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TVM Dialog List 1043
2101 - 2150
A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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People ... Economist
John Perkins

John Perkins on VIDEO talking about his experience and book 'Confessions Of An Economic Hitman'
Open file 2101
People ... US Politics
Newt Gingrich

Rachel Maddow Show ... Newt Gingrich as of January 20, 2012 ... and especially the CNN debate in South Carolina
Open file 2102
People ... US Politics
Mitt Romney

Rachel Maddow Show ... Mitt Romney as of January 20, 2012
Open file 2103
Politics, Society and Economy
The Republican Primary process

January 2012 ... Rachel Maddow Show ... putting the primaries in perspective with Steve Schmitt from the 2008 McCain Campaign
Open file 2104
People ... US Politics
Speaker John Boehner

Article in Politicus USA headed 'Demand That John Boehner Be Expelled Or Resign For Keystone XL Scandal' ... this is unverified but interesting
Open file 2105
People ... US Politics
Herman Cain

January 2012 ... Rachel Maddow Show ... the South Carolina primary ... is Herman Cain getting post campaign support?
Open file 2106
People ... Media
Rachel Maddow

January 2012 ... Rachel Maddow Show ... Making a Friday cocktail
Open file 2107
Economic Trends, Society and Economy
US Economy remains weak

January 2012 ... Nouriel Roubini ... Despite favourable macroeconomic indicators, US economic growth will remain weak and below trend throughout 2012.
Open file 2108
Country ... Yemen
Yemen's Saleh heads to US for medical care ...

January 2012 ... President asks his people for forgiveness for 'any shortcomings' during his 33-year rule and says he will return.
Open file 2109
Country ... Somalia
Puntland: In search of black gold

January 21, 2012, Counting the Cost ... As oil companies have started drilling in the autonomous Somali region, will it turn rags into riches? Also stories from Afghanistan, India and other.
Open file 2110
Country ... Somalia (Puntland)
Puntland shuns Somali government

Autonomous region says it is breaking away from the federation until 'legitimate' one is put in place.
Open file 2111
Corporate Ethics, Society and Economy
India: Toxic Trade

Is India investing in a future health crisis by importing asbestos from Canada?
Open file 2112
Education, Society and Economy
The fading dream of higher education in the US

Ellen Schrecker writes that higher education, once an engine of social mobility in the US now signifies debt and lack of opportunity.
Open file 2113
Economic Reform, Society and Economy
Stiglitz on economic rebalancing

Joseph E Stiglitz writes about the The perils of 2012 ... in 2012, global economic rebalancing will accelerate, inevitably leading to political tensions.
Open file 2114
Housing, Society and Economy
New twist to US foreclosures

A report from Florida about the documentation disaster in the real estate and house finance sector. It is a disgrace and powerful banks have absolutely got to be held accountable.
Open file 2115
Activism, Society and Economy
Occupy The Courts in Gainesville, FL

VIDEO January 20, 2012 ... Dr. Cornel West Speaks @ Occupy The Courts in Gainesville, FL
Open file 2116
Productivity, Society and Economy
Apple uses Chinese productivity

February 2011 ... Steve Jobs and Apple consider US productivity inadequate
Open file 2117 Open file 2117
People ... US Politics
Chris Dodd

Chris Dodd left the Senate and a few weeks later became the head of an important industry group. Others with political connections swarm around the halls of Congress
Open file 2118
People ... US Politics
Revolving door compromises integrity

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and Lanny Breuer, head of the Justice Department's criminal division
Open file 2119
Agriculture, Society and Economy
GMO issues

The Indian government is preparing charges against Monsanto, the US-based company for appropriating indigenous farming techniques and knowledge to develop a genetically altered eggplant.
Open file 2120
Trust, Society and Economy
Faith in world leaders ... Busted trust

The world leaders in politics, banking and business who assembled in Davos for the annual World Economic Forum have never been so mistrusted
Open file 2121
Energy, Society and Economy
Fracking ... Gas Drilling's Environmental Threat

January 2012 ... Years After Evidence of Fracking Contamination, EPA to Supply Drinking Water to Homes in Pa. Town
Open file 2122
Energy, Society and Economy
Fracking in New York State

Occupy and the New ork State Department of Environmental
Open file 2123
Energy, Society and Economy
Fracking and risk

How fracking causes earthquakes
Open file 2124
Waste, Society and Economy
To waste or to economize?

