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TVM Dialog List 1046
2251 - 2300
A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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Food, Society and Economy
Michael Taylor

Monsanto’s man Taylor returns to FDA in food-czar role ... is this a corrupt intersection of business, agriculture, government regulation and enforcement?
Open file 2251
Freedom, Society and Economy
Ron Paul and the liberty of bullies

Paul Rosenberg writes about Ron Paul's libertarian ideal being a far cry for the idea of 'freedom for all'.
Open file 2252
Politics, Society and Economy
The Republican Primary Race in Florida

Rachel Maddow ... on last days of Republican campaigning in Florida ... January 27
Open file 2253
Politics, Society and Economy
Republicans hold many Governorships

January 27th ... Rachel Maddow reports that Governor of Virginia has expressed interest on being on her show!
Open file 2254
Education, Society and Economy
Education is the best investment in the world

Rachel Maddow reports on President Obama talks about getting an education
Open file 2255
Banking, Society and Economy
First signs that bankers going to be held accountable

Rachel Maddow show ... treating the economy as a crime scene. Discussion with NY State Attrorney General about bank fraud
Open file 2256
War Veterans, Society and Economy
Veterans should never be forgotten

Rachel Maddow ... Paul Rieckhoff Veterans of America ... Giants Fan ... describes the plans for Heroes Welcome parades in the USA
Open file 2257
Brian Gately

Brian Gately is heavily engaged with the Community Bank movement, and also international microfinance
Open file 2258
Environment, Society and Economy
A provocative essay on two different systems

Helena Norberg-Hodge talks about two cities ... Beijing and Detroit ... that are on different trajectories of progress
Open file 2259
Politics, Society and Economy
Election campaigns and misinformation

Misinformation in full sail ... Nonexistent out-of-control government spending dragging down the economy and hurting Obama
Open file 2260
Technology, Society and Economy
Something about Open Source

Some bacckground about the Open Source community's contribution to software which is substantial, and probably more reliable than some of the proprietary code
Open file 2261
Data, Society and Economy
Information Landscape

A graphic from a paper on information associated with the Community Impact Accountancy (CIA) phase of TVM development from 2008
Open file 2262
Community Accountancy
Metrics about Progress and Performance in Society and Economy
Value Chain
Open file 2263
Community Accountancy
Metrics about Progress and Performance in Society and Economy
Relief and Development Fund Flows - Phantom Aid
Open file 2264
Community Accountancy
Metrics about Progress and Performance in Society and Economy
Understanding Cost, Price and Value
Open file 2265
Community Accountancy
Metrics about Progress and Performance in Society and Economy
Where costs are incurred and value realized
Open file 2266
People ... Nigeria
President Murtala Muhammed

President Murtala Muhammed was a controversial figure in Nigerian history ... but became a popular President befoe being assassinated in 1976.
Open file 2267
Professor Richard Wolff ... Economist

Trailer to a movie featuring Richard Wolff that explains the origins of the economic crisis, and some of what could be done to solve the problem
Open file 2268
People ... Economists
Professor Richard Wolff

January 2012 ... Professor Richard Wolff presents at All Souls Church, New York about 'The Costs of Capitalism's Crisis: Who Will Pay?'
Open file 2269
Politics, Society and Economy
Republicans and race in the primary campaign

Spokesman for Newt Gingrich gets into big discussion with Rachel Maddow and Al Sharpton
Open file 2270
Politics, Society and Economy
The amazing Republic primary race

Rachel Maddow and panel talking about the Florida results ... Newt Gingrich still a factor, but Romney gets the win in Florida
Open file 2271
Activism, Society and Economy
Internet activism to stop PIPA and SOPA

PLACEHOLDER On January 25, 2012 many major websites went black in order to highlight the issue of Internet censoirship through PIPA and SOPA
Open file 2272
Health, Society and Economy
Malaria control through vector control

Malaria control through vector control and the use of DDT was very successful for many years.
Open file 2273
Philosophy, Society and Economy
The Politics of Johann Wolfgang Goethe

The Politics of Johann Wolfgang Goethe are refeshing and in many ways relevant ... but not in all ways.
Open file 2274
Professor Richard Wolff ... Economist

Transcript of a 2010 movie presentation by Richard Wolff that explains the origins of the economic crisis, and some of what could be done to solve the problem
Open file 2275
People ... US Politics
Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney, 'welfare queen' ... The private equity business model that Romney's wealth is based on is founded on tax-payer subsidies, says the author.
Open file 2276
History, Society and Economy
The Invisible Arab ... the history behind the Arab Awakening

