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TVM Dialog List 1147
7301 - 7350

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn

Industry Engineer ... Kenya ... Oil & Energy
Open file 7301
Johan Rockström

Johan Rockström, executive director of the Stockholm Resilience Centre talks about Environmental Boundaries
Open file 7302

PUMA: Environmental Proft and Loss Account (2010) ... pdf ... a report prepared with the assistance of TruCost and PwC
Open file 7303
Business Greed
Bad Decisions ... Sainsbury's and IKEA

Sainsbury's pioneering eco store redefined supermarket design and was hugely popular with customers. So why after less than 15 years is it facing demolition?
Open file 7304
MDIA Development
Standard value development

Building the numerical framework ... standard values about components of products
Open file 7305
Police and OWS

Cecily McMillan's guilty verdict reveals our mass acceptance of police violence ... The hyper-selective retelling of events mirrors the popular narrative of Occupy Wall Street – and how one woman may serve seven years while the NYPD goes free
Open file 7306

Austerity Kills—Case in Point: Greece ... What happens when everything that keeps people healthy is cut.
Open file 7307
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Michael Saag

Positive: One Doctor's Personal Encounters with Death, Life and the US Healthcare System at Author ... Birmingham, Alabama Area ... Medical Practice
Open file 7308
Rethinking the Magna Carta for its 800th anniversary

The translation of the Magna Carta - 1215
Open file 7309
LinkedIn Dialog
Group: Corporate Social Responsibility

Discussion: Engaged employees put 57% more effort into their job and are 87% less likely to resign than disengaged employees. More from PwC's new 'Keys to CR employee engagement report'
Open file 7310
Professor Clayton Christensen

One of the world's most influential business thinkers Professor Clayton Christensen of Harvard Business School visits the RSA to explain how countries and companies can become more successful innovators, and create new, robust sources of growth.
Open file 7311
George Gilder

Economist .. about abundance and scarcity
Open file 7312

PwC: Employee Engagement ... PDF
Open file 7313
Coastal wetlands

Arup’s Rory Canavan and the Environment Agency’s Dr Sue Manson explain how the two are working together to better manage the ecosystems services of the Humber estuary.
Open file 7314

Open file 7315
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Satish Jha

Founder at OLPCI Foundation ... Washington D.C. Metro Area ... Management Consulting
Open file 7316
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn

Director at Xpert Connections ... Gautam Buddha Nagar, Uttar Pradesh, India ... Human Resources
Open file 7317
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Kevin Doyle Jones

Building the social capital market ... San Francisco Bay Area ... Capital Markets
Open file 7318
Dialog - NewTech1 Meetup
About tech remuneration

[newtech-1] Scoping out a budget range for a lead developer (Python)
Open file 7319
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Bjorn Lomborg

President at Copenhagen Consensus Center ... Czech Republic ...Think Tanks
Open file 7320
Bjorn Lomborg ... Copenhagen Concensus Center

Preliminary Benefit-Cost Assessment for 11th Session OWG Goals
Open file 7321
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn

Executive Director at GEHO - Uganda
Open file 7322
Peter Burgess Connections ... LInkedIn
Andrew Simmons

Urban development consultant ... London, United Kingdom ... Architecture & Planning
Open file 7323
Politics ... USA
Basically Stupid

Bad Old Days: How Monica Lewinsky Deserves To Be Remembered
Open file 7324
Workplace conditions
The opposition

How Corporate Forces are Trying to Destroy Groups that Fight for the Rights of Low Wage Workers ... Look who the folks who took down ACORN are targeting now.
Open file 7325
Workplace conditions

My Personal Walmart Nightmare: You Won’t Believe What Life Is Like Working There ... The president's visiting my store Friday. He won't see how I sleep on my son's floor and eat potato chips for lunch.
Open file 7326
Climate Change
Public perception

Climate Deniers: Our House Is On Fire, but Their Heads Remain in the Sand ... Even with rising deaths, drought, heat waves and repeated refrains from climatologists, the GOP refuses to uncover its ears.
Open file 7327
Circular Economy

Could financial incentives be the key to engaging consumers in sustainability? ... H&M's latest Garment Collecting Initiative suggests so, saving 25 million t-shirts worth of textiles. Ulrika Isaksson explains.
Open file 7328
Circular Economy

How is Dutch aWEARness creating the first circular supply chain for textiles?
Open file 7329
Tim Jaclson

Tim Jackson: An economic reality check ... TED talk at Oxford in 2010
Open file 7330
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Tom Haynes

Supporting your innovation... Keynote Speaker, Coach, Trainer & Facilitator ... Melbourne Area, Australia ... Renewables & Environment
Open file 7331
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Douglas Ross

Organizational Development Professional ... Augusta, Georgia Area ... Professional Training & Coaching
Open file 7332
Carbon Policy

Energy & Carbon Management ... Agriculture & sustainability ... Forget cattle and switch to ‘carbon farms’ farmers urged
Open file 7333
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Priscilla Berry

Enterprise Strategy Consultant at Bayberry Inc. ... Sarasota, Florida Area ... Management Consulting
Open file 7334
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Jeff Lomasson

Corrugated Manufacturers Rep ... Bushkill, Pennsylvania ... Packaging and Containers
Open file 7335
Shannon Schuyler

Shannon Schuyler has been with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) for fifteen years and is currently the Corporate Responsibility (CR) Leader
Open file 7336
Mandated by the authorities

It's the law: Big EU companies must report on sustainability
Open file 7337
TVM Standard Values

Electric Power
Open file 7338

NKAFU POLICY INSTITUTE ... an independent think tank in Cameroon, an initiative of the Denis & Lenora Foretia Foundation
Open file 7339
Country ... Cameroon
Socio-economic progress

Lenora Ebule Foretia ... Four Lessons Cameroon can learn from China’s Experience
Open file 7340
Peter Burgess Dialog
Chris Macrae

Some videos about Fashion for Development (F4D)
Open file 7341
Business Behavior
Johnson and Johnson

The 'Credo' of Johnson and Johnson
Open file 7342
Peter Burgess Connections
Richard Reisman

Richard Reisman - Teleshuttle Corporation
Open file 7343
Arguments ... hot air?

New argument from climate change deniers: global warming is a good thing ... Facing overwhelming evidence of climate change, some deniers argue global warming could be a business opportunity
Open file 7344
Elements of measurement

PwC ... elements of measurement
Open file 7345

Some images ...
Open file 7346

PwC discussion ... Leveraging Big Data for crisis management ... Sanjay Subramanian, PwC Principal and Marissa Michel, PwC Director
Open file 7347
Elements of measurement

TIMM ... Total Impact Measurement and Management by PwC ... video by PwC's Global Sustainability Leader, Malcolm Preston
Open file 7348
Michael E. Porter and Mark R. Kramer

Harvard Business Review ... Creating Shared Value by Michael E. Porter and Mark R. Kramer
Open file 7349
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Pavan Sukhdev

Founder and Author - CORP2020, and UNEP Goodwill Ambassador ... New Haven, Connecticut ... Environmental Services
Open file 7350
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