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TVM Dialog List 1049
2401 - 2450
A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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Country ... Russia
Putin's Russia

As Vladimir Putin begins his third term as president, we ask if Russia can become a superpower once again.
Open file 2401
Activism, Society and Economy
Occupy for May 1, 2012

MAYOR (in San Francisco) WARNS OCCUPY MAY DAY COULD TURN VIOLENT ... Protesters may conceal weapons, target police, damage property
Open file 2402
Activism, Society and Economy

May 2012 ... Flash Mob at Ohio State
Open file 2403
Activism, Society and Economy

Open file 2404
Why? What? Where? When? How? Who?

A short description of the basic concept of TrueValueMetrics
Open file 2405
Join in to develop and deploy TVM

Why? What? Where? When? How? Who? A short description of the basic concept of TrueValueMetrics
Open file 2406
Join in to develop and deploy

OccupyU should have a course and workshop around TrueValueMetrics
Open file 2407
Join in to develop and deploy

OccupyU should have a course and workshop around TrueValueMetrics
Open file 2408
Activisn, Society and Economy
MayDay in New York and around the USA

'Festive, Righteous Anger': Occupy Makes May-Day Comeback With Massive Demonstrations ... but also very serious and unre[ported in the mainstream media
Open file 2409
Country ... USA
Activism, Society and Economy

Fault Lines : History of an occupation
Open file 2410
Country ... USA
Activism, Society and Economy

Spring is here for OWS
Open file 2411
Environment, Society and Economy
How Agriculture is Changing the Face of Our Planet

TEDxTC - Jonathan Foley - The Other Inconvenient Truth
Open file 2412
Country ... USA
Health, Society and Economy

Rachel Maddow ... the state of health in Mississippi
Open file 2413
Companies ... ExxonMobil
Energy, Society and Economy

About Exxon Mobil and its amazing power
Open file 2414
Country ... USA
Foreign policy and the US President

Obama's exit strategy for the infamous Bush wars
Open file 2415
Ideas, Society and Economy
Rising incomes of the elite

Paul Krugman talking with Rachel Maddow about his book 'End This Depression Now!
Open file 2416
Media, Society and Economy
Tunisia's multiplying media

Listening Post ... April 2012 ... Media outlets have multiplied in post-Ben Ali Tunisia, but with this plurality has come a whole new set of problems.
Open file 2417
Energy, Society and Economy
The huge power of the energy industries

Steve Coll's book called Private Empire about Exxon Mobil and its amazing power
Open file 2418
Activism, Society and Economy
MayDay Activities of the Occupy Movement

The March on Wall Street was non-violent ... but thousands of police were still deployed
Open file 2419
Microfinance, Society and Economy
Discussion of the problems

[MFP] Is this where microfinance is going? Five years later....
Open file 2420
Banking, Society and Economy
Think True Value — but for banks

Reorganization of the financial center banking into a cartel of community banks
Open file 2421
Join in to develop and deploy

Report on the business model of the banks ... there is more to banking than profit for stockholders.
Open file 2422
Ideology, Society and Economy
When they say 'communist', you say 'whatever'

US conservatives have ramped up their 'red-baiting' rhetoric - but the more they do, the less relevant they become.
Open file 2423
Activism, Society and Economy
Spain's 'indignants' return to the streets

May 13 2012 ... Thousands stage nationwide anti-government rallies, a year after movement that inspired 'Occupy' protests was born.
Open file 2424
Companies ... JPMorgan Chase
The banking sector and illegal activities

JPMorgan loses $2bn in hedging 'error' ... Investment bank blames 'sloppiness and bad judgment' as loss wipes seven per cent off stocks in after-hours trading.
Open file 2425
Activism, Society and Economy
Occupy Wall Street

Occupy May Day – as it happened ... Coverage of Occupy and May Day protests in New York and other US cities, plus highlights from around the world
Open file 2426
Country ... USA
Politics ... 2012 Presidential Campaign

