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TVM Dialog List 1060
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A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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The New York Collaboration Cafe

Rachel McCullough-Sanden, Spencer Chiimbwe, and Christopher Macrae talking about The Collaboration Cafe ... 2008
Open file 2951
Social Business

Yunus at Lehman College. City University of New York ... August 2008 ... promoting social business
Open file 2952
Social Business

Muhammad Yunus discusses poverty at Elon University and how social business works
Open file 2953
PR and Spin
Marketing and Brands all about the organization

This white paper NewsCred_BrandsAsPublishers_WhitePaper_2012 tells the story of successful brand engagement with Social Media ... but ignores the issue of Social Impact
Open file 2954
Money and Banking
More bad news for the banking sector

This time from Barclays ... but bad news does not bother these big money finance institutions very much since they have control of the whole edifice of the money profit capitalist market economy
Open file 2955
Sorting fact from fiction

10 Most Profitable U.S. Corporations Paid Average Tax Rate Of Just 9 Percent Last Year: Report
Open file 2956
Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... Analysing Obama's track record

Inside Story ... Cornel West and Paul Street weigh up Obama's achievements and shortcomings as we ask if he should get a second term. Surprisingly superficial and unrealistic!
Open file 2957
Planet ... the Ecosystem
Strategy to make Ecocide illegal

Strategy for Making Ecocide the 5th Crime Against Peace
Open file 2958
Planet ... the Ecosystem
Introduction to Ecocide

TEDxExeter - Polly Higgins - Ecocide, the 5th Crime Against Peace
Open file 2959
The profit incentive running wild

Are banks being discouraged from wrongdoing? ... Inside Story discusses Wells Fargo and the effects of discriminatory lending practices in the banking industry.
Open file 2960
Man-made crisis of the Aral Sea

AJE World ... People of the Lake ... The drying-up of the Aral Sea was an environmental and human tragedy, but can Kazakhstan undo this man-made disaster?
Open file 2961
Making amends

AJE Earthrise ... Aral Sea Reborn ... The World Bank and the Kazakh government spend millions of dollars to re-fill the sea and help revive its ecosystems.
Open file 2962
Planet ... the Ecosystem
Introduction to Ecocide

Louise Kulbick reports back from Rio+20 Earth Summit
Open file 2963
People ... Entrepreneurs
41 Female Founders Every Entrepreneur Should Know

The Female Founders Series is presented by American Express OPEN
Open file 2964
The failure of Republican economics

Paul Rosenberg ... Those clinging to Bush-era ideologies and illusions show they simply do not understand economics.
Open file 2965
Social Media
Chat face to face, wherever you are

Google+ expands its functionality ... again
Open file 2966
Vision Quest ... India Eye Care

India's Aravind Eye Care System has restored the sight of millions, including those who cannot afford it.
Open file 2967
The Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI)

The Genuine Progress Indicator - A Principled Approach to Economics ... The Pembina Institute ...
Open file 2968
A whole education for life

Crisis of future of universities ... a dialog that originated with NY Collaboration Cafe
Open file 2969
Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI)

Maryland's Genuine Progress Indicator
Open file 2970
Some of the existing Indicators of Social Well-Being

Happy Planet Index ... Gross National Happiness ... Subjective Measures of Human Wellness
Open file 2971
Metrics for Community Sustainability

Elements of 'sustainable' used by the Sustanable New Jersey initiative
Open file 2972
New thinking about education is vital

Taddy Blecher ... The force behind SA's free varsity
Open file 2973
Country ... USA
Politics 2012

What Romney's lies are trying to hide ... Romney's lifetime in predatory finance is allegedly centred on 'destroying the American dream'.
Open file 2974
Massive reform is needed

Dan Rather ... Friday Movie Night - U.S. Workers Fired, Replaced with Foreign Guest Workers
Open file 2975
A threat to the offshore empire?

