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TVM Dialog List 1204
10151 - 10200

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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Links to some important sustainability initiatives
Open file 10151
People ... Human Capital
HR Department and Employment

The disconnect between HR and employees is “huge” according to ADP study
Open file 10152
Waste ... Product Design
Obsolete Aircraft

The great aviation graveyard: New aerial images show hundreds of planes left to die across the American deserts
Open file 10153

FedEx Buys $10 Billion of Boeing 767 Jet Freighters
Open file 10154
Economic Ideas
The Sharing Economy

Barbara Gray ... The Sharing Economy: A High Stakes Game of Snakes and Ladders
Open file 10155
The A-Pass Initiative

Links to the A-Pass Blog ... a collection of posts about many aspects of modern education
Open file 10156
Jeff Mowatt

The End of Capitalism ? ... Newsnight on 'responsible capitalism', Prof Eric Hobsbawm (19Jan12)
Open file 10157
Country ... Japan

The Resurgence of Japanese Nationalism ... Japanese Prime Minister Abe’s military choice brings Asia closer to war.
Open file 10158
FT and Economist changing ownership

Pearson in talks to sell Economist stake ... After FT sale, British education group looks to shed another media asset.
Open file 10159
Russia and NATO

Europe’s Russia denial ... The likelihood of Putin moves on Baltics and Central Europe is uncomfortably high.
Open file 10160
USA ... Security
Technical capacity

From Russia, with thrust ... Why the Pentagon shouldn’t be fooled into buying more Russian rocket engines.
Open file 10161
Risk and Trends
World Econonmic Forum - 2015

Appendix A: Description of Global Risks and Trends 2015 ... Table A.1: Description of Global Risks 2015 ... Table A.2: Description of Trends 2015
Open file 10162
Risk ... Drug Resistance
Antibiotics in fish

Farmed Salmon Rejected Over Huge Spike in Antibiotic Use Due to Bacterial Outbreak
Open file 10163
Workplace Conditions

Slave in the Fields: A Reporter Goes Undercover in the San Quintin Valley, Mexico
Open file 10164
Urban Farming

Urban Farming Is Booming, But What Does It Really Yield?
Open file 10165
Initiatives ... Food

AeroFarms® has a vision for urban farming using advanced technology and vertical systems
Open file 10166
Issues ... Refugees and Migration
UK ... Afghanistan

Schooled in Britain, Deported to Danger: UK Sends 600 Former Child Asylum Seekers Back to Afghanistan
Open file 10167
Workplace Condition

Myanmar Officials Proposed a Minimum Wage and Factories are Already Fighting It
Open file 10168
Country ... Greece

The Return of the Ugly German ... by Joschka Fischer, former German Foreign Minister and Vice Chancellor
Open file 10169
Country ... Greece
Economic Dysfunction

Why the Greek Deal Will Work ... Anatole Kaletsky
Open file 10170
Country ... Greece
Yanis Varoufakis ... former Minister of Finance recently resigned

Yanis Varoufakis ... Europe’s Vindictive Privatization Plan for Greece
Open file 10171
Country ... Greece
Greek leadership ... Yanis Varoufakis

Yanis Varoufakis: 'We've made hope return to Europe' ... Yanis Varoufakis talking just before the Yes/No referendum
Open file 10172
Country ... Greece
Yanis Varoufakis

A new kind of politics? ... Varoufakis is an exception to the norm precisely because he really believes in representative democracy. (Click here for the site)
Open file 10173
Data Management
FreeBase and WikiData

About the merging of the data from FreeBase in the WikiData system
Open file 10174
Country ... Thailand
Fishing Industry and labor

For two years running, the State Department has listed Thailand as one of the worst countries for slave labor—but it doesn’t receive the same sanctions as other nations on the list.
Open file 10175
Banking and Finance
Conflict of Interest

Billion-Dollar Advisor Barred From Industry ... A one-time billion-dollar producer is no longer in business.
Open file 10176
3-D Perspective

A very good image to explain how perspectve changes what is seen.
Open file 10177
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
What does it achieve/

PAUL KLEIN ... How some companies are trying to get more ROI from CSR
Open file 10178
Facts and Data
Reality and Perception

MARKETING ... Malcolm Gladwell: the Snapchat problem, the Facebook problem, the Airbnb problem
Open file 10179
People ... Speakers
Sustainable Brands ... New Metrics 15

... and impressive list of thought-leaders for this year's metrics focused conference
Open file 10180
People ... James Hodson (BLOOMBERG/ 731 LEX)
New Adventure

Congtatulations on new adventures
Open file 10181
Human Trafficking
Supply Chain

US-State-Department-Human-Trafficking-Report-2015 ... Guide: Tackling-Modern-Slavery-In-Supply-Chains
Open file 10182

Starbucks says it now serves “99 percent ethically sourced coffee.” So what does that mean?
Open file 10183
US Law and Regulation

FOOD ... People Are Dying from Contaminated Food, but Obama and Congress Don't Seem to Care ...
Open file 10184
Talk not walk

Impact investing needs a better way to measure impact ... [yes but what actually to do about it ...TPB]
Open file 10185
Energy ... Electricity
The changing grid

Can the future smart grid have plug and play architecture?
Open file 10186
Initiatives ... some very impressive people on its board
Open file 10187
TrueValueMetrics site search

The search result for Peace (page 1)
Open file 10188
About ... Mission Measurement
Jason Saul

Mission Measurement and the logos of a large number of the firm's clients
Open file 10189
Big Data
Mission Measurement

Using Big Data For Social Good ... An article highlighted from Mission Measurement
Open file 10190
Bradley Myles

Bradley Myles | Chief Executive Officer | Polaris Project
Open file 10191
Valuing Natural Capital

Essay: Valuing natural capital By Dorothy Maxwell
Open file 10192
Company ... Nestle
Reputational Risk

Asia column: Lessons from Nestlé’s crisis in India ... Nestlé has handled a product safety scare stunningly badly, appearing to have learnt little from its multinational experience over many decades
Open file 10193
Not so good!

ECONOMY ... Meet the Hedge Funders and Billionaires Who Pillage Under the Shield of Philanthropy .., For every dollar they give, they take 44 from the rest of us.
Open file 10194
People ... Robert Reich
Worker pay

Robert Reich: Worker Pay Is Rising at the Slowest Rate Ever Recorded ... Republicans have it completely backwards - higher wages can only help the overall economy.
Open file 10195
Energy ... Rooftop solar
Good technology ... bad deals

Rooftop Solar Shines Light On Bad Business Practices
Open file 10196
Wild life economics

Cecil the Lion’s Death Reveals Americans’ Big Role in Trophy Hunting ... A Minnesota dentist’s killing of the famous lion has sparked outrage, but will it spur a crackdown on big game hunting?
Open file 10197
Ideas ... John Buckley
Big role for money

What Will It Take to Finance the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals?
Open file 10198
TVM Burgess Slidesets

Explanation ... latest text ... v150801
Open file 10199
UN Sustainable Development Goals
What are being proposed

Summary of the 17 Goals ... link to the full UN report of the Open Working Group
Open file 10200
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