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Food / Environment
Tuna / Sustainable Fishing

Greenpeace ranking of tuna brands with respect to sustainable fishing and procurement practices
Open file 13051
Company / Product
Nestle / Bottled Water

Since 2001, Swiss-owned Nestlé has removed more than 4 billion gallons of water from three wells in Michigan's Muskegon River watershed for a paltry $200 annual fee per well.
Open file 13052
Heat and Health

Why millions are at risk from a silent killer: heat
Open file 13053
Reducinmg heat in urban areas

Cool roofs: beating the midday sun with a slap of white paint ... Reflecting the sun saves a building’s energy but it can also affect surrounding temperatures and offset carbon emissions
Open file 13054
Urban Albedos

Text ... Report (2009) about Global Cooling and the impact world-wide urban albedos might offset impact of CO2 and global warming
Open file 13055
Energy / Jobs
Not coal but renewables

President Trump, it's time we left coal behind ... Coal isn’t the future of the American economy – it’s renewable energy. The sooner Donald Trump realizes that, the better
Open file 13056
Corporate Behavior
Dumb, arrogant and stupid

United Airlines and Borussia Dortmund: No Mere Accidents ... Two tales, same story of corporate abuse and consumerism.
Open file 13057
Can never win and deliver peace

How to Lose the Next War in the Middle East ... The best result is 'don't invade.'
Open file 13058
Speaking Trust to Power

Mother Jones ... Here's what O'Reilly called us--and why we're proud of it.
Open file 13059
Climate Change
Huge Change Needed

Eelco Rohling ... We need to get rid of carbon in the atmosphere, not just reduce emissions
Open file 13060
Climate Change
Hansen etal

Young People's Burden: Requirement of Negative CO2 Emissions
Open file 13061
Understanding Place is Foundational

Sanusi Is Killing Softly Northern Nigeria's Alibi By Rudolf Ogoo Okonkwo ... What ails Northern Nigeria, like what ails other parts of Nigeria, is deeper and more complex than outsiders often imagine.
Open file 13062
Toxic paint / other toxins

LEAD'S HIDDEN TOLL ... Across Los Angeles, toxic lead harms children in neighborhoods rich and poor
Open file 13063
Land Use / Forests

The Conversation ... The state of US forests: Six questions answered
Open file 13064
Financial Economy
Unwarranted Trust

Mid 2016 ... Central Bank Balance Sheet Assets Hit Record High!
Open file 13065
Waste Flows

Waste Flows through the economy
Open file 13066
Climate Change
Impact of Natural Disaster

BOOK ... An Intimate Look at Some of the Recent Global Natural Weather Disasters ... Stan Cox and Paul Cox describe the destructive force of nature in the context of climate change.
Open file 13067
The Trump Presidency
Reality is real

Is the Deep State Our Only Control Over Trump? ... When you actually try to govern, reality has a way of pushing back. Who knew?
Open file 13068
Country / Issue
Zimbabwe / Climate change

Climate change ... Resettled Zimbabwe farmers left high and dry
Open file 13069
Climate ... Drought
Famine / African Risk Capacity (ARC), a mutual insurance company

A tale of two droughts: one killed 260,000 people, the other none. Why? ... Disaster insurance offers a new model for economic self-sufficiency.
Open file 13070
Sustainable Development
Major Trends

Six megatrends that could alter the course of sustainable development ... As the world works to achieve the sustainable development goals, a recent UN report identifies six issues that challenge ambitious targets
Open file 13071
Dr. Hugh Hunt

The engineer who keeps the clock ticking ... Dr Hugh Hunt, keeper of the Trinity College Clock.
Open file 13072
Banks / Impact Investing
UBS / Rethink Impact

A $2.7 trillion money manager is preaching sustainable investing to its 7,000 financial advisors
Open file 13073
People Behavior

How to Clear Your Computer of Focus-Draining Distraction
Open file 13074
Company Character
Ability to Innovate

Intel Disrupted: Why large companies find it difficult to innovate and what they can do about it
Open file 13075
The Trump Presidency
Reality TV ... or just plain reality

The Trump House: Season 1 ... A proposed new reality TV show could transform how we view American politics.
Open file 13076
More Jobs ... Less pay