It is waste that characterizes a modern rich economy ... 'economy' is no longer the foundation of modern economic models
Open file 2125
Employment, Society and Economy
Argentine ... Occupy the Factory

Argentine ... What are people to do when a factory stops production because the owners see it as being unprofitable?
Open file 2126
Cooperatives, Society and Economy
The Mondragon Experiment

The Mondragon Experiment ... A BBC documentary from 1980 tells the story of the Mondregon Cooperative System
Open file 2127
Cooperatives. Society and Economy
Mondragon Cooperative Rules

A snippet of the Mondragon Cooperative Rules, excerpt of a 1980 BBC documentary ... a bit of cooperative history
Open file 2128
Health, Society and Economy
Malaria ... the dialog about how best to control malaria

A Roger Bates and Richard Tren paper from 2005 about malaria and how best to control it
Open file 2129
Energy, Society and Economy
Renewable Tidal Energy

U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) issues license for Verdant Power's Tidal Energy Project
Open file 2130
People ... US Politics
Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney on Monday, January 16th, 2012 in a Republican presidential debate in Myrtle Beach, S.C. says U.S. Navy is smallest since 1917, Air Force is smallest since 1947
Open file 2131
People ... US Politics
Newt Gingrich

An article that puts the question 'Did Gingrich leave speakership 'in disgrace'?' in perspective
Open file 2132
Rule of Law, Society and Economy
Terms of Service ... MyOpenSecrets

Center for Responsive Politics
Open file 2133
People ... Ideas
Chris Macrae

Linking into the mapping around Chris Macrae and his network of micro-up movers and shakers
Open file 2134
Politics, Society and Economy
Election campaigns ... a huge distraction

Video of the Republican Presidential Candidate Primary Debate in Florida on January 23, 2012
Open file 2135
People ... US Politics
President Obama

January 24, 2012 ... Obama Hosts Google Hangout, 'Enhanced' State of the Union
Open file 2136
Banking, Society and Economy
Remuneration in the Banking Sector

Who are the people behind the 2011 big bank bonuses ... combined remuneration and bonuses for top bankers at record levels
Open file 2137
People ... Kenya
Corruption and criminal activity at the highest levels

January 2012 ... Short bios of six Kenyan suspects being brought before the ICC
Open file 2138
Tax Evasion, Society and Economy
Greece ... tax evasion a huge issue

January 2012 ... Greece publishes names of major individual tax debtors
Open file 2139
Whistle Blowers, Society and Economy
WikiLeaks, Manning and the Pentagon: Blood on whose hands?

Chase Madar ... The bodycount that resulted from Pfc Manning's leaks have amounted to zero thus far, while his accusers stand bloody.
Open file 2140
Rule of Law, Society and Economy
Terms of Use ... ZiffDavis

This agreement governs your use of the websites operated by Ziff Davis Enterprise Inc., and the related services
Open file 2141
Social Business, Society and Economy
What IBM has to say

White Paper ... The Social Business: Advent of a New Age ... from IBM
Open file 2142
Money, Society and Economy
Money makes the world go round

Many a true word appears through jest ... Money makes the world go round
Open file 2143
Social Business, Society and Economy
Bill Gates Issues Call for Kinder Capitalism

World Economic Forum in Davos, 2008 ... Bill Gates Issues Call for Kinder Capitalism
Open file 2144
People ... Philanthropy / Business
Bill Gates

WEF 2008 ... Bill Gates Issues Call For Kinder Capitalism ... Famously Competitive, Billionaire Now Urges Business to Aid the Poor
Open file 2145
People ... Economists
Hans Rosling

PLACEHOLDER Hans Rosling is a Swedish professor who has significantly improved the visual presentation of complex data.
Open file 2146
People ... Economists
C.K. Prahalad

C.K. Prahalad, a University of Michigan professor who wrote 'The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid.' in 2004
Open file 2147
People ... Economists
William Easterly

PLACEHOLDER William Easterly, a New York University professor, fromer World Bank economist and author of the 2006 book, 'The White Man's Burden,'
Open file 2148
Politics, Society and Economy
US State of the Union speech

Obama Uses His State Of The Union To Obliterate Everything The GOP Stands For
Open file 2149
Education, Society and Economy
Higher education in need of refort

Alert: The Higher Education Bubble Advances ... Online course start-ups offer virtually free college
Open file 2150
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