Rachel Maddow talking about the political campaign on May 12, 2012
Open file 2427
Software, Society and Economy
FOSS ... Free Open Source Software

The Free and Open Productivity Suite ... Announcing Apache OpenOffice 3.4
Open file 2428
Companies ... J P Morgan Chase
Another bank out of control

JPMorgan's Dimon Loses Clout as Reform Critic ... Wall Street may have lost its most potent spokesman against Washington reforms ... JPMorgan CEO Dimon on Big Loss: ‘We Were Sloppy and Stupid’
Open file 2429
Food, Society and Economy
The hunger situation in India

The Republic Of Hunger ... Every third malnourished child in the world is from India, so what is the government doing to feed its millions?
Open file 2430
Country ... USA
2012 Campaign ... Mitt Romney

The character of Mitt Romney is going to be under scrutiny ... this is the infamous bullying incident at school
Open file 2431

In 2012, Fault Lines travels across Iraq to take the pulse of a country and its people after nine years of occupation.
Open file 2432 Open file 2432
Region ... EU
The banking infrastructure needs urgent reform

EU Rushes To Make ECB Single Bank Watchdog In Race To Save Spain
Open file 2433
Intellectual Property, Society and Economy
Is the Pirate Party making IP a mainstream political issue?

The Pirate Party knows where the money is ... The anti-copyright party is showing that intellectual property rights are ever more irrelevant in the internet age.
Open file 2434
Countries .... Greece
Q&A: What happens if Greece leaves the euro?

A Greek exit from the euro could have wide-ranging consequences for other European countries.
Open file 2435
Currency, Society and Economy
What can save the euro?

Growth is needed in order to save the euro, not sermons and homilies, says Stiglitz, Nobel Prize-winning economist.
Open file 2436
Politics, Society and Economy
US Liberals must talk about God and country with heart

A growing consensus agrees the GOP is too radical to be taken seriously - this is the time to reclaim the rhetoric.
Open file 2437
Music, Society and Economy
Rock and Roll

Joey Ramone and the making of a vinyl record
Open file 2438
Multiple Rachel Maddow Show clips
Clips no longer work!
Open file 2439
Banking, Society and Economy
Can US banks be trusted to self-regulate?

As JPMorgan posts a massive $2bn trading loss we ask if this strengthens the case for greater regulation of Wall Street.
Open file 2440
Rachel Maddow Show
Transcript of show that talks about Presidential candidates
Open file 2441
Security Apparatus, Society and Economy
Occupy Wall Street versus American military might

Kusha Sefat ... The United States' standing as 'mediator' of international protests is a major obstacle for OWS to have to overcome.
Open file 2442
Activism, Society and Economy
Occupy Movement

Danny Schechter ... The ideas and vision behind Occupy activism. ... A new startup may have a promising future as a supplement to the disorganized Occupy movement.
Open file 2443

Open file 2444
GDP is not a good metric

DOES GROWTH EQUAL PROGRESS? THE MYTH OF GDP ... GDP measures economic growth, but is it an accurate measure of progress?
Open file 2445
Politics, Society and Economy
Anything goes in love, war and politics!

NYT ... G.O.P. ‘Super PAC’ Weighs Hard-Line Attack on Obama ... A campaign playbook by high-profile Republican strategists.
Open file 2446
Global Economy
Obama at the G80 Summit

Obama says eurozone crisis threatens world ... US President wraps up G8 summit by saying more must be done to promote growth and job creation as a potential remedy.
Open file 2447
Food, Society and Economy
G8 and Obama's initiative on world food security

Inside Story Americas - Does the G8 represent a modern world economy?
Open file 2448
International Crime
Amnesty calls on Canada to arrest George Bush

Human rights organisation says Canada must prosecute former US president during October visit for 'authorising torture'.
Open file 2449
Banking not working right

Greece a bank run with a twist ... Paul Krugman ... a short analysis of the global economy!
Open file 2450
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