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TVM Dialog List 1230
11451 - 11500

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order

WBCSD ... World Business Council for Sustainable Development
A collection of (21) videos compiled by WBCSD about Natural Capital
Open file 11451
NCC - Natural Capital Coalition
About The Natural Capital Coalition
Open file 11452
Natural Capital Coalition
Members of the Natural Capital Coalition ... workpaper
Open file 11453
USA ... Politics
Campaign misinformation
Lawrence Mishel of EPI ... The Trump trade scam ... a rebuttal of some of the misinformation Trump uses to justify his simplistic policy positions
Open file 11454
Environmental Accounting
Initiative of the United Nations
SEEA ... UN System of Environmental Economic Accounting
Open file 11455
Initiative ... WAVE
Natural Capital Accounting
WAVE ... Wealth Accounting and the Valuation of Economic Services ... Natural Capital Accounting in Action
Open file 11456
Circular Economy
Alexandre Lemille ... Do we need to rethink circular change (economy)?
Open file 11457
The Imperative Fund
Information about the Imperative Fund ... an initiative to bring communities out of poverty in a sustainable way
Open file 11458
Tesla + Solar City
Proposed Merger ... TeslaCity: Will car company + solar company = shareholder happiness?
Open file 11459
Peter Burgess Dialog
Stephen Nuchia
RE: recruiting for board ... 2014
Open file 11460
Plastic waste
Interesting way to reuse
Plastic roads: India’s radical plan to bury its garbage beneath the streets ... In India, roads made from shredded plastic are proving a popular solution to tackling waste and extreme weather
Open file 11461
Genetric Modification ... GMO
A Complex Debate
110 Nobel Laureates Call Out Greenpeace Over Anti-GMO Stance
Open file 11462
February 2016 ... Could Growing Food in Gravel Be Pay Dirt for Sustainable Agriculture?
Open file 11463
People List
Centre for Citizenship Enterprise and Governance ... July 2016
Open file 11464
Health Malaria
Integrated Malaria Management
Chapter written by Robert Novak, Peter Burgess and Ian Brooks in Vector Biology, Ecology and Control ... 2009
Open file 11465
UK Legislation
The Clean Air Act of 1956
Life before the Clean Air Act - your memories and pictures
Open file 11466
USA ... Violence
Shooting in Dallas
Sniper attack in Dallas kills 5 police officers
Open file 11467
Ian Murdock
Debian founder Ian Murdock killed himself – SF medical examiner
Open file 11468
M & A Concentration
July 2016 ... Avast woos AVG shareholders with $1.3bn buyout offer ... Merger is to corner market rather than snaffle rival's tech
Open file 11469
Health ... Malaria
Dialog via GHDonline
The importance of surveillance in Malaria elimination
Open file 11470
Health - Malaria
Information Systems
Information Systems to Support Surveillance for Malaria Elimination
Colin Ohrt*, Kathryn W. Roberts, Hugh J. W. Sturrock, Jennifer Wegbreit, Bruce Y. Lee and Roly D. Gosling
Open file 11471
Burgess Background
Early Computer Experience
An Audit Approach to Computers ... Andrew Pinkney and Brian Jenkins
Open file 11472
USA ... Society
Police Violence / Politics
ELECTION 2016 ... It's Not Hyperbole: This Week's Police Violence and Political Mayhem Show a Fragile and Flailing America ... Where to begin making sense of the senseless around us.
Open file 11473
Materials Technology
Bio-based materials
'Game-changing' DuPont & ADM breakthrough delivers huge bio-based boost.
Open file 11474
Medical Science
DRUGS ... After 20 Years and Many Billions, Pfizer Finally Admits That Opioids Are Addictive ... And more truth: opioids are not very effective after 12 weeks.
Open file 11475
San Francisco enacts ban on polystyrene product sales from 2017.
Open file 11476
USA ... Gun Violence
Police killings
