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TVM Dialog List 1059
2901 - 2950
A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... Michelle Obama and Mitt Romney

Rachel Maddow contrasts great photo ops for Michelle Obama with all sorts of Romney gaffes while on his trip to Europe
Open file 2901
Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... Romney and Republicans on abortion

Rachel Maddow going to town on the subject of Republicans and abortion ... and where exactly does Romney stand
Open file 2902
Country ... USA
Energy profits and energy messes

Rachel Maddow on the energy industry ... its high profits and its low capability for cleaning up all their messes
Open file 2903
Global Warming

Rachel Maddow and Professor Richard Muller on global warming science
Open file 2904
Country ... USA
US has huge focus on profit ... rather less on performance and outcomes

US building projects in Afghanistan 'a waste' ... Watchdog says US efforts to build infrastructure projects may fall short of its military campaign goals in Afghanistan.
Open file 2905
WikiLeaks versus Extreme Power

Assange's mother fears US execution for son ... Christine Assange is 'terrified' that WikiLeaks founder could face death sentence if eventually extradited to US.
Open file 2906
Do the powerful want truth?

Nietzsche on WikiLeaks ... The WikiLeaks revelations have not rendered us more free; rather, they show how framed we are and continue to be.
Open file 2907
Economic Analysis
Bubbles without markets

Robert Shiller ... The recent worldwide financial crisis pales in comparison with earlier 'bubbles' promoted by totalitarian regimes.
Open file 2908
Country ... USA
Freedom, or not having it

Stop and Frisk ... OK if you are white , but in any community of color it is a constitutional disgrace
Open file 2909
Country ... Myanmar
Development strategy probably wrong

Myanmar's foreign investment crossroads ... Foreign investment in Myanmar could greatly benefit the country if its people are not left behind.
Open file 2910
Country ... Somalia
Maybe lessons from Somaliland would help

UN corrupts Somali political transition ... The Somali people desperately need miracles, as they hope for peace and an accountable government in their land.
Open file 2911
Student Loans

Is the US student debt bubble about to burst? ... As student loan debt exceeds $1tn, we ask if it is the ball and chain that follows Americans to the grave.
Open file 2912
Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... Romney

Romney fails to impress ... US presidential hopeful gets flak during Middle East and Europe tour for remarks seen by many as imprudent.
Open file 2913
Country ... Syria
Civil War Rages ... on and on

Assad praises troops as planes pound Aleppo ... President says fate of nation at stake in fight against rebels, as rights group reports brutal crackdown on dissidents.
Open file 2914
Sport ... Cricket
Hashim Amla ... Great batsman

Hashim Amla: A quiet hero ... In praise of the unassuming batsman who made history when he became first South African to score a triple Test hundred.
Open file 2915
Country ... USA
Healthcare ... Obamacare doing good

Rachel Maddow outlines the good things that are in Obamacare ... and the actions of the Republicans to promote more abortion law
Open file 2916
Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... Issues about Romney

5 big questions for Romney ... and then he went overseas ... and there were all sorts of 'big time' gaffes
Open file 2917
Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... About Republicans

Republicans lurching further and further to the right
Open file 2918
About people ... not money

Couple in their 90s get married ... beautiful story ... best new thing in the world
Open file 2919
Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... The truth about Mitt Romney

Romney's disastrous trip overseas revealed little more than the ugly truth about himself.
Open file 2920
Country ... Syria
Syria files reveal regime espionage

Secret files recovered in a security station in al-Bab illustrate the regime's deep-seated culture of spying.
Open file 2921
Country ... Gambia
Gambian leader celebrates coup, not country

The West African state's autocratic president has elevated his coup d'etat over his country's independence.
Open file 2922
Country ... USA
Congress 2012

This Republican controlled Congress is going home for summer recess after doing almost nothing of substance ... but continues with messaging
Open file 2923
People ... Paul Bremmer
Politics 2012 ... Romney team

Bremmer doing art, but his PR man Dan ??? is now in Romney team, Also problems with e-mails. business. lobbyist ... including Michelle Davis
Open file 2924
Country ... USA
Voting rules in 2012

Voting in Ohio is under attack ... as it is in many other states now under Republican control
Open file 2925
Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... Romney and tax returns

