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TVM Dialog List 1225
11201 - 11250

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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About IPAR

Measuring the impact of conservation investing just got easier
Open file 11201

IRIS Tackles 'Metrics Gap' To Help Entrepreneurs, Investors Measure Triple Bottom Line
Open file 11202
What is business doing?

What is business doing about sustainability?
Open file 11203
Shared Value Initiative

Shared Value Initiative ... staff as of 160508 ... associated with organizing the summit in New York
Open file 11204
Banking and Finance
Manipulating the money

'mathematically' when do you think currencies will tip Fw: SIVR: What Is Manipulation And Does A 'Free Market' Exist? What Of Gold & Silver?
Open file 11205
Materials for the Arts, NYC Department of Cultural Affairs

Visit to MftA to meet Harriet Taub on May 1oth 2016 with Claudia Freed
Open file 11206
Andrew Winston

Winston Blog: Who's Embracing the End of Fossil Fuels? It's a Surprise...
Open file 11207
The Coal Sector

The Decline Of The Coal Industry Is “Long-Term” And “Irreversible” according to Goldman Sachs
Open file 11208
Finance ... PetroDollars
Country ... Saudi Arabia

Why The Petrodollar Is Facing Its End
Open file 11209
Social Entrepreneurship

Social Entrepreneurs: What’s In a Revenue Stream?
Open file 11210

4 Surprising Ways Energy-Efficient Buildings Benefit Cities
Open file 11211

Solar Power ... the price of solar generation projects hits new low
Open file 11212
The State of ISIS

Priyanka Boghani on ISIA ... The Growing Danger ... The Destabilizing Threats ... Affiliates Under Pressure ... Future Threats
Open file 11213
Speakers at GRI Conference

Speakers ... GRI Conference ... May 2016
Open file 11214
Sustainability Reporting

OECD’s Common Reporting Standard: Are You Ready?
Open file 11215
Sustainability Reporting

Eric Hespenheide, Chair of the Global Sustainability Standards Board (GSSB) on the future of sustainability reporting
Open file 11216
Sustainability Reporting

Interview with Jeanne Ng, Director of Group Sustainability, CLP.
Open file 11217
The Global Alliance for Banking on Values

Some information about banks in the The Global Alliance for Banking on Values network
Open file 11218
USA ... Politics
Risks of the Radical Right

TEA PARTY AND THE RIGHT ... How We Must Face the Rise of the Radical Right
Open file 11219

Names and afffiliations for the full speaker roster
Open file 11220
Circular Economy

The Building Sector’s ‘Trillion-Dollar’ Circular Economy Opportunity
Open file 11221
IIRC ... Integrated Reporting

IIRC Newsletter ... May 2016 ... The IIRC meets in Frankfurt and other news
Open file 11222
Climate Change
Data about Climate

September 2015 to April 2016 ... No human alive has seen 7 months this hot before
Open file 11223
Accountancy Rules
Valuation of Goodwill

PwC ... In brief: FASB proposes to simplify measurement of goodwill impairment
Open file 11224
Role of WTO

The Global Trade Impasse: The Chinese Leadership Conundrum ... China’s time to lead the WTO has come.
Open file 11225
Ideas ... Robert H. Dugger
Independence Day Reflections from 2008

America’s Next Challenge ... Is the United States on the verge of a major civil transition? ... Cold War Roots of U.S. Economic Problems ... How did the U.S. trade policy shift after the Cold War?
Open file 11226
Medical Diagnostics

Theranos' Last Defense Crumbles
Open file 11227
Money and Banking
Fed Policy

From Yellen Put To Yellen Massacre
Open file 11228

David Suzuki Foundation ... Eating less meat will reduce Earth’s heat
Open file 11229

Wartsila's Value of Expediency ... Floating systems for regasification of LNG and storage
Open file 11230
Transport ... Logistics
Container transport economics

CMA CGM Aims to Cut Costs by $1 Bln
Open file 11231
Urban Redevelopment

BOOKS ... Talkin' 'Bout My Gentrification: One Way to Tackle the Evils of Hipsterization ... Actually talking with the neighborhood regulars and leaders is helpful
Open file 11232
Women's Issues
Sexual Assault in the Military

Military Women Who Speak out About Sexual Assault Are Being Branded With 'Personality Disorder' and Pushed Out
Open file 11233
Politics and Economics
Social Democracy

Millions Now Understand That Capitalism Needs Socialism to Work — Which Is Why Bernie Is So Popular
Sanders' vision of democratic socialism is just capitalism with a safety net.
Open file 11234
Bryan Stevenson

Bryan Stevenson ... human rights lawyer, and activist in the cause of justice
Open file 11235
Natural Science

Don’t Close Minds to Science by Shuttering Natural History Museums ... Short-sighted politicians are campaigning against institutions that educate the young and promote scientific discovery.
Open file 11236
Metrics Matter
UN OCHA ... Development Data

UN OCHA ... Making the Invisible Visible: A short film about humanitarian data
Open file 11237
Country ... Iraq

The Mosul Dam - A Ticking Time Bomb?
Open file 11238
Banking and Finance

North American Oil And Gas Bankruptcies Rise Above 70
Open file 11239
Crude Oil Markets and Geopollitics

May, 2016 - Iran Digs In Its Heels Ahead Of OPEC Meeting, Which Means Saudi Will Too.
Open file 11240
Production Strategy

May 2016 ... The North Sea's Late-Life Conundrum
Open file 11241
Contact list

Contact list from Chuch of the Heavenly Rest
Open file 11242
Company ... Starbucks
Social Impact Financing

Starbucks Issues First-Ever U.S. Corporate Sustainability Bond, Aimed at Driving Social Impacts in Supply Chain
Open file 11243
Impact Investing

Investors Care More About Sustainability Than Many Executives Believe
Open file 11244
Fela Kuta

Fela, 58, Dissident Nigerian Musician, Dies
Open file 11245
Fela Kuta

The art provocateur Fela Kuti who used sex and politics to confront
Open file 11246
The Food Industry

FOOD ... Big Ag Is the Biggest Obstacle to Global Food Security—Here's What Can Turn It Around
Open file 11247
Systems that never work

FRONTLINE ... BUSINESS OF DISASTER ... How Much Do Insurance Companies Profit After a Natural Disaster?
Open file 11248
J. Christopher Flowers

Checkmate for a Wall Street wizard?
Open file 11249
J. Christopher Flowers.

The “fintech” revolution will end badly for most startups, according to veteran financial-services investor J. Christopher Flowers.
Open file 11250
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