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A talk by white collar criminologist William Black
YouTube ... Plutonomy: The Memo Citigroup Doesn't Want You to See
Open file 11051
The Impacts of Big Pharma
DRUGS ... How Big Pharma Is Cashing in on Addiction to Alcohol and Illicit Drugs ... Addiction psychiatry, essentially treating drug addicts with other drugs, has become a hugely profitable industry.
Open file 11052
USA ... Society
History of Prostitution
BOOKS ... Meet Grietje Reyniers, the First Known Prostitute of New York City ... She is reported to have often hiked her petticoats to display her wares to passing sailors.
Open file 11053
Leonardo DiCaprio: ‘This Is the Video Future Generations Will Wish Everyone Saw. Meat consumption is the number one cause of environmental destruction, species extinction and oceanic dead zones.
Open file 11054
DS Smith Recycling
Do your green credentials stack up?
Open file 11055
DS Smith Recycling
Infographic ... Do your green credentials stack up?
Open file 11056
Initiatives ... Sustainability
WRAP ... UK’s resource efficiency charity
WRAP unveils The Courtauld Commitment to transform UK food & drink
Open file 11057
Companies ... Airlines
Etihad Airline
Air Transport World (ATW)named Etihad Airline of the Year 2016
Open file 11058
Nuclear Power
Hinkley Point: the insanity that just keeps on giving
Open file 11059
3-D Printing
Autodesk ... New advancements in 3D printing to improve speed and scale
Open file 11060
Place ... Baltimore
Sparrows Point
Six reasons why the Sparrows Point steel mill collapsed ... information from 2012
Open file 11061
Place ... Baltimore
Issues ... Real Estate Development in Baltimore
Candidates pressed on city financing for Under Armour’s Port Covington
Open file 11062
Place ... Baltimore
Industrial History Baltimore Assembly ... the Gemeral Motors assembly plant that closed in 2005
Open file 11063
Place ... Baltimore
Real estate redevelopment
Amazon to occupy second Baltimore warehouse
Open file 11064
Metrics ...
NTEE ... National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities
National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities
Open file 11065
New America NYC
Are eSports the Future of Entertainment? Tuesday, April 5, 2016 6:30 PM – 8:15 PM EST at Civic Hall 156 Fifth Avenue, Second Floor
Open file 11066
Place ... Baltimore
Port Covington Development
Baltimore Development Corporation (BDC) moves forward $535 million Port Covington project .
Open file 11067
Carnegie Council ... International Health
Learning from the West African Ebola Epidemic: The Role of Governance in Preventing Epidemics ... Thursday, March 31, 2016 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM ... Speakers: Michael T. Osterholm, Andrew C. Weber
Open file 11068
Event ... Cambridge in America
Join the Master of Corpus Christi for a drinks reception, talk, and dinner
April 6, 2016 ... 6:00-7:30pm ... The Harvard Club of New York City, 35 West 44th Street, New York
Open file 11069
The Next System Project
The Next System and Social Wealth Economic Indicators
Open file 11070
Leading sustainability reporting initiatives
Leading sustainability initiatives being developed for impact
Open file 11071
Initiatives ... GRESB
Real Estate impact initiative (Netherlands)
GRESB is Huge with $2.3 Trillion in Real Estate so Follow the Money
Open file 11072
Place ... Baltimore, MD
State of the economy
The Economic Devastation Fueling The Anger In Baltimore ... ThinkProgress in April 2015
Open file 11073
Place ... Baltimore-MD
Institutions in the Baltimore Economy
Role of Hopkins ... Dominance of the Johns Hopkins ... from Putting Baltimore's People First (2004)
Open file 11074
Banking and Finance
Personal Finance
Credit Card Debt Levels Reaching Unsustainable Levels, Says CardHub CEO
Open file 11075
Place ... Baltimore-MD
Some recent economic history
A Brief Economic History of Modern Baltimore ... from Putting Baltimore's People First (2004)
Open file 11076
Place ... Baltimore, MD
History of a long, deep decline
Baltimore's Decline
Open file 11077
Climate Change
Another Climate Change Denier on Big Coal’s Payroll
Open file 11078
Website Design
An example of website design from PowerReview
Open file 11079
People ... Johns Hopkins
Wikipedia ... This article is about the philanthropist. For institutions named after him, see Johns Hopkins University and Johns Hopkins Hospital.
Open file 11080
Place ... Baltimore, MD
Not for Profit Organizations
Information about not-for-profits in Balimore ... from the Guidestar database
Open file 11081
Climate Change
Another Climate Change Denier on Big Coal’s Payroll
Open file 11082
USA ... Weather
Hurricane Katrina ... 2005
In anticipation of Hurricane Katrina ... Mandatory Evacuation Ordered for New Orleans as Storm Nears
Open file 11083
Executive Remuneration
Focus on the automobile industry
Ghosn, Tavares : les raisons de l’explosion des rémunérations des grands patrons
Open file 11084
Place ... Baltimore, MD
The Upton Neighborhoods
List Of Historic Upton Neighborhoods ... Upton is made up of seven unique neighborhoods
Open file 11085
Urban Development
Urban efficiency
Why is the U.S. unwilling to pay for good public transportation?
Open file 11086
Urban Development
Urban efficiency
Want the economy to grow? It’s time to look at cities and efficiency
Open file 11087
Urban Development
Urban efficiency
How green is your city: towards an index of urban sustainability
Open file 11088
Food ... Poultry
Antibiotics in food I don't see a problem': Tyson Foods CEO on factory farming and antibiotic resistance
Open file 11089
People ... John Rennie
Integrated Development
Video ... John Rennie Short (UMBC): Stress Testing the USA
Open file 11090
Climate Change
Public Health
White House says climate change urgent public health risk
Open file 11091
People .. Jim Kim
Getting involved with social movement
People .. Jim Kim ... Getting involved with social movement
Open file 11092
Transport ... Electric Vehicles
Company ... Tesla
Tesla’s Model 3 Is Already Shattering Expectations ... some 276,000 have been pre-ordered.
Open file 11093
Responses to the leakages from the Panama Papers
As a Channel Islander, I can tell Jeremy Corbyn how to stop tax cheats
Open file 11094
Corporate Misfeasance
Las Vegas Sands / Sheldon Adelson
Las Vegas Sands to pay $9 million as SEC investigation ends
Open file 11095
The problem of diabetes
A Global Public Health Crisis Is Killing 1.5 Million People a Year—So Why Aren't We Talking About It?
Open file 11096
Climate Change
Clouds in the Climate Models
No Silver Lining: Climate Models Overestimating Clouds’ Earth-Cooling Abilities
Open file 11097
Company ... GAP
Collaboration with Girls Inc.
GAP Partners With Girls Inc. for an Empowering Lesson
Open file 11098
The State of Endowments for the top 25 Universities
Open file 11099
Elements of PLACE
Experience in Washington DC ... The Nationals Built A Gleaming Baseball Field In A Struggling Community. Can It Really Help Black Kids?
Open file 11100
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