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Supply Chain
Product ... Tea

Human trafficking and tea: What's the connection?
Open file 11101
Tax Avoidance
Company ... Pfizer

ECONOMY We Stopped Pfizer’s Giant Tax Dodge, Now Let’s End the Stock Market Manipulation ... Want affordable healthcare? This shady practice of stock market manipulation must go.
Open file 11102
USA ... Rules

Guidelines for various aspects of a tax filing for the year 2015
Open file 11103
Disturbing facts

5 Disturbing Facts Big Food Doesn't Want You to Know ... A few inconvenient truths you might need to know before tucking into that next bite of shrimp, beef or bacon.
Open file 11104
Business Economics
Value Extraction Vs. Value Creation

Rogier van Vlissingen ... Examining Business Plans: Value Extraction Vs. Value Creation
Open file 11105
Under Armour, Inc. (UA)

About: Under Armour, Inc. (UA) ... Why Did Under Armour Fall By 50% On Friday?
Open file 11106
Energy Economics
Crude Oil

April 2016 ... Crude Oil: Is OPEC Going To Surprise?
Open file 11107
Country ... Greece
Lessons: Germany and debt

Piketty: 'Germany Has Never Repaid Its Debts; It Has No Standing To Lecture Other Nations'
Open file 11108
Andrew Winston

TED Institute ... Andrew Winston: The Big Pivot
Open file 11109
Banking and Finance
Deceipt and Deception

Banksters - William Black tells the real truth
Open file 11110
Banking and Finance
Federal Reserve

$9,000,000,000,000 MISSING From The Federal Reserve SHOCKING FOOTAGE ... Congressional questioning that raises some huge questions.
Open file 11111
Banking and Finance
Federal Reserve

Alan Grayson: 'Which Foreigners Got the Fed's $500,000,000,000?' Bernanke: 'I Don't Know.' ... but in fact Bernanke was on top of the discussion.
Open file 11112
Internet Players

My answer to a question about Grist
Open file 11113
Energy ... Coal
Peabody Energy

The world’s largest private coal company just went bankrupt
Open file 11114
Energy ... Coal
Peabody Energy

How to make coal companies pay to clean up their messes
Open file 11115
Event ... Webinar
The Next System Project ... April 14, 2016 at 2pm

The Next System Project ... FREE 60-Minute Webinar: Counting Care In ...
Open file 11116
Chemical fertilizer pollution

Meet Monsanto's Evil Twin, an Industry That Does Major Damage and Gets Shockingly Little Attention ... Chemical fertilizer pollutes the environment, disrupts the climate and damages human and animal health.
Open file 11117
Organization ... ACCION
Personal Finance

Investing in individuals. Improving our world. ... How an App Promotes Personal Finance in Colombia
Open file 11118
Data is a great source of data ... a database getting information from people around the world
Open file 11119

Daniweb ... a community that helps with coding problems.
Open file 11120
Webinar ...
The elements of analysis

I was already advocating for better metrics back in the 1980s!
Open file 11121
Urban Economics Seminar

Making Land Fly: Land Quota Markets in Chinese Urb ... THU, APR 21 AT 2:00 PM, NEW YORK, NY
Open file 11122
Too complicated by far

CREDO petition ... Stand with Sen. Warren: Tell Congress to simplify tax filing ... and the lobbying of companies like H & R Block, Intuit and others
Open file 11123
Brand Names

Brand 'Arctic' ... interesting take about the use of the word 'Arctic' in product names ... like bottled wayter!
Open file 11124
Panama Papers ... High Level Panel on Illicit Financial Flows

Panel’s Warnings are Not Just another Recommendation! ... Statement by Thabo Mbeki, Panel Chair
Open file 11125
Initiatives ... in New York
World Policy Institute

About the World Policy Institute ...
Open file 11126
Noam Chomsky

ACTIVISM ... Noam Chomsky: This Is the Propaganda System That Corporate Media Uses to Dominate Society ... The famous political activist discusses corporate media, foreign policy and war.
Open file 11127
BOOK by Tim Wise

Millions of Americans Are Dealing With Economic Pain They Haven't Seen for Decades ... White Americans have not experienced double-digit unemployment for three generations, since the Great Depression.
Open file 11128
The impact of war

WORLD ... The Madness of Modern War: We Don't Even Have Words That Can Explain It ... A dictionary of euphemisms for imperial decline.
Open file 11129

About ... an initiative to collect data from everywhere in the world ... founded by Mladen Adamovic
Open file 11130
Energy Efficiency Metrics

We’re tracking major US energy efficiency metrics on a new webpage. Check out how 2015 measures up.
Open file 11131
Integrated Global Development
World Citizen

Video ... The importance of environment in reducing poverty
Open file 11132
Sugar, and sugar substitutes

What Does the Bitter Battle Between Big Sugar and Big Corn Mean for Consumers? ... A multibillion-dollar lawsuit between the two major sweetener industries has finally been settled.
Open file 11133
Intense Farming Practices

Intense Farming Practices Can Help Save Wildlife ... Human population growth means we need to farm more efficiently so we don’t plow what’s left of the world’s natural habitat.
Open file 11134
Water in California

Farming Without Water ... As California faces its fourth year of drought, the farmers who supply half of U.S. fruits and vegetables are trying to figure out how to conserve their scarcest resource.
Open file 11135
Country ... Russia
Sector ... Energy

Russia: a global energy powerhouse that’s much more than a petro-state
Open file 11136
USA ... Society
Emergence of Class

First Take ... Political analysis in real time ... How the rich helped create 2016’s angry populism
Open file 11137
ACTIVISM ... Society
Noam Chomsky and the New System Project

Noam Chomsky: There's a Huge Desire to Revamp Our Exploitative Economy, Bubbling in the Collective Unconscious ... The Next System is closer than you think.
Open file 11138
People Impact on the Planet

ENVIRONMENT ... The 3 Most Environmentally Damaging Habits You Might Be Able to Change ... If going green seems complicated, here are a few key choices that can have a big impact on the planet we call home.
Open file 11139
Rate of US Corporate Taxation

It’s time to raise, not lower, corporate income taxes
Open file 11140
Managing baseload generation

RMI Blows The Lid Off The “Baseload Power” Myth (Video)
Open file 11141
Energy ... USA
The archaic grid

The Intermittency of Wind and Solar: Is It Only Intermittently a Problem?
Open file 11142
John Elkington

Triple bottom line ... It consists of three Ps: profit, people and planet
Open file 11143
Public Citizen

Update from Public Citizen ... Robert Weissman, Public Citizen
Open file 11144
Research and Development
US Investment in R&D

America’s Secret Weapon ... US Investment in R&D is flatrlining .,. many other important countries are increasing their spend significantly
Open file 11145
The Phillips Machine

The MONIAC (Monetary National Income Analogue Computer) also known as the Phillips Computer
Open file 11146
Systemic dysfunction

Profits Without Prosperity ... Five years after the official end of the Great Recession, corporate profits are high, and the stock market is booming. Yet most Americans are not sharing in the recovery.
Open file 11147
Clay Christensen at TEDxBoston

TEDx video ... How Will You Measure Your Life? Clay Christensen at TEDxBoston
Open file 11148
Planetary Boundaries

Planetary boundaries tipping points ... some thoughts about how simplistic this thinking is!
Open file 11149
Quality of Life

OurWorldinData ... Comparing Happiness and Life Satisfaction across Countries ... Comparing Life Satisfaction through Time
Open file 11150
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