Marwan Bishara ... Read an excerpt from the preface of Marwan Bishara's latest book, The Invisible Arab.
Open file 2277
Military, Society and Economy
A nuclear-free Middle East: Necessary, desirable and impossible

Richard Falk ... A nuclear-free zone in the Middle East - with the participation of Israel - can avoid war in the region.
Open file 2278
Language, Society and Economy
Words matter: A new language for peace

John V. Whitbeck ... Israel's propaganda machine carefully chooses its words to assert illegal ownership over Jerusalem and Palestine.
Open file 2279
Right to Work, Society and Economy
Indiana Right To Work for Less Law

Koch Agenda Passes In Indiana; Thousands Protest in Super Bowl Village after Passage of Indiana Right To Work for Less Law
Open file 2280
Money, Society and Economy
China ... Rattling the Renminbi

January 2012 ... Yu Yongding explaining what's behind the sudden depreciation in China's currency?
Open file 2281
Prisons, Society and Economy
Why are so many Americans in prison?

We ask if the US should reconsider its 'lock 'em up and throw away the key' approach to crime and punishment.
Open file 2282
USA ... Activism
Occupy Oakland and mass arrests

January 28, 2012 ... Video Proof of Unjust Mass Arrest and Media Spin at Occupy Oakland 1/28/12- OakFoSho Ustream footage
Open file 2283
George Soros

George Soros is the original in the hedge fund sector, and a proponent of global democacy a long time before it became fashionable
Open file 2284
Business, Society and Economy
Rebuilding in the USA

Tony Hsieh's new $350 million startup ... The Zappos CEO is trading shoes for urban planning -- and spending big bucks to rebuild downtown Las Vegas.
Open file 2285
Banking, society and economy
When bank revenues go down ... society as a whole is better off!

The slumping revenues of the banking sector is really good news for the economy as a whole ...
Open file 2286
People ... Bankers in UK
Fred Goodwin and Stephen Hester

About the rewards for Fred Goodwin, former CEO of Royal Bank of Scotland and Stephen Hester, the current CEO
Open file 2287
Politics, Society and Economy
Mitt Romney 2012 ... Self Deportation

Rachel Maddow does flashback to California's Prop 197 in the 1990s and the satire that helped defeat the legislation.
Open file 2288

Rachel Maddow
Open file 2289
Unions, Society and Economy
Indiana ... right to work for less

Rachel Maddow reports on the passage of new union busting legislation in Indiana and the rallies in Indianapolis against it.
Open file 2290
People ... US Politics
Mitt Romney

Rachel Maddow highlights the various ways in which Mitt Romney talks about poverty ... clearly not much personal experience
Open file 2291
Humor, Society and Economy
13 year old humor on MSNBS

Rachel Maddow having fun based on the map of Florida, and the success of Newt Gingrich up in the panhandle ... 13 year old humor
Open file 2292
Energy, Society and Economy
The problems with fracking

Congress holds hearings ... Gasland Director Josh Fox’s Statement On His Fracking Hearing Arrest
Open file 2293
Energy, Society and Economy
Problems with fracking

House Republicans Can’t Handle The Truth On Fracking ... and the same goes for corporate operators who understand profit but not risk
Open file 2294
Organizations ... Energy
Exxon Mobil

ExxonMobil Made $41.1 Billion In 2011, But Pays Estimated 17.6 Percent Tax Rate
Open file 2295
Law, Society and Economy
Small claims and class action law suits

Honda Civic hybrid owner wins in court over too-low mpg ... better outcome than class action suit that benefits mainly lawyers
Open file 2296
Economic Trends, Society and Economy
Cesar Hidalgo on analysis thinking 'diversity'

Aid on the Edge of Chaos ... Exploring complexity & evolutionary sciences in foreign aid
Open file 2297
People ... Scientist
César A. Hidalgo

TEDxBoston ... Global Economic Development: The Product Space and the Evolution of the Wealth of Nations from the Perspective of a Complexity Scientist
Open file 2298
Quality of Life, Society and Economy
Burgess Brief

Outline of a presentation by Peter Burgess, creator of the TrueValueMetrics system about the underlying problems that make the prevailing capitalist market economy dysfunctional.
Open file 2299
Rule of Law, Society and Economy
Copyright and usage ... VoxEU

Terms of use for the VoxEU webnsite ... downloaded February 2012
Open file 2300
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