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TVM Dialog List 1275
13701 - 13750

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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Politics / Corruption
Popular Perceptions

Corruption is Legal in America
Open file 13701
0 Politics / Corruption
Popular Perceptions

How to Fix America's Corrupt Political System
Open file 13702

The Best Documentary Ever - The Bitcoin Phenomenon
Open file 13703
Banking and Finance

Trump admin signals intent to nix key fiduciary rule provision
Open file 13704
The Trump Presidency
The Russian Conection

The Flood of Trump-Russia News Beneath the Recent Chaos ... The scandal engulfing the White House didn’t pause for Charlottesville or Hurricane Harvey.
Open file 13705

Faircoin ... cryptocurrency for use in the Faircoop eco-system, initiated by the Catalan Integral Cooperative
Open file 13706
THe Trump Administration
Tax Reform

Trump’s Tax Plan Is a Confidence Scam
Open file 13707
The Trump Presidency
The Russian Connection ... or not

Trump orders Russia to shutter San Francisco consulate, two annexes
Open file 13708
The B-Team

Purpose-Driven CEOs: Steady Leaders in Turbulent Times
Open file 13709

Toward a New Trust: Cross-Sector Collaboration Against Corruption
Open file 13710
USA Economy
Jobs / Employment

Economy adds 156K jobs in August
Open file 13711
Trump's Policy Agenda
Tax Reform

Trump’s version of “tax reform”: Massive tax cuts for millionaires and corporations
Open file 13712
The Trump Presidency
A Bigger Swamp

Kushners’ China Deal Flop Was Part of Much Bigger Hunt for Cash
Open file 13713
Banks / Wells Fargo
Corporate Behavior

Wells Fargo Boosts Fake-Account Estimate 67% to 3.5 Million ... Wells Fargo Finds an Extra 1.4 Million Fake Accounts
Open file 13714
Companies: Unilever
Doing well by doing good

If Unilever Can’t Make Feel-Good Capitalism Work, Who Can? ... The $170 billion corporate empire has been trying to prove corporations can do well by doing good.
Open file 13715
Extreme Weatern Events

Powerful Hurricane Irma could be next weather disaster
Open file 13716
Technology / Cryptocurrencies
The Market ... ICOs

The first ICO unicorns are here
Open file 13717
Technology / Blockchain
Reliable Data

Michael del Castillo ... CoinDesk // Illinois Launches Blockchain Pilot to Digitize Birth Certificates
Open file 13718
International Finance
Bretton Woods

Paola Subacchi calls on advanced-economy leaders to commit urgently to reforming the Bretton Woods institutions – or risk watching them be replaced.
Open file 13719
The Trump Presidency
Special Prosecutor

Crafty Robert Mueller Turns Up the Heat on Trump ... To neutralize the president’s pardon power, the special prosecutor pursues state charges.
Open file 13720
Performance / Impact

Noam Chomsky: Antifa Is a 'Major Gift' to the Right ... 'What they do is often wrong in principle and generally self-destructive.'
Open file 13721
Circular Economy

2017 Global Dialogue on Waste // 5th to 8th September: Improving wellbeing by bringing the best minds together to explore solutions to and through waste!
Open file 13722
Human Resources

Why Does America Need the Cajun Navy?
Open file 13723

Part 1 of series by investigative journalists from the Houston ChronicleIndustrial Safety
Open file 13724
Industrial Safety
Houston Area

Chemical Breakdown: Part 1
Open file 13725
Industrial Safety
Houston Area

Chemical Breakdown: Part 2
Open file 13726
Industrial Safety
Houston Area

Chemical Breakdown: Part 3
Open file 13727
Industrial Safety
Houston Area

Chemical Breakdown: Part 4
Open file 13728
Industrial Safety
Houston Area

Chemical Breakdown: Part 5
Open file 13729
Industrial Safety
Houston Area

Chemical Breakdown: Part 6
Open file 13730
Industrial Safety
Houston Area

Chemical Breakdown: Part 7
Open file 13731
TEXAS ... LATE 1960s

Field Accountant at the Eastex facility in Silsbee, Texas working with H.A. Simons, Consulting Engineers from Vancouver, Canada
Open file 13732
Impact Investing

Impact Alpha ... end August 2017 ... The Brief: Sept. 1, 2017
Open file 13733
Urban Infrastructure

China, London ... Smart Buses, Trams, Underground
Open file 13734
Jobs / Employment / Technology
Policy Considerations

September 2017 ... The future of work in the age of AI ... a collection of articles posted on The Conversation
Open file 13735
The old TWA Terminal at Idlewild in New York

The Conversation ... United States Aviation ... In an iconic airport terminal, the last vestiges of a bygone era
Open file 13736
Transport: Infrastructure
UK / London / Heathrow Airport

Why Heathrow’s hopeless flight plan will struggle to take off
Open file 13737
Infrastructure: Urban
Policy Options

The Conversation ... Want to fix America’s infrastructure? Build in the places that need help the most
Open file 13738
US system is high cost and low performance

Canadian TV host out-argues a US GOP politician!
Open file 13739
Place: Poconos of PA
Developments being Planned

Legend Properties Inc. have acquired properties in Smithfield Townshop neas the I80 / State 209 exit
Open file 13740
Transport: Rail
Diesel Locomotives

VIDEO: History Channel : Modern Marvels - S15E11 Locomotives HD
Open file 13741
Transport: Rail

Open file 13742
Recreation / Holidays
US ... Labor Day

History of Labor Day ... Labor Day: What it Means
Open file 13743

Enterprise Times News article: SolarCoin blockchain: earn your reward
Open file 13744
Triple Bottom Line Cost Benefit Analysis

What is TBL-CBA?
Open file 13745
Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs): What You Need to Know
Open file 13746

China has banned ICOs
Open file 13747

What you need to work for International NGO?
Open file 13748
The Trump Presidency
Incompetent Appointees

Trump Nominates Climate Change Denier to Head NASA / Rep Jim Bridenstine (R-OK) Demands Obama Apologize on Global Warming
Open file 13749
Climate / Extreme Weather
Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma reached Category Five status Tuesday as it barreled through the Caribbean towards Puerto Rico, making its first landfall in Barbuda this morning.
Open file 13750
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