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TVM Dialog List 1130
6451 - 6500

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Aliza Racelis

PhD in Business Administration (U.P. College of Business Administration); Professor at University of the Philippines ... NCR - National Capital Region, Philippines ... Higher Education
Open file 6451
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Raman Pandey

Performance Test Analyst at Dell International Services ...New Delhi Area, India ... Computer Software
Open file 6452
Michael Townsend

”We need two planets” - This interview by Jonas Rehnberg was originally published in Swedish by EYE Magazine, December 2013:*
Open file 6453
Kate Raworth

Introducing 'The Doughnut' of social and planetary boundaries for development
Open file 6454
Business ... Automobiles
Performance in 2013

Detroit celebrates, but concerns lie ahead ... Strong US sales have buoyed General Motors, Ford and Chrysler, but with the home market slowing their international concerns will become more pressing.
Open file 6455

Twitter Tests New “Nearby” Feature To Surface Local Tweets From Those Around You
Open file 6456
Less for same price

How the Private Sector Is Destroying Our Personal Space
Open file 6457
Magnificent talent

A 9 Year Old Girl Quietly Takes The Stage. What She Did Next Gave Me Chills I'll Never Forget.
Open file 6458
Noam Chomsky

Chomsky: How Can We Escape the Curse of Economic Exploitation? ... 'All for ourselves, and nothing for other people,' can't be the motto of a functioning society.
Open file 6459
Paul Rosenberg

10 Things You Might Not Know About Poverty ... From speeding America's desegregation to conservative misinterpretation, some interesting facts about Johnson's poverty initiative.
Open file 6460
Prevalent low quality

Uproar Over '60 Minutes' Hit Piece on Clean Energy ... The report was only the latest in a series of '60 Minutes' reports that have been subject to stinging critiques in recent months.
Open file 6461
Richard Smith

Green Capitalism: The God That Failed
Open file 6462
The Customer Value Index

Open file 6463
Kate Raworth

The Doughnut Economy ... a paper by Kate Raworth prepared with Oxfam
Open file 6464

Trucost has a significant presence in the sustainability arena are now associated with many client reports
Open file 6465
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Olena Rudna

MBA, ISE Research Assistant ... Greater New York City Area ... Nonprofit Organization Management
Open file 6466
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Felix B Bopp

Chairman at Club of Amsterdam ... Amsterdam Area, Netherlands ... Publishing
Open file 6467
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Nicola Rizzo

Freelance Translator ... Italy ... Translation and Localization
Open file 6468
Ideas ... Food
Gertjan Meeuws

TEDxBrainport 2012 - Gertjan Meeuws - Indoor farming, Plant Paradise
Open file 6469
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dickson despommier

Professor of Public Health and Microbiology at Columbia University Medical Center ... Greater New York City Area ... Higher Education
Open file 6470
Dickson Despommier

The Vertical Farm: A Keystone Concept for the the Ecocity : Dickson Despommier at TEDxWarwick 2013
Open file 6471
Justice ... USA
Equal justice under the law

Federal Court - New York ... harsh prosecution for little people and big guys skate
Open file 6472
Robert Reich

Why republican's old divide and conquer strategy setting working class against poor backfiring
Open file 6473
Peter Burgess Dialog
Chris Macrae

Planning for trip to Washington DC ... January 2014
Open file 6474
Climate Change
Carbon Emissions

Carbon Emissions In The Suburbs Dwarf Those In Cities, Says Study (MAP)
Open file 6475

WATCH: What Income Inequality? Stewart Slams GOP for Whining that the Rich are Unfairly Demonized
Open file 6476
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Natan Zaidenweber

Founder and CEO, StakeWare Inc. ... San Francisco Bay Area ... Information Technology and Services
Open file 6477
Business in the GCC

The Keys to Building a High-Performance Culture
Open file 6478
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Salman Amin

Experienced Executive with Leadership Profile ... Pakistan ... Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing
Open file 6479
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Roger Tucci

Chief Financial Officer at WINSTON & CHURCHILL PRIVATE EQUITY ... Thousand Oaks, California ... Financial Services
Open file 6480
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Frank Balluffi

Technology & Information Risk at Morgan Stanley ... Greater New York City Area ... Information Technology and Services
Open file 6481
Roger Tucci ...Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Miguel Moreno (L.I.O.N)

Banking business analyst ... Madrid Area, Spain ... Management Consulting
Open file 6482
Corporate Social Responsibility

Slideshare ... Corporate Social Responsibility, by 4Front Consulting
Open file 6483
Country ... USA
Iraq, WMDs and Hubrus

Rachel Maddow Show ... a series of clips about the incredible hubrus of the Bush administration in connection with justification of the Iraq war
Open file 6484
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Best practice

The CSR Report – Best Practices in Corporate Social Responsibility for 2014
Open file 6485
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Christine Haskell, PMP

Senior Program Manager at Microsoft ... Greater Seattle Area ... Internet
Open file 6486
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Glen Macdonald

Wealth Management ... Greater New York City Area ... Investment Management
Open file 6487
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
oussar albayati

supervisor at cbi Iraq ... Banking
Open file 6488
Country ... USA

Team Obama Ends Contract with CGI Federal
Open file 6489
Time to modernize

The Outlaw Campus ... The university has become a rogue institution in need of root-and-branch reform.
Open file 6490
China resurgent

Changes in the Pacific: A Return to the 1930s ... China believes it’s now time for its military to reflect its economic power.
Open file 6491
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Yves Salama

CEO at Teem'd ... Greater New York City Area ... Marketing and Advertising
Open file 6492
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Peter (S.) Crosby

Head of Enterprise Sales at Dotsub ... New York, New York ... Information Technology and Services
Open file 6493
Terms of Use

Adobe General Terms of Use ... Last updated October 16, 2012. Replaces the May 7, 2012 version in its entirety.
Open file 6494
Trip Planning
Baltimore to Bushkill PA

Baltimore to Bushkill PA ... January 13, 2014
Open file 6495
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Haroon Ahmed

:: C.E.O at E-SolBiz™ :: Pakistan ... Information Services
Open file 6496
Richard Wolff

Economic Prosperity and Economic Democracy: The Worker Co-Op Solution
Open file 6497
Country ... USA

Major Parts of the World Ignored by US TV News in 2013
Open file 6498
Managing for Sustainability
Value Chain

Cora Lee Mooney ... 5 reasons CR professionals need a value chain map
Open file 6499
Climate Change
Carbon costs

Text of paper 'Quantifying Carbon Footprint Reduction Opportunities for U.S. Households and Communities'
Open file 6500
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