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TVM Dialog List 1224
11551 - 11600

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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Circular Economy

Guardian June 2015 ... Could a circular economy save world's oceans from plastic waste?
Open file 11151
Supply Chain

The Supply Chain Disruption No One Is Talking About ... Road to Intermodal Rail
Open file 11152

SUPPLY CHAIN ... Celebrate Sustainability with Earth Day
Open file 11153
Middle East
Israel and Turkey

Israel and Turkey: Approaching Reconciliation? ... Normalization negotiations seem closer than ever to conclusion, but significant differences remain on Gaza, Hamas and Egypt.
Open file 11154
By Dean Goodwin

BOOKS ... Five Planet-Changing Consequences of Global Warming to Consider on Earth Day—and Every Day ... Goodbye, (parts of) Florida.
Open file 11155
Country ... Saudi Arabia
Turning Point

Quicksand Kingdom: A Shaky Saudi Home Front ... Domestic prospects look bleak for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Open file 11156
Country ... Saudi Arabia
Turning Point

Saudi Arabia Abroad: A Kingdom In Retreat ... Despite military adventurism beyond Saudi borders, the comfortable status quo is fading.
Open file 11157
Alon Ben-Meir

Alon Ben-Meir ... Middle East Expert ... NYU and World Policy Institute
Open file 11158
Trade and Unemployment in the USA

Elites are clueless on trade: Paul Krugman can’t connect the dots of his own analysis ... Bernie is pilloried as a protectionist, but his proposals are a rational response to the plight of American labor
Open file 11159
Productivity, Profits and Payrolls

Where Did the Money from Productivity Increases Go?
Open file 11160
Country ... Oman

The Omagine Project
Open file 11161

A bridge too far?
Open file 11162

The Brazil Syndrome ... renowned economist Anders Åslund engages the views of Dani Rodrik, Nouriel Roubini, Joseph Stiglitz, and others on the growing turmoil in emerging markets.
Open file 11163
Beyond GDP

Beyond GDP – is it time to rethink the way we measure growth?
Open file 11164
Energy ... Environment
Economic Impact

We Could Be Witnessing the Death of the Fossil Fuel Industry—Will It Take the Rest of the Economy Down With It? In just two decades, the total value of the energy being produced via fossil fuel extraction has plummeted by more than half.
Open file 11165
The 1401 Mainframe

IBM 1401: The Mainframe ... and the infamous plugboard
Open file 11166
Productivity, Profits & Wages

Productivity, Profits & Wages — Two Charts That Tell The Story
Open file 11167
David Helfand

SCIENCE ... IS THE INTERNET LYING TO YOU? ... an interview with David Helfand
Open file 11168
Oilfield services

An Ultra-Deepwater Drillship Just Sold For 10 Cents On The Dollar
Open file 11169
Wael Ghonim

TED Talk ... Wael Ghonim: Let's design social media that drives real change
Open file 11170
Region ... Europe
About Brexit

Brexit: Au revoir Europe? ... Norman Lamont, former British Chancellor of the Exchequer, on why he wants the UK to leave the European Union.
Open file 11171
Misc IMAGES Open file 11172
President Obama

'If This Goes Well, I'll Use It At Goldman Sachs Next Year' - Obama Mocks Everyone At His Final 'Nerd Prom' ... The White House Correspondents Dinner
Open file 11173

Michael Spence on Managing Debt in an Overleveraged World
Open file 11174

America’s Trade Deficit Begins at Home
Open file 11175
The Chinese model

Francis Fukuyama on Exporting the Chinese Model
Open file 11176

Martin Feldstein on Japan’s Economic Quandary
Open file 11177
US Wealth Distribution

YouTube ... US Wealth Distribution ... Wealth Inequality in America
Open file 11178
Economic growth

Nouriel Roubini ... The Global Growth Funk
Open file 11179
Company Culture
Japanese Companies

Hiroshi “Mickey” Mikitani ...Japan’s New Business Language
Open file 11180
Economic Forecasting

Simon Johnson ... The Next Global Boom – and Bust
Open file 11181
Banking and Finance
Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs)

Russian Bank Collapse Shines Light on Risks in Irish Shadows
Open file 11182
AFRICA ... Sierra Leone
Child welfare

AFRICA ... The forgotten child prisoners of Sierra Leone ... Child inmates are left to languish in prison with no visitors or legal assistance as many wait years for a trial.
Open file 11183
Climate Change
Policy Options

CLIMATE ... Why Bill Gates’ Math Error About Climate Change Matters
Open file 11184
Major Initiative
The New System Project

New Systems Series: Volume 1
Open file 11185
Event ... Webinar
About Winning Awards

Event May 25, 2016 at 11 am (London time) ... Join our one-hour webinar with Awards Expert Donna O’Toole to find out all you need to know to become an award-winner.
Open file 11185
Major Initiatives
The Next System Project

New Systems Series: Volume 2
Open file 11186
New Systems Project

New Systems Series: Volume 1
Open file 11187
SPARE Open file 11188
Electric Cars

China’s Take On Tesla Motors ... About the LeEco
Open file 11189
Electric Cars

Faraday Future car 2016 ... showing off the FFZero1
Open file 11190
SPARE Open file 11191
Tech Initiatives

Distribution Partners, Marketing Partners, Reseller Partners
Open file 11192
Electric Cars

Faraday Future car 2016
Open file 11193
Urban Planning

Video - ULI Case Studies: Knowledge and Innovation Community - Shanghai
Open file 11194
Captain Cook's ship Discovery

In resurrecting Captain Cook’s ship, we can re-examine our colonial past
Open file 11195

Bill McKibben - ... I got some tough news last week. Here’s how you can help.
Open file 11196
USA ... Taxation
Tax Reform

Stand with Sen. Warren: Tell Congress to simplify tax filing
Open file 11197

Why is Datamaran™ different? and other Frequently Asked Questions
Open file 11198

Poster about the elements of getting to zero
Open file 11199

May 6 launch of JCSAT-14 ... Hosted YouTube Webcast by SpaceX
Open file 11200
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