VIDEO ... New York Central Railroad: The Flight of the Century
Open file 13776
Transport / Rail

VIDEO ... PURE STEAM - The Flying Scotsman in Australia
Open file 13777
Natural Capital
The Living Waters

Global study reveals new hotspots of fish biodiversity
Open file 13778
New America

Event: Sixteen Years After 9/11: Assessing the Terrorist Threat ... When: September 11, 2017 12:15 pm - 1:45 pm ... Where: New America 740 15th St NW #900 Washington, D.C. 20005
Open file 13779
The Trump Presidency
Steve Bannon / Breitbart

The Single Biggest Question Left Unanswered from Steve Bannon's '60 Minutes' Interview ... Charlie Rose completely ignored the Breitbart CEO's deep ties to the Mercer family.
Open file 13780
Climate Change
CO2 Emissions

The rise in global atmospheric CO2, surface temperature, and sea level from emissions traced to major carbon producers. Authors B. Ekwurzel J. BonehamM. W. DaltonR. HeedeR. J. MeraM. R. AllenP. C. Frumhoff .... september 2017
Open file 13781
Climate Change
CO2 Emissions

Responsible for what? Carbon producer CO2 contributions and the energy transition. Author: Henry Shue September 2017
Open file 13782
The Trump Presidency
Steve Bannon

8 Lowlights from Steve Bannon's Tense New '60 Minutes' Interview ... The former Trump adviser sparred with Charlie Rose over immigration and more.
Open file 13783
Media / Politics

An excerpt from Katy Tur’s ‘Unbelievable’
Open file 13784
Economic Dysfunction
Conventional Capitalism cannot work

A lesson from Hurricane Irma: capitalism can’t save the planet – it can only destroy it ... The perpetual quest for growth drives our economics. That’s why our environment and financial system lurch from crisis to crisis
Open file 13785
Economy / Book
Economic Dysfunction

George Monbiot: how do we get out of this mess? Is there any hope of a better world? Yes, but we have to come together to tell a new, kinder story explaining who we are, and how we should live
Open file 13786
The Trump Presidency
Bannon ... post White House

If Trump read books he'd sound just like Steve Bannon ... The more you hear from Steve Bannon, the more you have to question whether he could recognize good strategy if it was burning on his own lawn
Open file 13787
Impact Investing
Big Path Capital

Big Path Capital: Impact Investing’s Investment Bank ... This boutique investment bank connects socially sensitive companies with investors interested in making money while doing good.
Open file 13788
Climate Change
Exxon and Misinformation

Katharine Hayhoe ... I Was an Exxon-Funded Climate Scientist
Open file 13789
US Health
Medicare for All proposal

'Pivotal Moment in American History': Sen. Sanders Unveils Medicare for All Bill
Open file 13790
Media / Misinformation
Geopolitics / Cyber Malfeasanse

RT, Sputnik and Russia’s New Theory of War ... How the Kremlin built one of the most powerful information weapons of the 21st century — and why it may be impossible to stop. ... Читать статью по-русски
Open file 13791
US Military
US has a very wrong policy

The U.S. Military Is Fighting Itself, and Losing ... Fighting everywhere, winning nowhere.
Open file 13792
Workplace Conditions

$7.9 trillion investor coalition pushes companies for disclosure on global workforces
Open file 13793
The Workplace Disclosure Initiative (WDI)

Workforce Disclosure Initiative – FAQs
Open file 13794
The USA, Chile and Disney

Tomgram: Ariel Dorfman, A Tale of Two Donalds
Open file 13795
Debt Financing

The US Debt Bubble Will Soon Warrant Serious Measures ... There is big debate over the exact amount of global debt ... Global Debt Is Growing Faster Than Global GDP
Open file 13796
Climate Change
Not without critical investment ... see TPB comment

Can emissions shrink while the economy grows?
Open file 13797
Climate Change
Action: too little, too slow, too late

Prove Paris was more than paper promises ... All major industrialized countries are failing to meet the pledges they made to cut greenhouse-gas emissions, warn David G. Victor and colleagues.
Open file 13798
Blockchain Cryptocurrency
Viewpoint / Jamie Dimon and pushback

Bitcoin Proponents Respond to JP Morgan Executive's Statements
Open file 13799
TVM / Admin

Open file 13800
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