American dollars pouring into London accounts hides money from tax authorities and encourages transnational crime.
Open file 2976
The third British Empire

Dan Hind ... London is considered the 'capital of capitalism' allowing foreign billionaires to stash tax free income offshore.
Open file 2977
Banking ... The last province of the empire

Dan Hind ... London's status as a hub of unfettered international finance makes it uniquely adaptable, and uniquely vulnerable.
Open file 2978
Money and Banking
What caused the financial meltdown of 2007/2008

Against mainstream accounts, Peter Gowan argues that the origins of the global financial crisis lie in the dynamics of the New Wall Street System ... CRISIS IN THE HEARTLAND ... Consequences of the New Wall Street System
Open file 2979
Lessons from the Olympics

Danny Schechter ... Global inequalities are on parade at the Olympic Games, but few want to discuss them.
Open file 2980
Olympic spirit abounds in London

As the 2012 Games near the halfway point, crowds in the British capital are well and truly imbued with Olympic spirit.
Open file 2981
Initiatives ... Socieal Impact Bonds
Betting on public good?

AJStream examines private investment in public services through social impact bonds.
Open file 2982
Companies ... Shell
Energy, Pollution, Risk and Profit

Walking the waters and bringing Shell ashore ... How to bring the major oil companies ashore and halt the destruction of our oceans.
Open file 2983
WikiLeaks: A battle to 'carve up' the Arctic

AJE Features ... Resource wars are possible as global warming melts polar ice - opening new areas to oil exploitation, cables indicate.
Open file 2984
Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... Ugliest ever!

Tax cheat, felon, murderer: meet Mitt Romney, if Barack Obama's backers are to be believed ... This US presidential campaign is the ugliest ever, with Barack Obama's backers calling Mitt Romney a tax cheat, a felon and a murderer - and Republicans hitting back. Politics is the loser, says Mark McKinnon.
Open file 2985
You can manage what you measure

Making Measurement More Than an Add-on ... Jacob discusses the concept of ‘embedded measurement,’ an intentionally integrative approach to measurement
Open file 2986
Google Developers

Google I/O 2012 - Use What You Know: HTML and JavaScript in Apps Script
Open file 2987
Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... Republican policy

Paul Ryan: My Plan to Save America
Open file 2988
Measuring ... the approach of the Corporate Philanthropy community

Measuring Social Impact, Business Benefits, and Investor Returns
Open file 2989
Social Finance
An asset class for double bottom line

What is Social Finance? ... a simple explanation by
Open file 2990
Value Analysis
Value Chain Analysis

This value chain analysis is a business school perspective and centered on the performance of the corporate business ... this value chain does not cover impact on society
Open file 2991
Still a factor in public policy amd media

The Top Ten Differences Between White and Non-White Terrorists ... Not all terrorism is created equal.
Open file 2992
Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... Paul Ryan picked to run on Romney ticket

Romney's Veep Pick: Paul Ryan, Koch Ally and 'Right-Wing Social Engineer' ... In making the risky choice of picking Rep. Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney seals the deal on the Koch brothers' takeover of the Republican Party.
Open file 2993
Country ... Israel
The enemy within? ... democracy is incredibly difficult to get right!

The Cafe ... Israel has always felt under siege, but its internal problems could be more damaging than any external threat.
Open file 2994
Fox News ... hardly media!

8 Crazy Fox Freakouts About the Olympics ... Most people consider the Olympics a celebration of athletic prowess, but for the folks at Fox News, they're a source of endless outrage.
Open file 2995
Companies ... Goldman Sachs
Still an anti-social operation

Justice Dept. Ends Investigation Into Goldman Sachs Mortgage Abuses Without Pressing Charges
Open file 2996
Country ... Bangladesh
Missing in Action

A political crisis is engulfing Bangladesh as opposition party members disappear under mysterious circumstances.
Open file 2997
Country ... Bangladesh
Disappearances roil Bangladesh opposition

Protests threatened if security forces fail to explain alleged abduction of opposition leader.
Open file 2998
Country ... Pakistan
Conversation with Pakistan's foreign minister

August 2012 ... Talk to Al Jazeera ... Hina Rabbani Khar: Forging new ties ... Pakistan's foreign minister says the country will determine what is in its best interests, not what makes it popular.
Open file 2999
Country ... Nigeria

Nigeria: Banking On Rencap, Citibank
Open file 3000
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