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3501 - 3550
A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... The Economist Debate

An on-line debate organized by The Economist about the US Presidential Election of 2012
Open file 3501
Hurricane Sandy

US braces as Hurricane Sandy nears landfall ... Hundreds of thousands of residents ordered to evacuate from cities as 'super-storm' bears down on east coast.
Open file 3502
Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... 3nd Presidential Debate

A missed opportunity for Mitt Romney ... Tonight’s third and final presidential debate in the US turned out to be more substantive and entertaining than expected.
Open file 3503
Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... Presidential campaign debates

Obama dominates third presidential debate
Open file 3504
Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... Foreign Policy Debate

Romney's dangerous foreign policy shift
Open file 3505
Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... AlJazeera Commentary

Republican momentum against Democratic maths
Open file 3506
Poaching and Protection

South Africa rhino poaching hits record high ... More rhinoceros have been killed this year than any year before as Asian demand for horns fuels illicit trade.
Open file 3507
Country ... Jordan
A very complex fragile situation

Al-Qaeda's gift to Jordan's King Abdullah ... The 'foiled' al-Qaeda plot was a gift to King Abdullah, whose country is 'forever on the brink'.
Open file 3508
Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... Right to Vote

Democracy denied: Millions of Americans blocked from voting ... Voter suppression efforts today echo 19th century efforts to block urban immigrant working class from casting vote.
Open file 3509
Country ... USA
Military Strategy

AJE Empire ... A failed formula for worldwide war ... How the empire changed its face, but not its nature.
Open file 3510
Emerging Cyberwarfare

Will the apocalypse arrive online? ... How fear of cyber attack could take down your liberties and the constitution.
Open file 3511
Country ... Pakistan
Challenges of USA relations with Pakistan

The alliance from hell ... How the US and Pakistan became the dysfunctional nuclear family of international relations.
Open file 3512
Extreme Weather Events

US braces as Hurricane Sandy nears landfall ... Hundreds of thousands of residents ordered to evacuate from cities as 'super-storm' bears down on east coast.
Open file 3513
Economic Value Adding (EVA)

A Burgess Note: Economic Value Adding (EVA) ... a proprietary methodology from Stern Stewart & Co.
Open file 3514

Dean Baker ... Inequality: The silly tales economists like to tell ... Some economists don't get paid to know about the economy, but to justify the trickle-up of wealth.
Open file 3515
Country ... USA
Civil Liberties

Murtaza Hussain ... Clearing the path for future tyranny ... Regardless of who wins the US elections, Obama's war on civil liberties gives future presidents deadly capability.
Open file 3516
Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... The Ohio race

Cliff Schecter ... Desperation, Ohio ... Ohioans are not just looking for policies, but for someone who is on their side on an emotional level, writes Schecter.
Open file 3517
Michael Moore's, Fahrenheit 9/11

A searing portrait of Bush's America ... Filmmaker Michael Moore's latest effort, Fahrenheit 9/11, has set a higher goal for itself than most films: regime change.
Open file 3518
Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... Karl Rove and Republicans

Bill Moyers talking with Craig Unger about Karl Rove and the Republicans
Open file 3519
Plutocracy Rising

Full Show ... Plutocracy Rising. Bill Moyers in conversation with Chrystia Freeland and Matt Taibbi
Open file 3520
Trade Deficits and Fiat Currencies

Robert Murphy ... Mises Institute ... Trade Deficits and Fiat Currencies
Open file 3521
The limits of GDP

The limits of GDP ... Measuring well-being beyond GDP ... The most successful is the UNDP Human Development Index
Open file 3522
About Hatred

Neve Gordon ... 'The Ideology of Hatred': An interview with Niza Yanay ... Niza Yanay discusses her newest book, and how 'hatred' plays a role in politics.
Open file 3523
Region ... Europe
Organisations: European Alternatives

About European Alternatives ... about its mission and more
Open file 3524
by European Alternatives

People, Power and Participation 2012 ... fundamental rights in Europe
Open file 3525
in Monoring and Evaluation