The Shocking Reality of a Future of Shrinking Jobs ... A stunning 94 percent of the 9 million new jobs created in the past decade were temp or contract-based gigs.
Open file 13077
American NeoCon Disinformation

Pundits Who Helped Sell NATO's Destruction of Libya now push for Trump to Lead Syria Regime Change ... Human slaves are now being sold in Libya. The pundits who backed it now have their sights on Syria.
Open file 13078
Energy -v- Environment
BP Pollution in Alaska

BP Oil and Gas Leaks Under Control, but Alaskans Want Answers ... Activists want to know what triggered the blowout at BP's Prudhoe Bay oil well and whether 'this is something that could be more pervasive.'
Open file 13079
Energy -v- Environment
Old infrastructure

Alaska Oil and Gas Spills Prompt Call for Inspection of All Cook Inlet Pipelines ... One of the pipelines is still leaking into the inlet, Alaska's oldest oil and gas producing regionis more than 50 years old.
Open file 13080
Climate Change
Carbon Control Incentives

Carbon Credits Likely Worthless in Reducing Emissions, Study Says ... Schemes allowed by the Paris climate agreement won't help countries reach their reduction targets and should be phased out.
Open file 13081

Open file 13082
Ice Melt / Sea Level Rise
Changes in Antarctica

Antarctica Is Covered With Flowing Water, And That Worries Scientists
Open file 13083
Sustainable Energy
Circular Economy

Cherry Tree Inspiration Wins Start-Up $4 Million Energy Grant ... LanzaTech has developed a system for harnessing the power of living organisms
Open file 13084
The Anglican Church

Half of England's Anglican cathedrals could close amid funding crisis
Open file 13085
The Trunp Presidency
People and Performance

West Wing infighting has ripple effects across the government ... Top-level vacancies frustrate Trump's administration
Open file 13086
Restore the Earth

Images for the Logos of Supporting Companies
Open file 13087
Renewable Energy
US Solar

America Now Has 27.2 Gigawatts of Solar Energy: What Does That Mean?
Open file 13088
The Trump Presidency
Top Advisers

Ivanka & Jared: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
Open file 13089
Basic Income
The U.S. Basic Income Guarantee Network

The Basic Income Guarantee is an unconditional, government-insured guarantee that all citizens will have enough income to meet their basic needs
Open file 13090
The Trump Presidency
Discounting Natural Capital

Executive Order is first step towards opening protected lands to Big Oil
Open file 13091
Banking and Finance

Mnuchin offers Volcker rule fix ... Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has begun sketching how to define compliance with the Volcker rule.
Open file 13092
Container shipping companies merge

The world's biggest container shipping company Maersk Line will pay $4.02 billion (3.7 billion euros) for its acquisition of smaller German rival Hamburg Süd, it said on Friday.
Open file 13093
Banking and Finance

How Do We Fix Finance? ... The United States needs to put monstrous and mostly self-serving financial institutions in proper check.
Open file 13094
Bushkill PA

Democracy for America ... Host a DFA Resistance LinkUp in May!
Open file 13095
US Public Sector
The US Mail

The Postal Service Is Doing Great, Despite Lies and Distortions From the RightThe nation's public post offices racked up a $610 million operating profit last year, and a $1.2 billion profit the year before.
Open file 13096
The Trump Presidency
Jobs ... Jobs ... Jobs

LABOR ... The Great Job Exodus Is Upon Us: Trump's Promise to Save American Labor Is Already a Bust ... At least 12,000 positions have moved or are in the process of being moved abroad since late January.
Open file 13097
Climate Change
'A stitch in time'

ENVIRONMENT ... Climate Change as Genocide: Inaction Equals Annihilation ... It would cost just $4.4 billion to save 20 million African lives, but the world won't pony up.
Open file 13098
The Trump Presidency
White House Staff

The Trump Administration After 100 Days: A Second-Rate Salesman Surrounded by Con Men and Losers ... Trump has staffed the West Wing with low-grade hucksters
Open file 13099
TVM Website Admin
Links to useful resources

Partial listing of URLs used to develope TVM information base ... March 2017
Open file 13100
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