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TVM Dialog List 1070
3451 - 3500
A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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Who dominates the industry?

Starbucks 'blocks' Ethiopian coffee bid ... Starbucks has been accused of preventing Ethiopia from trademarking its coffee, denying farmers potential income of about $94 million.
Open file 3451
Taxation in UK

Starbucks 'paid no UK tax since 2009' US coffee chain has only paid $14m in corporation tax in UK since 1998, and nothing in past three years, probe finds.
Open file 3452
Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... Republican misinformation

The Republicans know no bounds when it comes to saying one thing and doing another.
Open file 3453
Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... The Second Presidential Debate

AJE News ... Obama and Romney go on offensive in debate ... President and his Republican challenger trade barbs on the economy, taxes and foreign policy in New York debate.
Open file 3454
The Human Spirit
Pushing the Envelope

Why does the world need people like Felix Baumgartner? ... The world needs more people who are willing to break their 'risk averse' nature and do great things.
Open file 3455
Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... The Second Presidential Debate

AlJazeera's Alan Fisher reports on the debate ... Obama and Romney clash in heated debate
Open file 3456
The Microfinance Asset Class

MicroRate Research ... The State of Microfinance Investment 2012: MicroRate’s 7th annual survey and analysis of MIVs
Open file 3457
Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... The economy and Romney's record

Matt Taibbi: The Secret to Mitt Romney’s Fortune? Greed, Debt and Forcing Others to Foot the Bill
Open file 3458
Stuff ... the makings of a 'Wastonomy'

The Stream tackles the subject of 'stuff' and consumerism with a great group of serious activists who are making a difference
Open file 3459
Working Conditions

Wal-Mart ... Working In These Times ... En Masse and Without Precedent, Walmart Workers Rise Up
Open file 3460
Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... Voter registration

In Conference Call, Romney Urged Businesses To Tell Their Employees How to Vote
Open file 3461
by John Bellamy Foster and Robert W. McChesney

The Endless Crisis ... How Monopoly-Finance Capital Produces Stagnation and Upheaval from the USA to China
Open file 3462
Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... A Romney supporter's take

An example of the mis-information that flows around during the US political season
Open file 3463
Region ... Africa
Economic Performance

Message from Thompson Ayodele ... Africa: the next economic tiger?
Open file 3464
Country ... Switzerland
Swiss Banking

AJE Counting the Cost ... Switzerland: A banking paradise lost ... The Swiss banking industry's secrets are out and new treaties mean it is no longer a haven for the world's tax cheats ... also Somalia and Athletes
Open file 3465
Region ... Middle East
Transformation ... Work In Progress

The post-American Middle East ... What is the future for US relations with the Arab world and beyond?
Open file 3466
Region ... Middle East
Transformation ... Work In Progress

The post-American Middle East ... What is the future for US relations with the Arab world and beyond?
Open file 3467

Obama versus Romney on the Middle East ... There is a troubling opacity about Romney's Middle East positions with overtones of interventionism
Open file 3468 Open file 3468

How the West de-democratised the Middle East ... Rather than promote democracy in the Middle East, the West has a long history of doing the exact opposite.
Open file 3469 Open file 3469
Country ... Iran
Some history of Iran

Anatomy of a Revolution
Open file 3470
Country ... Iran
Some history of Iran

Legacy of Revolution
Open file 3471

Forrester Research Report ...How Social Media Is Changing Brand Building
Open file 3472 Open file 3472
Information Technology
Freedom and Monopoly

Is Google a free speech opportunist?
Open file 3473
Social Media and Brand Management

Brands as Publishers: 15 market leaders that get content right ... a report by NewsCred
Open file 3474
US Quality of Life

A Burgess Brief about quality of life and how it should be improved
Open file 3475
Country ... Sierra Leone
The Fishing Sector

Pirate Fishing ... People & Power takes to the seas off Sierra Leone to investigate the multi-million dollar illegal fishing trade.
Open file 3476
The FP Top 100 Global Thinkers

