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TVM Dialog List 1205
10201 - 10250

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order

B Lab partners with Social Value International
B Lab partners with Social Value International to help companies measure and improve their impact
Open file 10201
Anthropogenic Climate Disruption (ACD)
Ideas ... Dahr Jamail
Dahr Jamail ... The New Climate 'Normal': Abrupt Sea Level Rise and Predictions of Civilization Collapse
Open file 10202
Climate Change
Scientists are very pessimistic
Esquire ... When the End of Human Civilization Is Your Day Job ... Among many climate scientists, gloom has set in. Things are worse than we think, but they can't really talk about it.
Open file 10203
Nuclear Proliferation
State 2015
Hans Blix ... It’s Time to Ban the Bomb
Open file 10204
Region ... Eurozone
Politics and Purpose of Money
Jean Pisani-Ferry ... Can the Euro Be Repaired?
Open file 10205
Clean Energy Investment
Bill Gates ... We Need Clean-Energy Innovation, and Lots of It
Open file 10206
Country ... USA
Great Embarrassments of an Unequal Society
Open file 10207
Climate Change
Sea Rise
Coastal Cities May Soon be Uninhabitable as Glaciers Are Melting 10x Faster than Thought…
Open file 10208
Country ... USA
Education and Money
Haunted by Student Debt to the Grave
Open file 10209
Country ... Greece
The Varoufakis agenda
Mohamed A. El-Erian ... In Defense of Varoufakis
Open file 10210
Country ... Greece
Economics of austerity and debt
Yanis Varoufakis ... The Lethal Deferral of Greek Debt Restructuring
Open file 10211
Training ... Money and Banking
IFLAS ... University of Cumbria
MOOC ... IFLAS ... Money and Society MOOC - starts again August 23!
Open file 10212
Training ... About Presentations
written by John Burrett
“Notes from a conference” – in which I complain about presentation styles
Open file 10213
Energy ... Africa
Distributed Power
Open file 10214
Products and Services ... The matter of shaving
Some business history
The challenge from Dollar Shaving Club
Open file 10215
Climate Change
Country ... USA
Obama's 'war on coal' must be won in the political arena, not just in the courts
Open file 10216
Book ... Doing Good Better
by William MacAskill
William MacAskill ... Doing Good Better ... The video makes a lot of sense ... the book is probably better
Open file 10217
Income Inequality
SEC Regulation
Dodd-Frank SEC regulation ... Companies forced to disclose CEO-workforce pay gap
Open file 10218
Sports ... Natalia Molchanova
Natalia Molchanova: world's 'greatest freediver' feared dead
Open file 10219
Innovation Forum ... Deforestation ... Is sustainability certification worth it?
Open file 10220
Food and Agriculture
Reporting has been against the law
Agriculture's 'gag' rule has been ruled unconstitutional in Idaho
Open file 10221
Climate Change
Methane study flawed
ENVIRONMENT ... Key Greenhouse Gas Study May Have Systematically Understated Methane Leaks
Open file 10222
Nuclear Proliferation
The real nuclear danger isn't Iran or North Korea ... Analysis: The most dangerous nuclear nations are the U.S. and Russia, the ones with nearly all of the weapons
Open file 10223
Labor economics
Country ... USA
Flat wages show the US doesn’t have a labor market
Open file 10224
Steve Schein, PhD
Steve Schein, PhD ... author of book
Open file 10225
Industry ... Shipbuilding
Country ... Australia
Australia's Massive Shipbuilding Plan Announced
Open file 10226
Hamburger Meat
THE AMERICAN COUNCIL ON SCIENCE AND HEALTH ... Yes, not all hamburger meat is from the same cow
Open file 10227
Fight for the Future
CISA ... Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act that would let companies share your private information
Open file 10228
Social Money
Wealth without Currency: Social Money Usage in Rural Nigeria
Open file 10229
Bryan Stevenson of the Equal Justice Initiative
Hillman Foundation Award Event 2015
Open file 10230
Supply Chain
Specialization ... 3PL
Shifting Risk and Meeting in the Middle Might Be Key to Shipper & Third-Party Logistics Relations
Open file 10231
The First GOP Debate
ELECTION 2016 ... GOP's First 2016 Debate Showcases Its Right-Wingers and True Crazies ... Fox News shows the nation how nuts the GOP has become.
Open file 10232
USA ... Foreign Policy
Almost always wrong
10 Steps to Wean U.S. Foreign Policy off Militarism ... America would be safer if we stopped seeking enemies overseas and focused on building a peaceful foreign policy.
Open file 10233
Country ... USA
Wage Rates
LABOR ... I Work at the US Senate. I Shouldn't Have to Dance at Strip Clubs to Feed My Son ... $10.33 per hour is not enough for a single mother to pay the bills and put food on the table.
Open file 10234
ACSH ... The Cure for Ignorance About the Pharmaceutical Industry ... responding to some points made by Jeffrey Sachs
Open file 10235
Climate Change
People ... Andrew Winston
Can Big Business Get GOP Candidates to Stop Denying Climate Change?
Open file 10236
Arms Trade
Film ... ARMS FOR THE POOR (1998)
ARMS FOR THE POOR (1998) ... Maryknoll World Productions ... some key text from the film
Open file 10237
Some historical perspective
How America Spends Money: 100 Years in the Life of the Family Budget ... The 100-year story of how a nation that feels poor got rich
Open file 10238
People ... Esther Duflo
Development Data
The Atlantic in 2012 ... Can Better Data End Global Poverty?
Open file 10239
Alternative Energy
The State of Development
A working paper about the alternative energy industry ... a lot of detail, but a bit out of date
Open file 10240
The Pharmaceutical Segment
The Rise of Big Generic: Why Knockoff Prescriptions Now Cost $1,200
Open file 10241
The Pharmaceutical Segment
Big Pharma Lobbies Hard to End India's Distribution of Affordable Generic Drugs
Open file 10242
USA ... Politics
GOP Debate Series
First Republican Debate of 2016 Presidential Race Kicks Off With Roger Ailes' Favorites ... By Amy Goodman, Democracy Now! | Video Interview
Open file 10243
USA ... Media
People ... Roger Ailes
Fox So-Called 'News' Is 'GOP TV' in the 21st Century ... Roger Ailes' dream of 'GOP TV' come to life.
Open file 10244
Energy ... Coal
Country ... New Zealand
New Zealand About to Say Adios to Coal
Open file 10245
Media ... Bangladesh
Blogger killed
Bangladesh ... Fourth Blogger Murdered in Six Months
Open file 10246
Country ... USA
Economic Potential
Progressive Agenda ... 4 Percent Growth Can be Done, but Not Jeb’s Way
Open file 10247
USA ... Politics
Chuck Schumer
Liberals, Livid, Say Chuck Schumer 'Unfit' to Lead Senate Dems
Open file 10248
Energy ... Oil and Gas
Supply and Demand
Continued Oil Slump Taking Its Toll on Industry and Economy, but Good for Logistics Companies
Open file 10249
Energy ... Nuclear
Nuclear Power Safety
Nuclear power plants are not nearly as risky as some would have us believe
Open file 10250

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