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A note written in 2017 about the office where ACAUS started!
Open file 13101
Sustainability Data
S&P Global

Video ... Sustainability Meets Mainstream Financial Markets ... S&P Global Head of Innovation Dmitri Sedov and Trucost CEO Richard Mattison discuss
Open file 13102
Energy / Coal
Structural Trends

The Autopsy Is in: Natural Gas Killed Coal ... In case anyone doubts the death of coal, experts just issued the autopsy. / Final Study Shows Coal Export Terminal Would Increase Cancer Rates, Carbon Emissions
Open file 13103

What's the Oldest Thing Alive Today?
Open file 13104
Climate Change
Sea Level Rise

Not Even Trump's Mar-a-Lago Will Be Spared From Sea Level Rise
Open file 13105
US Naval Power

Video ... US Massive Aircraft-Carrier Escorted and Protected by Large Amount of US Navy Ships
Open file 13106
Happiness Explained

Opinion ... Why Switzerland is the Happiest Country in the World ... The traditionally neutral country boasts a civically minded and physically active populace — though its happiness comes at a cost.
Open file 13107
The Trump Presidency
Climate advocacy pushback

Judge to Trump: Appeal 'Would Put Cart Before the Horse
Open file 13108
Waste / Recycling in the UK
The Environmental Services Association (ESA),

POLITICS ... ESA calls for planning system to be aligned with circular economy ... a lot of work to be done
Open file 13109
Solar Thermal

About the World’s Largest Solar Plant in California ... 9 Things to Know About the World’s Largest Solar Plant in California
Open file 13110
The Trump Presidency
The Budget Debate

14 ways Trump lost bigly with the budget deal ... The “Art of the Deal.”
Open file 13111
South Sudan

The Conversation ... South Sudan crisis deepens as main rebel groups fragment and realign
Open file 13112
Metrics / Classification
Standard Industrial Classification (SIC)

Manual for the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) ... listing of the classifications
Open file 13113
Graduate Education ... the MBA

Is the Harvard MBA the root of all evil?
Open file 13114
Senator Casey

Burgess on Issues that need to be addressed
Open file 13115
Technology / Materials
Ceramic Matrix Composites

GE Aviation and the Ceramic Matrix Composite Revolution
Open file 13116
People ... Alexis Ohanian
Profile / Connections

Serena Williams' fiancee Alexis Ohanian shares poignant tribute to pregnant tennis player ... 'Everyone sees her success as an athlete, but all of that is layered on the size of her heart,' says Reddit co-founder
Open file 13117
Muhammad Yunus

Special Message Regarding Professor Muhammad Yunus (father of microfinance)
Open file 13118
USA / Energy / Renewables

National Renewable Energy Lab ... GONE WITH THE WIND ... The first U.S. offshore wind farm just shut down a diesel plant
Open file 13119
USA / Power Plant Emissions

OPINION ... EPA committed to regulating mercury 17 years ago. Now it’s having second thoughts.
Open file 13120
Industry Sector
Iron and Steel

Siemens to modernize main drives in two hot rolling mills of ArcelorMittal in Europe Enhanced rolling power for demanding steel grades
Open file 13121
Process: Iron and Steel
Rolling Mill

Modeling and control of a four-high heavy plate rolling mill / ACIN - Automation and Control Institute / Research / CDS / Four-high heavy plate rolling mill
Open file 13122
50 Young People Changing the World

The GRIST list of 50 Young People Changing the World ... May 2017
Open file 13123
The Ocean Cleanup Project #1

The Ocean Cleanup—the ambitious Dutch venture devoted to ridding the world's oceans of plastics—announced this week that it has raised $21.7 million in donations since last November.
Open file 13124
Ocean Pollution
The Ocean Cleanup Project #2

The Ocean Cleanup—the ambitious Dutch venture devoted to ridding the world's oceans of plastics—announced this week that it has raised $21.7 million in donations since last November.
Open file 13125
The Presidential Election

The Fall of the French Ruling Class?
Open file 13126
Passenger Aircraft

Boom! Supersonic Passenger Jet Coming by 2020 ... At Mach 2.2, the supersonic jet could fly between New York City and London in 3 hours and 15 minutes.
Open file 13127
Burgess Connections

Participants in the TEDxUWS initiative in April 2016
Open file 13128
History: Lorry Manufacturing in the UK
The defunct Foden company

VIDEO Birth of a Foden. (Foden production in the 1930's & 1940's).
Open file 13129

Point of view: Tuberculosis innovations mean little if they cannot save lives
Open file 13130
Peter Burgess / Sateesh Mane

The Data Architecture for True Value Impact Accounting (TVIA)
Open file 13131
Climate Change
Corporate Responsibility

Power Player ... Calling all CSOs: This is your defining moment
Open file 13132
Health / Wellness
Eat Healthy

To Heal, First Eat ... Doctors Learn to Cook Healthy, ‘Crave-able’ Foods
Open file 13133
People / Connections
Peter Burgess / Vanessa Bouchereau

List of contacts in May 2017
Open file 13134
Future Investment Need / Opportunity

A recent report by the Business & Sustainable Development Commission (BSDC) ... Reorienting financial flows: the $12 trillion question
Open file 13135
Decision Makers

The Commissioners of the Business Commission May 2017
Open file 13136
Social Business

VIDEO ... Zenia Tata - Doing Good is Good Business
Open file 13137
Country: Myanmar
Ancient Monuments

Exploring and understanding storytelling and how it shapes our lives. My tools: Words, images, thoughts, memories, connections, history ... and, maybe, wisdom.
Open file 13138
Transitioning to Green

YouTube ... LD3_Introducing_GlobStrat_Mar8_1
Open file 13139
Military Technology
Aircraft Carriers

Trump Wants ‘Goddamned Steam,’ Not Digital Catapults on Aircraft Carriers ... “You have to be Albert Einstein to figure it out.”
Open file 13140
Cities / Technology

The future of our cities? It could be blockchain
Open file 13141

FRONTLINE / NPR ... A Housing Affordability Crisis That’s Worse for the Lowest Income Americans
Open file 13142
Noam Chomsky

Interview with BBC Newnight ... Noam Chomsky: The GOP Is Still the Most Dangerous Organization in Human History
Open file 13143
Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky full length interview with BBC Channel 4 News : Who rules the world now?
Open file 13144
Money, Banking and Finance
Monetary System

Video ... The Monetary System Visually Explained
Open file 13145
Money / Interest / Financial Crisis
Monetary Policy

The real truth about the 2008 financial crisis | Brian S. Wesbury | TEDxCountyLineRoad
Open file 13146
EDF Action against Republic Senators

crucial clean air and climate protection regulations
Open file 13147
Universal Basic Income

Overseas Development Institute ... Universal basic income: has its time come? - debate
Open file 13148
David Suzuki

David Suzuki Foundation ... Long work hours don't work for people or the planet
Open file 13149
TVM Essay
Rules for SBAC Paper

CALL FOR PAPERS ... SBAC 2017 ... Social Business Academia Conference 2017
Open file 13150
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