Romney ... another problem ... his wife's horses at the Olympics and as a business loss in his tax return
Open file 2926
Country ... Nigeria
Nigeria leaks billions from rampant oil theft

Oil firms and government say nearly 200,000 barrels of oil stolen each day from pipelines and wells by criminal gangs.
Open file 2927
Country ... Nigeria
Energy and Pollution

Shell could face huge fine for Nigeria spill ... Nigerian agency tells parliament oil giant should pay $5bn for environmental damage caused by offshore leak last year.
Open file 2928
Country ... Nigeria
Energy and Pollution

Shell faces first Nigeria spill claims in UK ... British court rules that Bodo community can seek compensation from Dutch oil giant after oil spills devastate area.
Open file 2929
Country ... UK
The Dis-united Kingdom ...

The Cafe travels to Bradford to discuss race riots, poverty and polarised communities in the UK.
Open file 2930
Country ... Ghana
Africa Investigates ... Ghana Gold

As Ghana is experiencing a new gold rush, widespread corruption is allowing illegal mining to flourish.
Open file 2931
Scams ... Ghana Gold
Fool's Gold

Africa Investigates ... Lifting the lid on Ghana's illusory pot of gold and exposing those duping gold speculators out of millions of dollars.
Open file 2932
Issues ... Journalism
Africa Investigates

It is four o'clock in the morning ... Exposing the real hurdles stunting development in much of Africa: corruption, cronyism and the politics of fear.
Open file 2933
Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... Romney overseas

Mitt Romney's 'other things' ... The Republican candidate's comments on Israel's economic success is intellectually lazy and historically myopic.
Open file 2934
Country ... Nigeria
Energy and Pollution

The looting and 'cooking' of Nigeria's crude ... Thieves puncture pipelines with farm tools, siphon oil into boats, and take it to risky makeshift refineries.
Open file 2935
Country ... USA
Romney and his taxes

The tax situation for Mitt Romney is ridiculous ... more taxes from rich people would help
Open file 2936
Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... State level Republican issues

Emergency management in Michigan is going to be subject to people voting
Open file 2937
Money and Banking
Money for nothing

Counting the Cost ... From Lehman to Libor - are the bankers and the banking system out of control?
Open file 2938
Organization for Economic Activity
Valve ... a bossless company

The method of organization can and should be anything that works. The method of organization should not be a constraint on performance.
Open file 2939
Region ... South China Sea
Standoff at Scarborough Shoal

101 East ... Could valuable oil and gas deposits in the South China Sea be behind the growing military build-up in the region?
Open file 2940
Sector ... Food
Are we heading for a global food crisis?

AJE Inside Story Americas ... As drought takes its toll on US crops, we ask if it is time to reassess the global food market.
Open file 2941
Sector ... Food
Child hunger: The world's 'greatest shame'?

Inside Story ... With 2.6 million children dying of malnutrition every year, we ask what it would take to save a starving generation.
Open file 2942
Marxism revisited by Professor David Harvey

TrueValueMetrics should be seeking to collaborate with Professor Harvey
Open file 2943
Country ... Iran
Where are Iran's reformists?

Damaged by crackdowns and compromise since 2009, will the next round of presidential elections make or break reformists?
Open file 2944
Money and Banking
NY State Regulators against money launderers

Standard Chartered denies laundering claims ... British bank denies US claims that it hid $250bn in transactions with Iranian banks, as its shares fall by 25 per cent.
Open file 2945
Right wing violence in the USA

TRMS ... Killings in Milwaukee at a Sihk Temple raises huge question about the health of the US society
Open file 2946
Country ... USA
Politics 2012

Reid getting mad ... and about time too. The Republicans and Romney do not like it when they also have to 'put up or shut uip!'
Open file 2947
Country ... USA
Washington Politics 2012

TRMS ... A huge number of the 'sleazeballs' from the Abrahamoff lobbying scandal are back in play in 2012 for the Republicans against the Democratics and Obama
Open file 2948
Country ... USA
Idealogy gets very confusing

TRMS ... Wheaton College gets its message muddled ... and just to think that they also do education
Open file 2949
Amazing accomplishment

TRMS ... NASA lands the 'Curiosity' Rover on Mars ... scientists celebrate
Open file 2950
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