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TVM Dialog List 1079
3901 - 3950
A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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Country ... CAR
Rebel Initiative

Rebels capture key CAR town of Bambari ... Despite previous vow to halt advance on additional town, Central African Republic rebels take Bambari.
Open file 3901
Country ... USA
Finance ... Fiscal Cliff

US House passes 'fiscal cliff' deal ... President Obama declares the deal is a promise kept, despite falling short of earlier hopes for a grand deficit bargain.
Open file 3902
Country ... USA
Finance ... Fiscal Cliff

'Fiscal cliff hurts US economy' ... Federal Reserve Chairman says political disagreements on tax increases and spending cuts hurt the economy.
Open file 3903
Country ... USA
Finance ... Federal Reserve

The corrupt arithmetic of the Federal Reserve ... A special privilege afforded to banks is negatively impacting the functions of the Federal Reserve.
Open file 3904 Open file 3904
Country ... USA
Politics and Dysfunction

House Adjourns Without Passing Hurricane Sandy Relief ... The 112th Congress about the worst ever!
Open file 3905
Country ... USA
Politics and Dysfunction

Boehner to Reid: 'Go F--- Yourself!' ... Unhappy lies the head that wears a crown...
Open file 3906
Areas of professional interest

These 'Areas of professional interest' are covered by the UK publication 'Accountancy Age Insight'
Open file 3907
Country ... USA
Guns versus Butter

Paul Rosenberg ... Guns and butter: The oligarchs against the people on two big issues ... There are numerous parallels between the battle over gun safety and the battle over preserving the US welfare state.
Open file 3908
Country ... Iran
Oil and Sanctions

EIU report on Iran Oil Sanctions
Open file 3909
Country ... USA

Jan 2013 ... Al Jazeera buys US channel Current TV ... Qatar-based network to launch Al Jazeera America, reaching 40 million US homes, up from 4.7 million before the deal.
Open file 3910
Country ... USA

August 2011 ... Al Jazeera English launches in New York ... International news channel reaching NY homes through Time Warner Cable.
Open file 3911
Burgess Connections

Gary Miner, Linda Miner, Steve Nucchia et al.
Open file 3912
Failing Capitalism

Video ... Richard Wolff speaking at the Brecht Forum in December 2012.
Open file 3913
How To Change

Video and text ... What the Economic Crisis Really Means - and what we can do about it
Open file 3914
Alternative Currency

Euros discarded as impoverished Greeks resort to bartering ... Communities set up local currencies and exchange networks in attempt to beat the economic crisis
Open file 3915
How To Change

Theo Kitchener ... How We Can Change the World
Open file 3916
Country ... USA

Gun Rhetoric vs. Gun Facts ... We offer facts and context as a national gun-control debate intensifies.
Open file 3917
Country ... USA
Government Finance

“Fiscal Cliff” Deal Packed With Corporate Welfare
Open file 3918
Big Banks
Lest we forget

October 2011 ... Economic Collapse 'How the Banks Won' - Documentary
Open file 3919
Big Banks
Still a problem

October 2011 ... Economic Collapse 'How the Banks Won' - Documentary
Open file 3920
Country ... USA
Superstorm Sandy

Chris Christie Went Ballistic On John Boehner In A Press Conference That Was Like Something Out Of A Movie
Open file 3921
Country ... Haiti

Dialog about biochar in Haiti started just after the January 2010 earthquake
Open file 3922
Country ... Haiti
Activism ... Petitions ... Mea Culpa

An example of a petition ... Petition to President Clinton regarding transparency in aid for Haiti ... Clinton on 'Free Trade did not work'!
Open file 3923
Green Construction

A video about the development of better construction practices for green construction, and the broader issue of planning for sensible communities
Open file 3924
Country ... Mongolia

The Big Dig ... Can Mongolia's mining boom protect national interests and local livelihoods while reaping the economic benefits?
Open file 3925
Country ... Mongolia
Natural Resource Exploitation

Is Mongolia over-reliant on its resources? ... We look at Mongolia's resource-led boom and how to stop it from becoming a bust.
Open file 3926
Country ... USA
Whistle Blowers

Blowing the whistle on Obama's America ... Do the threats facing whistleblowers under Obama's presidency mean Americans know less about what their government does?
Open file 3927
Country ... USA

Will Americans ever get to see Al Jazeera? ... Even though Al Jazeera is considered 'controversial', competitors 'fear its reputation for news excellence'.
Open file 3928
Country ... USA

The fool's gold-en rule ... NRA is a 'consistent nihilist', looking at a certain number of dead American children as 'the cost of doing business'.
Open file 3929
Fracking ... USA

US to become 'net energy exporter' ... Shale gas boom rewrites geopolitical rules, as US is set to produce more petroleum than Saudi Arabia within a decade.
Open file 3930

Data for Progress ... LinkedIn economic opportunity mapping
Open file 3931
Chris Macrae

Clarifying the work of Norman Macrae foundation
Open file 3932
Social Media

The Future of LinkedIn and the Economic Graph ... by Jeff Weiner. LinkdIn CEO
Open file 3933
Country ... USA

Will Americans Be Able to Watch Al Jazeera America?
Open file 3934
Country ... USA
Privacy ... Security ... Surveillance ... Freedom

New Documents on Activist Surveillance May Be 'Just the Tip of the Iceberg'
Open file 3935
Country ... USA
Political Leadership

Peggy Noonan ... There's No 'I' in 'Kumbaya' ... Obama doesn't seem to have it in him to make a deal.
Open file 3936
Country ... USA
Political Leadership

The Hagel Hullabaloo: A Conflict-Hungry President Picks His Next Fight
Open file 3937
Country ... USA

Feb 2011 ... Al Gore's Desperate Bid to Keep Keith Olbermann—and Save Current TV
Open file 3938
Rubeen Shakeel

Rubeen Shakeel is a Pakistani woman committed to girls' education ... from AJE ... TO BE COMPLETED
Open file 3939
Impact Finance

JPMorganChase Perspectives on Progress ... GIIN
Open file 3940

Peter Burgess Working Draft October 2012
Open file 3941 Open file 3941

Peter Burgess Working Draft October 2012
Open file 3942 Open file 3942

The modern society has only two classes: Those who own, and those who owe.
Open file 3943 Open file 3943

Banks win more flexible Basel rules
Open file 3944
Credit Unions

Americans Keep Fleeing Banks, Flock to Credit Unions Instead
Open file 3945
Country ... USA

Jon Stewart mocks Alex Jones rant: Guns needed to fight ‘imaginary Hitler’
Open file 3946
Economic Dynamics

There have been huge improvements in economic productivity over the past three centuries.
Open file 3947
Post harvest waste

Scandalous waste of food needs to be addressed ... Colossal food waste hitting energy, land and water supplies
Open file 3948
Country ... Canada
Indigenous Peoples

Idle No More -- Think Occupy, But With Deep Deep Roots
Open file 3949
Maybe charities don't measure up

TINA ROSENBERG ... Putting Charities to the Test ... Fixes looks at solutions to social problems and why they work.
Open file 3950
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