Foreign Policy presents a unique portrait of 2011's global marketplace of ideas and the thinkers who make them.
Open file 3477
Big Print Brief
A brief introduction to TrueValueMetrics

Making the point that the present system of money profit accounting and reporting is not good enough
Open file 3478
Country ... Greece
Economic crisis

Dr Dimitris Dalakoglou explains the social meltdown that has taken place in Greece ... vidoe Athens: Social Meltdown - Greek subtitles
Open file 3479
Chris Cook and Nondominium

Nondominium: establishing consensus and collaboration for the Caspian nations ... ISRS Senior Research Fellow, Chris Cook, argues that 21st century problems cannot be solved with 20thcentury solutions.
Open file 3480
Dialog iwth a Michael Strong focus

Is Hayek's Argument for Liberal Government Incoherent? - Coordination Problem
Open file 3481
Staring with Hayak

Morris Strong -- Peter Boettke ... Is Hayek's Argument for Liberal Government Incoherent?
Open file 3482
User Agreements

The GNU General Public License (GPL)
Open file 3483
Country ... 2012
Politics 2012 ... About Mitt Romney

Video ... it-only-takes-mark-hamill-4-minutes-to-say-what-almost-no-one-else-is-about-mitts-debate-behavior
Open file 3484
Applications and web destinations

How ETSY Is Changing the Way We All Do Business
Open file 3485
Corporate Organization
The B Corporation

Ben & Jerry's Becomes a B Corporation, Despite Wholly-Owned Status
Open file 3486
Corporayte Organization
The B Corporation

Patagonia Becomes A California Benefit Corporation
Open file 3487
Country ... USA

Mitt Romney Benefited From Offshoring Tax Break In 2001 While Listed As Bain CEO
Open file 3488
Chris Cook

Setting the stage to learn about 'NONDOMINION' and 'UNDATED CREDIT'
Open file 3489

The fracking controversy ... pipleines and pollution ... Fracked Gas Pipeline Tours - See Impacts First-Hand
Open file 3490
Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... Taxation

Intelligence Squared Debate: THE RICH ARE TAXED ENOUGH
Open file 3491
Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... The Foreign Policy Debate

US candidates spar over foreign policy ... President Obama and Romney clash over US military strength and crises in the Middle East in final televised debate.
Open file 3492
Country ... USA
Freedom at risk

America's Pussy Riot ... We are quick to loathe Putin's demand to control freedom of speech, but turn a blind eye to Obama's 'act of repression'.
Open file 3493
Region ... Middle East
Air attack on arms factory in Sudan

Khartoum fire blamed on Israeli bombing ... Four Israeli aircraft behind attack on factory in Sudan's capital that left two people dead, a Sudanese minister says.
Open file 3494
Big Print Brief
Q&A ... Rooting out Corruption in Nigeria

A question prepared to present to Ekpo Nta, head of the Nigerian Anit-Corruption Commission upon his visit to Africa House at NYU
Open file 3495 Open file 3495
Applications Development

Karthick Reddy ... Emerging better ways for app development ... Html5 With Mobile Application Tips And Tricks
Open file 3496
Big Print Brief
Core Concepts of TrueValueMetrics

Setting out the basic idea of money profit being complemented by social valuadd in a single system, with roll up to community as well as organization
Open file 3497
What is in store for the future

Review: 'The Revenge of History: The Battle for the 21st Century' ... Seumas Milne's book gives a perspective of what has brought us to today's crisis and the shape of the future politics.
Open file 3498
Country ... Spain
Economic policy ... Austerity

The human cost of austerity ... Rates of suicide and depression are on the rise in Spain as the unemployment figures there hit a record high.
Open file 3499
Country ... Spain
Economic policy ... Austerity

Spain hit by record joblessness ... Uemployment rate now above 25 per cent, with about 800,000 people losing jobs in past 12 months.
Open file 3500
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