VIDEO ... Van Jones Shuts Down CNN Guest Trying to Use Dallas Shootings to Smear 'Black Lives Matter' ... The peaceful BLM protests around the country aren't equivalent to the violence against police in Dallas.
Open file 11477
Fox News / Roger Ailes
MEDIA ... 9 Things You Should Know About the Gretchen Carlson Lawsuit Against Fox Chief Roger Ailes ... The sexism and harassment at Fox goes far beyond Ailes, Carlson says.
Open file 11478
Privacy ... Big Data Mining
Center for Financial Inclusion
“Oh, we know everything about you.”
Open file 11479
Big Data
Center for Financial Inclusion
Is Bigger [Data] Better?
Open file 11480
Initiative ... GRESB
ESG Data Analysis
GRESB Launches 2016 Real Asset Assessments ... Providing ESG data for institutional investors with over 8.1 trillion USD in assets under management
Open file 11481
Initiative ... GRESB
Sustainability and Impact Analysis
About the organization, including details about the staff of the organization
Open file 11482
Health ... Malaria
Cost to implement global goals
WHO 2016 ... Bulletin of the World Health Organization ... Estimated global resources needed to attain international malaria control goals
Open file 11483
Jay Leno
EXCLUSIVE: James Bond’s 2017 Aston Martin DB11 - Jay Leno’s Garage
Open file 11484
USA .... Discontent
About Wall Street
ANXIETY INDEX ... Most Americans distrust Wall Street
Open file 11485
Technology ... Accountability
Smart phone streaming
Facebook Live: Important New Witness to Crimes ... NEWS ANALYSIS: You can run but you cannot hide from a ubiquitous social network like Facebook, especially now that it enables users to broadcast live video any time.
Open file 11486
Speakers for Sustainatopia Conference
Speakers for Sustainatopia Conference to be held in Boston ... October 9th to 12th, 2016
Open file 11487
People .. Lisa Laurin
Thought Leader Sustainability Management
Managing for Sustainability: It’s Not About the Market
Open file 11488
Media ... Sustainable Brands
Sufficiency Economy
If Humanity Were a Corporation ...
Open file 11489
Agenda for Sustainatopia Conference
Agenda for Sustainatopia Conference to be held in Boston ... October 9th to 12th, 2016 ... Listing of Proposed workshops / sessions
Open file 11490
Standardized Sustainability Metrics
Cory Searcy ... It Is Time to Develop and Apply a Set of Standardized Sustainability Metrics
Open file 11491
People ... Leadership
David Crane
David Crane ... Senior Operating Executive, Pegasus Capital Advisers (current) ... President and Chief Executive Officer, NRG Energy (2003-2015)
Open file 11492
People ... Thought leaders
Sanjay Gupta
Dialog Peter Burgess / Sanjay Gputa on Linkedin
Open file 11493
Justice System Reform
Killings involving the police
JUSTICE ... The Officers Who Killed Alton Sterling and Philando Castile May Not Be Punished. Here’s Why.
Open file 11494
People - Serena Williams
Serena Williams Uses Historic Wimbledon Win To Fight For Social Justice
Open file 11495
Peter Burgess Dialog
Jean Rogers, CEO, SASB
Dialog with Jean Rogers about the Principles of Sustainability Accounting
Open file 11496
Conventional Accounting
The Core Principles of Accounting
Understanding the Basic Principles of Accounting from QuickBooks 2011 All-in-One For Dummies
Open file 11497
Core Principles of Accounting
Working Paper
Core principles of conventional accounting related to the core principles of true value accounting
Open file 11498
China ... South China Sea
Disputed Areas
WORLDPOST ... Tribunal Rules Chinese Have No Legal Claims Over South China Sea ... China says its armed forces will defend its sovereignty and maritime interests.
Open file 11499
History, Present, and Future
THE PUTIN NEMESIS PLOTTING A POST-PUTIN RUSSIA ... Mikhail Khodorkovsky, once Russia’s richest man and then its most famous political prisoner, now has his eye on the future—his country’s. Can he invent a new Russia from exile?
Open file 11500

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