MEASURE Evaluation, a USAID-funded project, supports improvements in monitoring and evaluation population, health and nutrition worldwide.
Open file 3526
Country ... USA
Partisan Politics

Political misinformation ... Economist Stands By Tax Cut Study After GOP Successfully Demands Its Withdrawal
Open file 3527
Region ... Middle East
US Policy towards Middle East

Larbi Sadiki ... 'Orientals' and Yankee presidents ... American presidents come and go, but few, if any, seem to have the will to change the status quo in the Middle East.
Open file 3528
Country ... USA
Prisons AJE People and Power ... America's prison problem ...

Why does the US put so many people behind bars and what lies behind California's new push for leniency?
Open file 3529
Country ... USA

The Stream on the subject of prisons in the United States ... very high inmate population and private for profit prisons
Open file 3530

AJE Fault Lines ... Punishment and Profits: Immigration Detention ... Fault Lines investigates the business of immigrant detention in the US.
Open file 3531 Open file 3531
Region ... West Africa
Land ... Permaculture

Permaculture ... Earth Rights Institute anticipates using permaculture in West Africa
Open file 3532
Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... Republican Campaign

Rachel Maddow and the Republican's false claims about the auto-industry
Open file 3533
Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... Campaign Ads

Romney mocking Obama in campaign ad ... Romney vs. Sandy from ForecastTheFacts
Open file 3534

October 28 2012 .... Hurricane Sandy: Impact on Romney, Obama Campaigns ... Before Sandy did its damage
Open file 3535 Open file 3535
Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... Governor Romney Concession Speech

Mitt Romney Concession Speech: 2012 Presidential Election GOP Candidate Delivers Remarks from Boston
Open file 3536
Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... President Obama Victory Speech

President Barack Obama Victory Speech 2012: Election Remarks From Chicago Illinois
Open file 3537
Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... Policy Positions

Policy positions of Obama and Romney published on AlJazeera ... A look at the positions taken by the US presidential candidates on a range of issues at the forefront of 2012 election.
Open file 3538
Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... Obama wins

Triumphant Obama looks to the future ... President says he wants to meet Republican candidate Mitt Romney to discuss ways they can work together.
Open file 3539
Country ... USA
A global perspective

Hamid Dabashi ... President Barack Hussein Obama - again: But the grace is gone. Very few US presidents have had the opportunity to alter the global perception of the US, and Obama has squandered it.
Open file 3540
Region ... Africa
Corruption and Diamonds

The Stream - Guerrilla diplomat ... talking about a film made about corruption in Africa and the complex web around Blood Diamonds in CAR
Open file 3541
Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... Obama Wins

World congratulates Obama on victory ... President Barack Obama's return to White House is widely celebrated, from Europe to his childhood home of Indonesia.
Open file 3542
Country ... China
Economic and Social Progress

Kay Kay: The Girl from Guangzhou ... Kay Kay has been filmed since her birth in 1992 and the resulting film offers an engaging insight into modern China.
Open file 3543
Country ... China
Emergence of a Plutocracy

The KaChing! Dynasty ... China will soon be home to half the world's billionaires, so can the superrich help the superpower stay in the box seat?
Open file 3544
Country ... USA
Election Analysis

Unites States House of Representatives ... Source of analysis
Open file 3545
2008 Economic Crisis

Capitalism Hits the Fan Film Screening and Q&A with Professor Richard Wolff | The New School | Screened March 2010
Open file 3546
Management Metrics
Metrics for Corporate Business

IBM ... Monitor. Manage. Perform ... Scorecarding with IBM Cognos Business Intelligence
Open file 3547 Open file 3547
Capitalism not working

Capitalism Is The Crisis (Full Movie)
Open file 3548
David Harvey

The End of Capitalism? - David Harvey (Penn Humanities Forum, 30 Nov 2011)
Open file 3549 Open file 3549
David Harvey

David Harvey at BBC Hardtalk ... series of 3 videos ... a student of Marx and author of the Enigma of Capitalism
Open file 3550 Open file 3550
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